The COVID-19 Pandemic in Asia and Africa: Societal Implications, Narratives on Media, Political Issues. Volume I – culture, art, media

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Giorgio Milanetti, Marina Miranda, Marina Morbiducci
Sapienza Università Editrice, 29 nov 2023 - 250 pagine

The present publication has been conceived as a critical reflection, in different disciplinary fields, on the social, institutional, and cultural impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic in Asia and Africa. The issues presented here were first discussed as part of a larger research project at two conferences, held in Rome in June and October 2022. After extensive revision, these results have now been collected as fully developed articles in the current two volumes: the first focuses on the cultural, artistic, and media-related facets of the pandemic; the second on its social and institutional implications.

This Volume I examines the effects of the traumatic events brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic on various cultural phenomena, artistic expressions, and social media communication, analysing among other themes the creation of new narratives and the modalities of personal and collective responses. The articles cover vast geographical areas, spanning from the Middle East to the Indian Subcontinent and East Asia, and aim at making their multiple visions converge in one compact perspective of empathic connection.


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Informazioni sull'autore (2023)

Giorgio Milanetti, Full Professor of Hindi Language and Literature at Sapienza University, Rome. His research has mainly focused on the period of early modernity, on which he has published a few monographs and several articles in national and international scientific journals and volumes.

Marina Miranda, Full Professor of History of Contemporary China at Sapienza University, Rome and President of the Italian Association for Chinese Studies (AISC) until 2023. She is the Director of two editorial series and the author of numerous publications, focusing on contemporary Chinese politics.

Marina Morbiducci, Associate Professor of English Linguistics and Translation at Sapienza University, Rome. Her research focuses on English Lingua Franca, Translation Studies, and Corpus Linguistics, among other specialized areas. She authored three monographs and several articles in A ranked journals.

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