Minorities and Diasporas in Turkey: Public Images and Issues in Education

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Fulvio Bertuccelli , Mihaela Gavrila , Fabio L. Grassi
Sapienza Università Editrice, 15 mag 2023 - 150 pagine

The Republic of Turkey was born on 29 October 1923 as the final outcome of a very troubled historical process. The Muslims of Anatolia and Eastern Thrace had faced the risk of disintegration and submission. The father and leader of the “new Turkey”, Mustafa Kemal, felt the plurality that had characterized the Ottoman world as a source of weakness and danger. In these nearly 100 years Republican Turkey has scored many admirable accomplishments, but her genesis left a permanent imprint in the political and social development of the country. Thus, the Turkish State has perpetuated a suspicious and repressive attitude towards the particular identities. This book, stemmed from a conference held in November 2021, presents two introductive papers and six specific contributions where the issues of education and public discourse are among the main topics.


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Informazioni sull'autore (2023)

Fulvio Bertuccelli is Research Fellow in History of Eastern Europe at Sapienza University of Rome and Adjunct Lecturer of History of Islamic Countries at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. His researches are focused on Turkish intellectual history, political movements and memory politics.

Mihaela Gavrila is Associate Professor of Entertainment and Television Studies at Sapienza University of Rome. She is director of the Master’s Degree in Security, Interforce Coordination, International Cooperation at Sapienza University, in agreement with the Interagency Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies.

Fabio L. Grassi is Associate Professor of History of International Relations at Sapienza University of Rome. His research interests include Turkish-Soviet and Turkish-Italian relations, Kemalism and Caucasian diaspora. He is currently formal contact person for relations of Sapienza University of Rome with Iranian and Turkic countries.

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