Desert Dancing

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Hunter Publishing, Inc, 15 apr 2011 - 240 pagine
From the book's beginning: She calls it desert dancing, what we do out there. It's a place some of us call home, no matter where we live; a place you go back to, even when you've never been there before. Deserts around the world may be different, but the feeling is the same; the hearts of prophets and devils alike beat stronger there. A place you feel eternity. Home for the spirit. Forbidding -- to some. Bleak and lonely. No desert rat can deny these feelings at times. That's part of it. It's also the primordial challenge of surviving, low-tech life and death, surrounded by a rugged, powerful beauty and the wonderful adaptations of Mother Nature to the difficult, dry world of the desert. Animals that can live their entire lives without a drink of water. Seeds that can lay dormant for years, then germinate after a desert rainstorm that offers just enough water to bring them to life. The more high-tech my tools and toys, the more I need my desert time, my desert dancing. Reviews: ... goes beyond being a simple A to B guidebook. Desert Dancing reads like the journal of a friend, who, in a highly readable style, shares with you a wonderful trip. Excellent research, combined with an in-person familiarity of the subject at hand, makes this a necessary volume for anyone considering a trip into the desert, or for the armchair explorer who wants to gain a sense of what the desert is all about. -- Bob Moore, Editor Route 66 magazine. Wow! You can feel the heat, see the old West as it was and what it has become. This books makes you want to pack up your vehicle and head to the desert, but don't leave home without the book - you'll get lost in that vast sea of sand without it. Read this book and you'll enjoy what the California desert really has to offer. Water, water, water, please! An outstanding adventure. Excellent reading. -- Leslie Curtis Riley from Clovis, CA. A combination guidebook/journal to this enchanting region. Filled with historical notes and details of the culture, Desert Dancing is a trip for your senses. Alongside practical travel information you'll find insight into the area's past, and the legends and myths that survive today. Visit sacred places and learn of their mysteries. Directions, places to stay and eat, plus advice on safe passage in this harsh but beautiful terrain

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