The Origin, Progress, and Conclusions of the Florida War: To which is Appended a Record of Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, Musicians, and Privates of the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, who Were Killed in Battle Or Died of Disease as Also the Names of Officers who Were Distinguished by Brevets, and the Names of Others Recommended ; Together with the Orders for Collecting the Remains of the Dead in Florida, and the Ceremony of Interment at St. Augustine, East Florida, on the Fourteenth Day of August, 1842

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D. Appleton, 1848 - 557 pagine

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Pagina 76 - In testimony whereof, I have caused the Seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed, having signed the same -with my hand. Done at the City of Washington, this 10th day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, and of the Independence of the United States the fifty-seventh.
Pagina 21 - The United States will take the Florida Indians under their care and patronage, and will afford them protection against all persons whatsoever, provided, they conform to the laws of the United States, and refrain from making war, or giving any insult to any foreign nation, without having first obtained the permission and consent of the United States: And in consideration of the appeal and cession made in the first...
Pagina 289 - You say I must end the war ! Look at these irons ! Can I go to my warriors ? Coacoochee chained ! No ; do not ask me to see them. I never wish to tread upon my land unless I am free. If I can go to them unchained, they will follow me in ; but I fear they will not obey me when I talk to them in irons. They will say my heart is weak, I am afraid. Could I go free, they will surrender and emigrate.
Pagina 241 - I wish it distinctly understood, that my object in employing dogs is only to ascertain where the Indians can be found, not to worry them.
Pagina 288 - I would a wolf or a bear; yet like these he came upon me; horses, cattle, and fields, he took from me. He said he was my friend; he abused our women and children, and told us to go from the land. Still he gave me his hand in friendship; we took it; whilst taking it, he had a snake in the other; his tongue was forked ; he lied, and stung us. I asked but for a small piece of these lands, enough to plant and...
Pagina 209 - This service, however, was encountered and overcome, and they have been conveyed thus far, and proceeded on to Tampa Bay, on rude litters, constructed with the axe and knife alone, with poles and dry hides ; the latter being found in great abundance at the encampment of the hostiles. The litters were...
Pagina 328 - I shook with fear, I knew her voice, but could not speak. With one hand, she gave me a string of white beads; in the other, she held a cup sparkling with pure water, which she said came from the spring of the Great Spirit: and if I would drink from it, I should return and live with her for ever.
Pagina 109 - It was during a cessation of the fire, that the little band still remaining, about thirty in number, threw up the triangular breastwork, which, from the haste with which it was constructed, was necessarily defective, and .could not protect the men in the second attack. " We had with us many of the personal friends of the officers of Major Dade'i command ; and it is gratifying to be able to state, that every officer was identified by undoubted evidence.
Pagina 206 - ... professions of friendship, or their intentions of coming in, yet I had no time to look up their women and children, who had fled and concealed themselves in the swamp, or to have encumbered myself with them in the situation in which I then was. Accordingly, I released the old man, who promised that he would collect all the women and children and take them in to Captain Munroe, at the Kissimmee, the next day. I also dismissed the old man who had acted as guide thus far, supplying his place with...
Pagina 242 - ... of the volunteers, retired a few yards into the woods, and secreted themselves until the troops returned to town with the dead bodies of those who had been thus inhumanly and wantonly butchered. It is to be regretted that this corps had not been accompanied with one or two hunters, who, with their dogs, might have tracked the blood-stained footsteps of these Indians, have restored to liberty the captive they were dragging away with them, and have prevented them from ever again repeating such...

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