Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1,5-diphenylpyrrole derivatives as COX-2 selective inhibitors and NO-releasing agents and development of a novel BRD9 chemical probe

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Sapienza Università Editrice, 30 giu 2020 - 128 pagine
This PhD thesis consists of three projects: the first and the second ones, carried out at Sapienza University of Rome, deal with the design and synthesis of novel COX-2 selective inhibitors and dual COX-2 inhibitors/NO-releasing agents, respectively. The third project concerns the development of a novel BRD9 chemical probe and was realized at the University of Oxford (Department of Chemistry).

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Sara Consalvi earned her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2015 and is currently a research fellow at Department of Chemistry and Technology of Drugs. Her research focus is on drug discovery, in the field of anti-inflammatory and antimycobacterial agents.

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