Freehand architectural drawing. Urban sketching

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Sapienza Università Editrice, 21 feb 2022 - 82 pagine
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The programme objective is to provide students with the first basic tools to understand the world’s Architectural Cultural Heritage.

The course teaches the methodologies for the representation of architecture and landscape and the graphic systems to communicate the beauty of typical cultural scenarios and to use traditional and innovative graphic techniques.

Students must learn not only the geometric code required to consciously represent existing and imaginary forms, but will also study in-depth the geometric, proportional and perceptive tools that will allow them to manipulate those forms.

Students will acquire the manual skills needed to become proficient in the use of the simpler and more direct graphic techniques thanks to multiple exercises in free-hand drawing and line drawing, with a particular focus on chromatic aspects.

Students will also be taught the basic notions of the Fundamentals of the Geometry of Representation.


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Emanuela Chiavoni, Full Professor, ICAR 17 Drawing Sector, Faculty of Architecture of the Sapienza University of Rome. Her main research topics are: the role of drawing in understanding the tangible and intangible architectural, archaeological and landscape heritage and the methodologies, tools and techniques of survey. Part of the departmental team involved in the preparation and evaluation of several proposals for national and international research.

Francesca Porfiri is a Ph.D. Architect. On July 2014 she graduated Ph.D., in Representation and Survey Sciences at Sapienza University. She has attended several workshops and seminars on survey, representation and descriptive geometry. She made several publications and speeches in national and international conferences. Actually she is a Research Fellow in the Department of History, Representation and Restoration of Architecture and since 2016 she is an adjunct professor at Sapienza University of Rome.

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