The Theory Of Machines Through Solved Problems

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New Age International, 2007 - 404 pagine
The Theory Of Machines Or Mechanism And Machine Theory Is A Basic Subject Taught In Engineering Schools To Mechanical Engineering Students. This Subject Lays The Foundation On Which Mechanical Engineering Design And Practice Rests With. It Is Also A Subject Taught When The Students Have Just Entered Engineering Discipline And Are Yet To Formulate Basics Of Mechanical Engineering. This Subject Needs A Lost Of Practice In Solving Engineering Problems And There Is Currently No Good Book Explaining The Subject Through Solved Problems. This Book Is Written To Fill Such A Void And Help The Students Preparing For Examinations. It Contains In All 336 Solved Problems, Several Illustrations And 138 Additional Problems For Practice. Basic Theory And Background Is Presented, Though It Is Not Like A Full Fledged Text Book In That Sense.This Book Contains 20 Chapters, The First One Giving A Historical Background On The Subject. The Second Chapter Deals With Planar Mechanisms Explaining Basic Concepts Of Machines. Kinematic Analysis Is Given In Chapter 3 With Graphical As Well As Analytical Tools. The Synthesis Of Mechanisms Is Given In Chapter 4. Additional Mechanisms And Coupler Curve Theory Is Presented In Chapter 5. Chapter 6 Discusses Various Kinds Of Cams, Their Analysis And Design. Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears And Bevel Gears And Gear Trains Are Extensively Dealt With In Chapters 7 To 9. Hydrodynamic Thrust And Journal Bearings (Long And Short Bearings) Are Considered In Chapter 10.Static Forces, Inertia Forces And A Combined Force Analysis Of Machines Is Considered In Chapters 11 To 13. The Turning Moment And Flywheel Design Is Given In Chapter 14. Chapters 15 And 16 Deal With Balancing Of Rotating Parts, Reciprocating Parts And Four Bar Linkages. Force Analysis Of Gears And Cams Is Dealt With In Chapter 17. Chapter 18 Is Concerned With Mechanisms Used In Control, Viz., Governors And Gyroscopes. Chapters 19 And 20 Introduce Basic Concepts Of Machine Vibrations And Critical Speeds Of Machinery.A Special Feature Of This Book Is The Availability Of Three Computer Aided Learning Packages For Planar Mechanisms, Their Analysis And Animation, For Analysis Of Cams With Different Followers And Dynamics Of Reciprocating Machines, Balancing And Flywheel Analysis.

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Chapter 4
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Hydrodynamic Lubrication
Chapter 11
Turning Moment Diagranı and Flywheel
Balancing of Rotating Components
Balancing of Linkages
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Vibration Characteristics of Simple Systems
Chapter 20

Inertia Force Analysis
Chapter 13

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