Youporn Sex Positions 101 for Short and Long Penis - Spice Up Your Sex Life at Any Stage of Life - Strategic Tips to Drive Your Partner Wild in Bed

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Self-Help Publishers, 1 feb 2009 - 228 pagine
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The secret to spice up a couple's sex life is quicker and easier and it's the everyday new sex position. Acting upon the instructions of YOUPORN Sex Positions 101 is like triggering fission reaction. This erotically illustrated book guides lovers from the straightforward to the adventurous, from the bed to the kitchen, and from "Who's on top?" to who's kneeling, standing, crouching, and holding which limb where. YOUPORN Sex Positions 101 emphasizes the fun, adventure, and enjoyment of experimenting with previously unexplored pleasures. Here's what is about to shake you up inside this guide. 1. Clitorious Touch - How to let her orgasm before he comes. 2.Turbogasms - The secrets to Turbocharging your orgasms . 3. Doggy style - Exciting new come-from-behind orgasms . 4. Folding - Discover the world's most difficult romantic position. 5. The G-spot Search- Tips to stimulating her deep pleasure spot . 6. Messy Fun -An erotic alternative of good messy fun . 7. The science of Being Penetrated - Sensual entry tips just for her . 8. Standing- Exciting positions when SHE S standing. 9. Your Erotic Cocktail- How to spice up your love life . 10. The science of Penetration -Sensual entry tips just for him . 11. Missionary Orgasms- New pleasure angles when he is on top . 12. Time and Location! The excitement of bypassing the bed. 13. His-Spots - Tips for stimulating his hidden pleasure spot . 14. Transformers Loving- Positions designed for short and long penis . 15. Pregnant Positions - Erotic guidelines for the soon-to-be-mom . 16. Sexy Playthings - Selecting the right sextoys for your desires 17. Unique then Usual: Exciting new tips to suit your love life .

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