Simulations of RF Beam Manipulations Including Intensity Effects for CERN PSB and SPS Upgrades

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Sapienza Università Editrice, 30 nov 2022 - 214 pagine
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The LIU program at CERN is of paramount importance at international level. The program foresees a significant upgrade of the LHC injector chain to increase the luminosity of the LHC beam by a factor of ten after 2024, when the HL-LHC era will start. This thesis deals with longitudinal beam dynamics studies for two LHC injectors (PSB and SPS), the main goal being the analysis of beam instabilities in the HL-LHC scenario.

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Danilo Quartullo received his master’s degree (cum laude) in Applied Mathematics in 2012 from Sapienza University in Rome. In 2013, he passed with grade excellent an advanced training course in software design for Smart City applications at Fisciano University. In 2014, he joined as a technical Fellow the Radio Frequency (RF) group at CERN in Geneva. In 2016, he started the PhD in Accelerator Physics held by Sapienza, obtaining meantime a PhD contract at CERN in the RF group. After his PhD defence (cum laude) in 2019, Danilo was postdoc researcher in Accelerator Physics at Sapienza, then in 2020 he joined the RF group at INFN Frascati. From 2021, Danilo is a Senior Fellow at CERN, working on longitudinal beam dynamics. As an accelerator physicist, Danilo attended five specialized schools and participated in seven international conferences, contributing with many papers, talks and posters. He is the main author of twelve publications and co-author of fifteen contributions. Danilo received the Minerva Prize from Sapienza as best PhD student in the Macroarea A.

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