Arid Lands in Roman Times. Papers from the International Conference (Rome, July 9th-10th 2001)

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Mario Liverani
All’Insegna del Giglio, 1 ott 2003 - 147 pagine


Introduction, Mario Liverani

Steps and timing of the desertification during Late Antiquity. The case study of the Tanezzuft oasis (Libyan Sahara), Mauro CremaschiPopulations of the Roman era in Central Sahara: skeletal samples from the Fezzan (south-western Libya) in a diachronic perspective, Giorgio Manzi and Francesca RicciAghram Nadharif and the southern border of the Garamantian kingdom, Mario LiveraniFarming the Sahara: the Garamantian contribution in southern Libya, David Mattingly and Andrew WilsonWater management at Pantelleria in Punic-Roman times, Vittorio Castellani and Simone MantelliniNapata, the destroyed city. A method for plundering, Alessandro RoccatiThe kingdom of Kush: Rome’s neightbour on the Nile, Derek WelsbyTrade and caravan routes in Meroitic times, Irene VincentelliPtolemaic and Roman water resources and their management in the eastern desert of Egypt, Steven E. SidebothamBetween the Nile and the Red Sea. Imperial trade and barbarians, Federico De RomanisThe ancient landscape of Aksum (northern Ethiopia), ca 400 BC- AD 700: some preliminary remarks, Rodolfo FattovichThe sustainable Sabean irrigation in Yemen, Ueli BrunnerTamna, ancient capital of the Yemen desert. Information about the first two excavation campaigns (1999, 2000), Alessandro De Maigret‘Centre-periphery’ relations in pre-islamic south Arabia, Alessandra Avanzini

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skeletal samples
the Garamantian contribution in southern
Chapter Five Water management at Pantelleria in PunicRoman times
Romes neightbour on the Nile
Chapter Eight Trade and caravan routes in Meroitic times
Chapter Ten Between the Nile and the Red Sea Imperial trade and barbarians
Chapter Thirteen Tamna ancient capital of the Yemen desert Information about

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