In the Name of the Bodleian, and Other Essays

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C. Scribner's sons, 1905 - 312 pagine

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Pagina 64 - Nature, was a most gentle expresser of it : his mind and hand went together ; and what he thought, he uttered with that easiness, that we have scarce received from him a blot in his papers.
Pagina 196 - How loved, how honoured once, avails thee not, To whom related, or by whom begot ; A heap of dust alone remains of thee, 'T is all thou art, and all the proud shall be ! Poets themselves must fall like those they sung, Deaf the praised ear, and mute the tuneful tongue.
Pagina 198 - tis Death itself there dies. EPITAPH. STOP, Christian Passer-by ! — Stop, child of God, And read with gentle breast. Beneath this sod A poet lies, or that which once seem'd he.— O, lift one thought in prayer for STC ; That he who many a year with toil of breath Found death in life, may here find life in death ! Mercy for praise — to be forgiven for fame He ask'd, and hoped, through Christ. Do thou the same ! 9th November, 1833 REMORSE.
Pagina 197 - WEEP with me, all you that read This little story; And know, for whom a tear you shed Death's self is sorry. 'Twas a child that so did thrive In grace and feature, As Heaven and Nature seemed to strive Which owned the creature.
Pagina 197 - Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, but now I know it, with what more you may think proper.
Pagina 155 - But it may be that I shall leave a name sometimes remembered with expressions of goodwill in the abodes of those whose lot it is to labour and to earn their daily bread by the sweat of their brow, when they shall recruit their exhausted strength with abundant and untaxed food, the sweeter because it is no longer leavened by a sense of injustice.
Pagina 170 - A fever in these pages burns Beneath the calm they feign ; A wounded human spirit turns, Here, on its bed of pain.
Pagina 64 - ... (before) you were abused with divers stolen and surreptitious copies, maimed and deformed by the frauds and stealths of injurious impostors that exposed them: even those are now offered to your view cured and perfect of their limbs; and all the rest, absolute in their numbers, as he conceived them, who as he was a happy imitator of Nature was a most gentle expresser of it.
Pagina 121 - FOUR ducks on a pond, A grass-bank beyond, A blue sky of spring, White clouds on the wing — What a little thing To remember for years. . . . To remember with tears!
Pagina 3 - The liberal deviseth liberal things, and by liberal things he shall stand.

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