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voice of humanity issues from the shade of their wilderness. It exclaims, that while one hand is held up to reject this treaty, the other grasps a tomahawk. It summons our imagination to the scenes that will open. It is no great effort of the imagination to conceive, that events so near are already begun. I fancy fancy that I listen to the yells of savage vengeance, and the shrieks of torture. Already they seem to sigh in the west windalready they mingle with every echo from the mountains.

“Let us not hesitate then to agree to the appropriation to carry the treaty into faithful execution. Thus we shall save the faith of our nation, secure its peace, and diffuse the spirit of confidence and enterprize that will augment its prosperity. The progress of wealth and improvement is wonderful, and some will think, too rapid. The field for exertion is fruitful and vast; and, if peace and good government should be preserved, the acquisitions of our citizens are not so pleasing as the proofs of their industry, as the instruments of their future success. The rewards of exertion go to augment its power. Profit is every hour becoming capital. The vast crop of our neutrality is all seed wheat, and is sown again to swell, almost beyond calculation, the future haryest of prosperity. And in this progress what seems to be fiction is found to fall short of experience.

“ I rose to speak under impressions that I would have resisted if I could. Those who see me will believe that the reduced state of my health has unfitted me, almost equally, for much exertion of body or mind. Unprepared for debate by careful refection in my retirement, or by long attention here, I thought the resolution I had taken to sit silent was imposed by necessity, and would cost me no effort to maintain. With a mind thus vacant of ideas, and sinking, as I really am, under a sense of weakness, I imagined the very desire of speaking was extinguished by the persuasion that I had nothing to say. Yet when I come 10 the moment of deciding the vote, I start back with dread from the edge of the pit into which we are plunging. In my view, even the minutes I have spent in expostulation have their value, because they protract the crisis, and the short period in which alone we may resolve to escape it."

The following extracts from a sermon of Dr. Blair, on the death of Christ, contains a remarkable variety of vivid imagery, expressed, in glowing language, and admirably adapted to exercise the talents of an animated speaker.

“The redemption of man is one of the most glorious works of the Almighty. If the hour of the creation of the world was great and illustrious; that hour, when, from the dark and forml'ess mass, this fair system of nature arose at the Divine command; when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy; no less illustrious is the hour of the restoration of the world; the hour when, from condemnation and misery, it -emerged into happiness and peace. With less external majesty it was attended, but is, on that account, the more wonderful, that under an appearance so simple, such great events were covered.

“ In the hour of Christ's death the long series of prophecies, visions, types, and figures, was accomplished. This was the centre in which they all meet: this the point towards which they had tended and verged, throughout the course of so many generations. You behold the Law and the Prophets standing, if we may speak so, at the foot of the cross, and doing homage. You behold Moses and Aaron bearing the ark of the covenant; David and Elijah presenting the oracle of testimony. You behold all the priests and sacrifices, all the rites and ordinances, all the types and symbols, assembled together to receive their consummation. With the death of Christ, the worship and ceremonies of the law would have remained a pompous, but unmeaning institution. In the hour when he was crucified, the book with the seven seals was opened. Every rite assumed its significancy; every prediction met its event; every symbol displayed its correspondence.

« This was the hour of the abolition of the law and the introduction of the Gospel; the hour of terminating the old, and of beginning the new dispensation of religious knowledge and wore ship throughout the earth. Viewed in this lighi, it forms the most august era which is to be found in the history of mankind. When Christ was suffering on the cross, we are informed by one, of the Evangelists, that he said, I thirst; and that they filled a spunge with vinegar, and put it to his mouth. After he had tas

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red the vinegar, knowing that all things were now accomplised, and the scriptures fulfilled, he said, It is finished*; that is, This offered draught of vinegar was the last circumstance predicted by an ancient prophett, that remained to be fulfilled. The vision and the prophecy are now sealed. The Mosaic dispensation is closed, and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.

“ It is finished.-When he uttered these words, he changed the state of the universe. At the moment the Law ceased, and the Gospel commenced. This was the ever-memorable point of time which separated the old and the new world from each other. On one side of the point of separation, you behold the Law, with its priests, its sacrifices, and its rites, retiring from sight. On the other side, you behold the Gospel, with its simple and venerable institutions, coming forward into view Significantly was the veil of the temple rent in this hour; for the glory then departed from between the cherubims. The legal High Priest delivered up his Urim and Thummim, his breast-plate, his robes, and his incense; and Christ stood forth as the great High Priest of all succeeding generations. By that one sacrifice, which he now offered, he abolished sacrifices forever. Altars on which the fire had blazed for ages, were now to smoke no more. Victims were no more to bleed. Not with the blood of bulls and goats, but with his own blood, he now entered into the Holy Place, there to appear in the presence of God for us.

“ This was the hour of association and union to all the worshippers of God. When Christ said It is finished, he threw down the wall of partition which had so long divided the gentile from the Jew. He gathered into one, all the faithful, out of every kindred and people. He proclaimed the hour to be come, when the knowledge of the true God should be no longer confined to one nation, nor his worship to one temple; but over all the earth, the worshippers of the Father should serve him in spirit and in truth. From that hour they who dwelt in the uttermost ends of the earth, strangers to the covenant of promise, began to be brought nigh. In that hour, the light of the Gospel dawned from afar on the British islands.

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66 This was the hour of Christ's triumph over all the powers of darkness; the hour in which he overthrew dominions and thrones, led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. The contest which the kingdom of darkness had long maintained against the kingdom of light, was now brought to its crisis. The period was come, when the seed of the woman should bruise the head of the serpent. For many ages, the most gross superstition had filled the earth. The glory of the uncorruptible God was everywhere, except in the land of Judæa, changed into images made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and beasts, and creeping things. The world which the Almighty created forhimself, seemed to have become a tempie of idols. Even to vices and passions altars were raised; and, what was entitled Religion was in effect a discipline of impurity. In the midst of this universal darkness, Satan had erected his throne; and the learned and polished, as well as the savage nations, bowed down before him. But at the hour when Christ appeared on the cross, the signal of his defeat was given.-His kingdom suddenly departed from him; the reign of idolatry passed away–He was beheld to fall like lightning from Heaven. In that hour, the foundation of every Pagan temple shook-The statue of every false God tottered on its base— The Priest fled from his falling shrine--and the Heathen oracles became dumb forever.

« This was the hour when our Lord erected that spiritual kingdom which is never to end. How vain are the counsels and designs of men! How shallow is the policy of the wicked! How short their triumphing! The enemies of Christ imagined, that in this hour they had successfully accomplished their plan for his destruction. They believed, that they had entirely scattered the small party of his followers, and had extinguished his name and his honour forever. In derision, they addressed him as a King. They clothed him with purple robes; they crowned him with a crown of thorns; they put a reed into his hand; and, with insulting mockery, bowed the knee before him.. Blind and impious men! How little did they know, that the Almighty was at that moment setting him as a King on the hill of Sion; giving him the Heathen for his inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession! How little did they know, that their badges of muck,

royalty were at that moment converted into the signals of absolute dominion, and the instruments of irresistible power! The reed which they put into his hands became a rod of iron, with which he was to break in pieces his enemies: a sceptre, with which he was to rule the universe in righteousness. The cross, which they thought was to stigmatize him with infamy, became the ensign of his renown. Instead of being the reproach of his followers, it was to be their boast and their glory. The cross was to shine on palaces and churches, throughout the earth. It was to be assumed as the distinction of the most powerful monarchs, and to wave in the banner of victorious armies, when the memory of Herod and Pilate should be accursed; when Jerusalem should be reduced to ashes, and the Jews be vagabonds over all the world.

« These were the triumphs which commenced at this hour. Our Lord saw them already in their birth; he saw of the travail of his soul, and was satisfied. He beheld the word of God going forth, conquering, and to conquer; subduing to the obedience of his laws, the subduers of the world; carrying light into the regions of darkness, and mildness into the habitations of cruelty. He beheld the gentiles waiting below the cross, to receive the Gospel. He beheld Ethiopia and the Isles stretching out their hands to God; the desert beginning to rejoice, and to blossom as the rose; and the knowledge of the Lord filling the earth, as the waters cover the sea. Well pleased, he said, It is finished. As a conquerer, he retired from the field, reviewing his triumphs: He bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. -From that hour, Christ was no longera mortal man, but Head over all things to the Church; the glorious King of men and angels, of whose dominion there shall be no end. His triumphs shall perpetually in

His name shall endure forever; it shall last as long as the sun; men shall be blessed in him, and all nations shall call him blessed."

(To be Continued.)


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