When Race Becomes Real: Black and White Writers Confront Their Personal Histories

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Bernestine Singley, Derrick A. Bell
Lawrence Hill Books, 2002 - 335 pagine
Robert Coles, Beverly Daniel Tatum, Natalie Angier, Patricia J Williams, David Bradley, Lisa Dodson, Leonard Pitts, and Jim Schutze are just a few of the best-selling or award-winning writers who, in this deeply moving book, step from behind the curtain of objectivity to turn the race spotlight on themselves. This riveting collection of personal stories, all commissioned specifically for this book, reveals the racial hopes, fears, fury, and triumphs of black and white writers of all stripes. These are stories by writers who refuse to tiptoe around the issue, who don't wax nostalgic, preach sermons, or act as expert witnesses; in this book they are willing, for the first time, to bare their souls and tell the truth. Alternately invigorating, shocking, and inspiring, this is the first book to reveal what it really means to be black -- and to be white -- in the 21st century.

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Bernestine Singley works as a mediator and consultant. She has been an assistant attorney general in both Massachusetts and Texas and has contributed to a number of anthologies, including Children of the Dream. She lives in Duncanville, Texas.

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