411 Years, 11 Months and 11 days: The Legacy lives on

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Corfu’s inextricable relation with Venice dates back to the Golden Bulla of 1386, with which Corfu officially requested its annexation to the Venetian stato da mar. The dynastic crises of European rulers, their interplay in the region, the collapse of the Byzantine empire, and the rising Turkish threat urged the islanders to seek protection from the supreme maritime power of the time: the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

Venice, a unique Renaissance state, created a wonder, achieved through the skills of its peoples and the mastery of the seas. Corfu is the place where the legacy of Venice has put outside its terra ferma, an indelible mark in culture and architecture, creating Corfu’s unique character visible today. The eBook “411 Years, 11 Months and 11 Days” follows the historical and cultural itinerary of Corfu as the “Daughter of Venice”, supporting the mother with blood and sacrifices against the Ottoman expansion from the Renaissance to the Modern Era until the unification of Corfu with Greece in 1864, through the testimonies of the protagonists. Ten stories developed around ten monuments in the Unesco-listed Old City of Corfu narrate the stories, disclose the passions and present the people and their struggles, dressed up in music, colors and emotions.


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