United States Reports: Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court, Volum 24

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1826

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Pàgina 200 - In witness whereof the said David Ruble and Susannah his wife have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above written.
Pàgina 180 - Cashier of the Office of Discount and Deposit of the Bank of the United States at Washington, to be paid in liquidation of a balance due from the said Mechanics...
Pàgina 470 - That if any person shall violate any safe conduct or passport duly obtained, and issued under the authority of the United States, or shall assault, strike, wound, imprison, or in any other manner infract the law of nations, by offering violence to the person of an ambassador or other public minister, such person so offending, on conviction, shall be imprisoned not exceeding three years, and fined at the discretion of the court.
Pàgina 29 - April, 1790,(i) provides that "If any person or persons shall commit upon the high seas, or in any river, haven, basin or bay, out of the jurisdiction of any particular state, murder or robbery, or any other offence which if committed within the body of a county, would by the laws of the United States be punishable with death...
Pàgina 470 - Minister, may be arrested or imprisoned, or his or their goods or chattels may be distrained, seized, or attached, shall be deemed and adjudged to be utterly null and void, to all intents, constructions, and purposes whatsoever.
Pàgina 422 - ... by adding twenty per cent. to the actual cost thereof, if imported from the Cape of Good Hope, or from any place beyond the same; and ten per cent, on the actual cost thereof, if imported from any other place or country, including all charges; commissions, outside packages, and insurance, only excepted.
Pàgina 261 - I understand the rule, as now already settled, to be, that where the contract grows immediately out of, and is connected with an illegal or immoral act, a court of justice will not lend its aid to enforce it. And if the contract be, in part only, connected with the illegal transaction, and growing immediately out of it, though it be, in fact, a new contract, it is equally tainted by it.
Pàgina 3 - States, the same shall and may be adjudged and condemned to their use, and that of the captors, after due process and trial, in any court having admiralty jurisdiction, and which shall be holden for the district into which such captured vessel shall be brought; and the same court shall thereupon order a sale and distribution thereof accordingly, and at their discretion.
Pàgina 2 - An act to protect the commerce of the United States, and punish the crime of piracy."* a Which provides, (sec.
Pàgina 474 - And shall have exclusively all such jurisdiction of suits or proceedings against Ambassadors, or other public Ministers, or their domestics or domestic servants, as a Court of law can have or exercise consistently with the law of Nations; and original, but not exclusive jurisdiction of all suits brought by Ambassadors, or other public Ministers, or in which a Consul or Vice-Consul shall be a party.

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