Underwater Archeology

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Annarita Borrelli, 22 nov 2019 - 201 pagine

Book of underwater archeology.Comprehensive study on: stone anchors, lithic logs, lead logs, iron anchors, soundings, cargo of the ships, Amphorae, oil lamps, ancient ships, construction techniques, most common models of ships, warships, bilge pumps, ports, coins, ancient trade routes, currents, navigations, routes, beliefs and religions, origins and underwater study, findings, studies and conservation, intervention, operation of the sip, Naves Onerariae, curiosities about the reproduction of the ships, shipping, materials.The themes refer to the history of navigation of the Naves Onerariae with 360° up to the 2nd century B.C. date in which wooden barrels began to be gradually used.

The only underwater archeology book in the world that is told by the protagonist who takes readers back in time by telling the stories of the habits and culture of centuries ago. A three-dimensional technical narrative.



Lithic Strains
The iron anchors
Cargo of the ships
Oil lamps
The three construction techniques
The three most common models of Naves
The bilge pumps
diving history 142 Findings study and conservation 158 The surgery 164 Operation of the pump
The Naves Onerariae of Dep Bonnet 177 Curiosities about the reproduction of its Naves

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Informazioni sull'autore (2019)

"To achieve important results it is necessary to train with a winning mentality" - Diego Crippa 

Multifaceted personality that ranges from thirty years of experience in the field of diving to storytelling.

INGENIOUS, EMPATHIC, very inclined to ACTIVE LISTENING, TRANSPARENT, attentive to the individual DETAILS, PATIENT and DETERMINED, Dreamer.

Underwater diving master, specialized in underwater archeology study.

Passionate about skiing, water skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking (MTB), model-making, mushroom research.

EXPERT in MECHANICS for modifications or solutions on defective projects or for repairs.

REVIEWER on the UNDERWATER theme in the round (from the experience itself to the technical details, to the equipment, to the innovations, to the comparative analysis, to the intuitions).

CREATION and MODIFICATION OF DIVING EQUIPMENT to improve the purpose and performance according to the circumstances.


He realizes naval reconstructions starting from boards, finds, real ancient wrecks and museum tables. He follows the development of the project at 360 ° and its realization by combining traditional techniques, such as paper patterns, with the use of the most innovative technologies / software, to arrive at the development of the final prototype. Passionate about aquarists.

Designer and builder of "highly functional" aquariums to be included in the environment.

Experience in Mediterranean, tropical and freshwater marine fish, lakes, Mediterranean and tropical rivers.

VIDEOMAKER Expert in digital video recording and editing equipment.


He invents a story realizing a literary work in 2019 thanks to the meeting with the poet and writer Annarita Borrelli.

"In the abysses of the island, dived in the archeology with the Sirens, choose your story" is a fantastic narrative, an epic story "dedicated to those who cannot speak". It is a long fantastic and adventurous journey in which abuses against Nature have denounced.

In fact, humanity has always worked towards the Laws of Nature, the Great Sea and Historical Memory told through the study of Archeology.

Poet, art critic, writer.

Annarita Borrelli is specialized in the study of underwater archeology.

She has many degrees and some specialization in classical studies. She worked a lot in the contemporary art and cultural word.

She realized some poetical performance as the work called "The Author", a work in progress of poetry and visual art that leads to poetic interaction.

In the same year he co-founded ignorarte.com, a portal for information and cultural in-depth analysis in which he is the head of staff. He writes a Manifesto on the value of art in collaboration and numerous art criticisms.

She worded in an art residence at FARM CULTURAL PARK where he participates with the poetic interaction "The Author" in the "MISTIC O ..." project in "Art in public spaces" created by the Royal Academy of Brussels.

She co-edited the second edition of the Contemporary Art Extraction / Abstraction Festival. She co-edited the second edition of GENE - Itinerant video art.

She co-supervised the contemporary art review “Essenziale. Sometimes I dream. Other Worlds” in Rome at the Interno14 gallery, a complex contemporary festival with ten days of happenings dedicated to all the languages of contemporary art. She designed and curated the "Levels art exhibition" contemporary art exhibition in several editions, and "Four Concepts" at the NVMEN concept space in Rome.

She wrote several critical texts and art catalogs: "Eureka! - Scarabellian Arts", "Contemporary Art Extraction / Abstraction Festival 2015", "Ettore Maria Garozzo - Angels at Twilight" , "Festival of contemporary art Extraction / Abstraction 2016", "Arte da Macello", "Monument to a fallen". She published the poetry book "In fede" (Edizioni Paruzzo).

Annarita Borrelli meets the underwater world through the experience of diving and archeology. So she met Diego Crippa, a great expert in the field with whom in the course of 2019 he writes three novels of adventure and fantasy in which he denounces the oppression that man, ever since, works towards the Laws of Nature, of the Great Sea and of Historical Memory told through the study of Archeology.

"In the abysses of the island. Immersed in Archeology with the Sirens, choose your story" is a fantastic story, a saga "dedicated to those who cannot speak" that gives voice, therefore, to a narrative invented by Diego Crippa, written by Annarita Borrelli.

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