Woman in the Nineteenth Century, and Kindred Papers relating to the Sphere, Condition, and Duties of Woman

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Pagina 53 - Countrymen, My heart doth joy that yet, in all my life, I found no man but he was true to me. I shall have glory by this losing day, More than Octavius and Mark Antony By this vile conquest shall attain unto. So fare you well at once; for Brutus...
Pagina 38 - What woman needs is not as a woman to act or rule, but as a nature to grow, as an intellect to discern, as a soul to live freely and unimpeded, to unfold such powers as were given her when we left our common home.
Pagina 52 - You are my true and honourable wife, As dear to me as are the ruddy drops That visit my sad heart.
Pagina 327 - That hangs his head, and a' that ; The coward slave — we pass him by ! We dare be poor for a' that! For a' that, and a' that, Our toils obscure, and a' that ! The rank is but the Guinea's stamp; The Man 's the gowd for a
Pagina 53 - Have you not love enough to bear with me, When that rash humor, which my mother gave me, Makes me forgetful ? Bru. Yes, Cassius ; and, from henceforth, When you are over-earnest with your Brutus, He'll think your mother chides, and leave you so.
Pagina 172 - I have aimed to show that no age was left entirely without a witness of the equality of the sexes in function, duty and hope. Also that, when there was unwillingness or ignorance, which prevented this being acted upon, women had not the less power for their want of light and noble freedom. But it was power which hurt alike them and those against whom they made use of the arms of the servile; cunning, blandishment, and unreasonable emotion. That now the time has come when a clearer vision and better...
Pagina 342 - It is regulated by the same laws as that of love between persons of different sexes, only it is purely intellectual and spiritual, unprofaned by any mixture of lower instincts...
Pagina 33 - Tell that to women and children"; that the infinite soul can only work through them in already ascertained limits; that the gift of reason, Man's highest prerogative, is allotted to them in much lower degree; that they must...
Pagina 116 - There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman. History jeers at the attempts of physiologists to bind great original laws by the forms which flow from them. They make a rule ; they say from observation, what can and cannot be. In vain ! Nature provides exceptions to every rule. She sends women to battle, and sets Hercules spinning; she enables women to bear immense burdens, cold, and frost ; she enables the man, who feels maternal love, to nourish his infant like a mother. Of late she...
Pagina xiii - By Man I mean both man and woman; these are the two halves of one thought. I lay no especial stress on the welfare of either. I believe that the development of the one cannot be effected without that of the other.

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