Getting ready to act: Neurocognitive aspects of action preparation

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Sapienza Università Editrice, 30 giu 2020 - 180 pagine
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The topic of proactivity of brain functions has become of growing interest in the cognitive neuroscience. Brain activity is no longer described solely in a reactive way, but also as preparatory and predictive of future events. This volume focuses especially on the neurocognitive activities associated with anticipatory processes of perceptual decision-making. What does the brain do to prevent mistakes? Is it possible to prevent speed and accuracy of a decision even before it is made? Why do some people perform better or worse than others? The volume answers these and other questions through the description of some original research. In particular, electroencephalographic investigations are illustrated which allowed to define a first version of the model known as “preparation-perception-action cycle”. Present findings reveal theoretical and practical implications which constitute a useful reference for researchers and scholars interested in discovering the aware and unaware ways in which our brain anticipates the future.

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Rinaldo Livio Perri, PhD. Psychologist, specialist in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. He holds the PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience from La Sapienza University, and has done research in several national and international institutes including the New York State Department of Health. Expert in cognitive electrophysiology and neurostimulation, he currently holds the position of researcher and assistant professor in Neuropsychology. He carries out psychotherapy and chairs the national association “ipnosi per”, engaged in the study and training in the field of clinical and experimental hypnosis.

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