The Bradt Travel Guide - North Korea

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Bradt Travel Guides, 15 nov 2007 - 230 pagine
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A new edition of the first travel guide to cover the practical aspects of travelling to and around North Korea, a country which both intrigues and concerns the international community. Everything a genuine traveler needs is here, including red tape and security issues, access from South Korea and Beijing, routes outwards from Pyongyang, and opportunities for excursions into unspoilt countryside. Altogether a fascinating insight into the culture and history of a country that currently exists in virtual isolation from the rest of the world.


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Geography 3 Climate 6 History 7 Economy
People 52 Language 56 Religion 57 Culture 60 Nature
Chapter 9
Tour operators 66 Getting there and away 68
Shopping 85 Customs 86 Tourist information
Pyongyang to Kaesong and Panmunjom
North from Pyongyang to Mt Myohyang
Pyongyang to Wonsan

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Informazioni sull'autore (2007)

Robert Willoughby is a freelance journalist who has worked and travelled extensively in Asia, much of the time with the British Council.

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