Winter evening pastimes; or, The merry-maker's companion

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A. Mesnard, 40, Strand: sold also, 1825 - 185 pagine

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Pagina 103 - ... if I am doomed to die an early death, oh do at least, I beseech you, let me have the consolation of knowing that I shall draw my last breath and heave my last sad sigh in your loved arms. Without you I cannot exist. Besides, my William, I can confidently assure you that my health is entirely restored; I am as well as ever I was in my life.
Pagina 68 - I address the whole to Mr. , and spare him the trouble of thanking me." A young man composes his bouquet in the following manner : " I choose a Rose, a Pansy, and a Lily of the Valley. " The Rose is the symbol of beauty, the Pansy that of wit, and the Lily of the Valley that of virgin simplicity. "I tie this bouquet with a piece of ivy, symbolical of my constancy. fl I place it in a vase of gold, upon which I write : ' To Beauty, adorned by Virtue.

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