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go to dinner with you, do you remember? To him,

I say.

Men. Hold thy peace, Peniculus.

Pen. Ha, hold my peace; looke ye he beckons on me

to hold my peace.

Men. I neither becken nor winke on him.


Mul. Out, out, what a wretched life this is that I live.


Men. Why what aile ye, woman?

Mul. Are ye not ashamed to deny so confidently, that which is apparant?

Men. I protest unto before all the Goddes (is not this

inough) that I beckond not on him.

Pen. O Sir, this is another matter: touch him in the 65

former cause.

Men. What former cause?

Pen. The cloake, man, the cloake: fetch the cloake

againe from the Dyars.

Men. What cloake?


Mul. Nay Ile say no more, sith ye know nothing of

your owne doings.

Men. Tell me wife, hath any of your servants abused

you? Let me know.

Mul. Tush, tush.


Men. I would not have you to be thus disquietted.

Mul. Tush, tush.

Men. You are fallen out with some of your


Mul. Tush, tush.

Men. Sure I am, I have not offended you.


Mul. No, you have dealt verie honestly.

Men. Indeed wife, I have deserved none of these

words. Tell me, are ye not well?

Pen. What, shall he flatter ye now?

Men. I speak not to thee, knave. Good wife, come


Mul. Away, away; keep your hands off.


Pen. So, bid me to dinner with you againe, then slip away from me; when you have done, come forth bravely in your garland, to flout me. Alas you 90

knew not me even now.

Men. Why asse, I neither have yet dined, nor came I there, since we were there together.

Pen. Who ever heard one so impudent? Did yee not

meete me here even now, and would make me 95
believe I was mad, and said ye were a straunger,
and ye knew me not?

Men. Of a truth, since we went togither to the Sessions
Hall, I never returned till this very instant, as you
two met me.

Pen. Go too, go too, I know ye well inough. Did ye think I would not cry quittance with you: yes faith: I have told your wife all.


Men. What hast thou told her?

Pen. I cannot tell: ask her?

Men. Tell me, wife, what hath he told ye of me? Tell

me, I say; what was it?

Mul. As though you knew not my cloake is stolne from


Men. Is your cloake stolne from ye?

Mul. Do ye aske me?

Men. If I knew, I would not aske.

Pen. O craftie companion! how he would shift the matter? Come, come, deny it not: I tell ye. I have bewrayed all.

Men. What hast thou bewrayed?

Mul. Seeing ye will yield to nothing, be it never so




manifest, heare mee, and ye shall know in fewe
words both the cause of my griefe, and what

he hath told me. I say my cloake is stolne from 120


Men. My cloake is stolne from me?

Pen. Looke how he cavils: she saith it is stolne from


Men. I have nothing to say to thee; I say wife tell me. 125

Mul. I tell ye, my cloake is stolne out of my house.

Men. Who stole it?

Mul. He knowes best that carried it away.

Men. Who was that?

Mul. Menechmus.

Men. 'Twas very ill done of him. What Menechmus

was that?

Mul. You.

Men. I, who will say so?

Mul. I will.



Pen. And I, that you gave it to Erotium.

Men. I gave it?

Mul. You.

Pen. You, you, you shall we fetch a kennell of Beagles

that may cry nothing but you, you, you.

are wearie of it.

For we 140

Men. Heare me one word, wife. I protest unto you by all the Gods, I gave it her not: indeed I lent it her to use a while.

Mul. Faith Sir, I never give nor lend your apparell 145 out of doores. Methinkes ye might let mee dispose

of mine owne garments as you do of yours. I pray
then fetch it mee home againe.

Men. You shall have it againe without faile.

Mul. 'Tis best for you that I have: otherwise thinke 150

not to roost within these doores againe.

Pen. Hark ye, what say ye to me now, for bringing

these matters to your knowledge?

Mul. I say, when thou hast anie thing stolne from

thee, come to me, and I will helpe thee to seek it. 155 And so farewell.

Pen. God a mercy for nothing, that can never be, for I have nothing in the world worth the stealing. So now with husband, wife and all, I am cleane out of favour. A mischiefe on ye all. [Exit. 160 Men. My wife thinks she is notably reveng'd on me, now she shuttes me out of doores, as though I had not a better place to be welcome too. me out, I know who wil shut me in.

If she shut

Now will I

entreate Erotium to let me have the cloake againe 165 to stop my wives mouth withal; and then will I provide a better for her. Ho, who is within there? Some bodie tell Erotium I must speake with her.

Erot. Who calls?


Men. Your friend more then his owne.


Erot. ○ Menechmus, why stand ye here? pray come in.
Men. Tarry, I must speake with ye here.

Ero. Say your minde.

Men. Wot ye what? my wife knowes all the matter

now, and my comming is, to request you that I 175
may have againe the cloake which I brought you,
that so I may appease her: and I promise you, Ile
give ye an other worth two of it.

Erot. Why I gave it you to carry to your Dyars; and
my chaine likewise, to have it altered.


Men. Gave mee the cloake and your chaine? In truth I never sawe ye since I left it heere with you, and so went to the Sessions, from whence I am but now returned.

Erot. Ah then, Sir, I see you

wrought a device to 185 defraude mee of them both. Did I therefore put

yee in trust? Well, well.

Men. To defraude ye? No: but I say, my wife hath

intelligence of the matter.

Erot. Why, Sir, I asked them not; ye brought them me 190
of youre owne free motion. Now ye require them
againe, take them, make sops of them, you and
your wife together. Thinke ye I esteeme them or
you either? Goe; come to mee againe when I
send for you.

Men. What so angry with mee, sweete Erotium? Staie,
I pray staie.

* Erot. Staie? Faith no Sir: thinke yee I will staie at
your request?


Men. What gone in chafing, and clapt to the doores? 200 now I am everie way shut out for a very benchwhistler neither shall I have entertainment heere nor at home. I were best go trie some other friends, and ask counsaile what to do.

ACT 5.

Enter MENECHMUS the Traveller, MULIER.

Men. Most foolishly was I overseene in giving my
purse and money to Messenio, whom I can no

where find. I feare he is fallen into some lewd

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