The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior, Volume 1

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George Bell, 1907 - 150 pagine

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Pagina 108 - tis his fancy to run. At night he declines on his Thetis's breast. So when I am wearied with wandering all day, To thee, my delight, in the evening I come; No matter what beauties I saw in my way, They were but my visits, but thou art my home.
Pagina 134 - Poor little, pretty, fluttering thing, Must we no longer live together ? And dost thou prune thy trembling wing; To take thy flight thou know'st not whither ? Thy humorous vein, thy pleasing folly Lies all neglected, all forgot : And pensive, wavering, melancholy, Thou dread'st and hop'st thou know'st not what.
Pagina 181 - I pray you, tell anone ; For, in my mynde, of all mankynde I love but you alone.
Pagina 250 - And sluttish plenty deck'd her table. Their beer was strong ; their wine was port ; Their meal was large ; their grace was short.
Pagina 107 - A BETTER ANSWER*. Dear Chloe, how blubbered is that pretty face ! Thy cheek all on fire, and thy hair all uncurled : Pr*ythee quit this caprice ; and (as old Falstaff says) Let us e'en talk a little like folks of this world.
Pagina 174 - Moved in the orb, pleased with the chimes, The foolish creature thinks he climbs : But here or there, turn wood or wire, . He never gets two inches higher. So fares it with those merry blades, That frisk it under Pindus' shades. In noble songs, and lofty odes, They tread on stars, and talk with Gods ; Still dancing in an airy round, Still pleased with their own verses' sound ; Brought back, how fast soe'er they go, Always aspiring, always low.
Pagina 173 - Dear Thomas, did'st thou never pop Thy head into a tin-man's shop? There, Thomas, did'st thou never see ('Tis but by way of Simile !) A squirrel spend his little rage, In jumping round a rolling cage ? The cage, as either side...
Pagina 33 - In vain you tell your parting lover, You wish fair winds may waft him over. Alas! what winds can happy prove, That bear me far from what I love? Alas ! what dangers on the main Can equal those that I sustain, From slighted vows, and cold disdain?
Pagina 205 - Did I but purpose to embark with thee On the smooth surface of a summer's sea; While gentle zephyrs play in prosperous gales, And fortune's favour fills the swelling sails; MO But would forsake the ship, and make the shore, When the winds whistle, and the tempests roar?
Pagina 132 - Whate'er thy countrymen have done, By law and wit, by sword and gun, In thee is faithfully recited ; And all the living world that view Thy work, give thee the praises due, At once instructed and delighted. ' " Yet for the fame of all these deeds, What beggar in the Invalides, With lameness broke, with blindness smitten, Wished ever decently to die, To have been either Mezeray, Or any monarch he has written?

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