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Sapienza UniversitÓ Editrice, 1 gen 2020 - 226 pagine
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The book provides a series of reflections on the study of architectural preexistences that have matured during the almost thirty-five years of study and research in Italy and Europe. Furthermore, it shows how the discipline of restoration of monuments is all based in architecture, intended in its many-faceted meanings. The methodical approach to the restoration of historic architecture consists in the historical-critical analysis, central nucleus of the study of architecture and is composed by specific in-depth thematic sessions (the historical iconography; the analysis of the constructive features; the constructive model; the volumetric layout; metrological and proportional analysis; the theme of the figurative model; the analysis of masonry; the theme of decorations; spolia and reemployed; comparisons, analogies and differences; the reading of the architectural organism through the synthesis of the monument in time). The author and his team have collected thematic essays on key issues that have great interest not only in Italy but also abroad. From the general concepts to examples of the application of Italian consolidated restoration methodology to the analysis and conservation of historic architecture.

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Calogero Bellanca has a PhD in Conservation of Architectural Heritage and is Professor of Architectural Conservation at the Faculty of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome. He has carried out studies and research in various European countries and has participated in the ICCROM Fellows Programme. He is Coordinator of the General Agreement with the TU Wien University, Polytechnic of Krakow, and Politecnico de Madrid. His practical work includes the study and restoration of palaces and churches in Rome and in other regions of Italy. Among his publications there are many books and essays in the field of restoration and architectural history.á

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