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Orazio Carpenzano, Roberto A. Cherubini, Anna Irene Del Monaco
Sapienza Università Editrice, 20 apr 2020 - 476 pagine
International openness is one of the fundamental characteristics of the DiAP Department of Architecture and Design, which sees its members active in 57 bilateral collaboration agreements (without counting the Erasmus agreements) with countries in which today there is a demand for architectural design that looks at Italy as a model, not only for studies of historical architecture, but also for contemporary architecture designed in the existing city and for the new building, including complex landscape and environmental systems.

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Informazioni sull'autore (2020)

Orazio Carpenzano, professor of Architecture and Urban Design, director of the Department of Architecture and Design, coordinator of the doctorate in Architecture – Theory and Design at Sapienza University of Rome.

Roberto A. Cherubini, professor of Architectural and Urban Design. In Sapienza since 1993, over the years he has always been delegate of the Department for international relations. He is also delegate of the Rectoral Committee for Internationalization and for CUIA, the Italian University Consortium for Argentina.

Anna Irene Del Monaco, associate professor of Architecture and Urban Design, secretary-general of the UNESCO chair in “Sustainable Urban Quality and Urban Culture, notably in Africa”, Sapienza University of Rome.

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