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Pagina 244 - A small piece of pure potash, which had been exposed for a few seconds to the atmosphere so as to give conducting power to the surface, was placed upon an insulated disc of platina, connected with the negative side of the battery of
Pagina 245 - There was a violent effervescence at its upper surface ; at the lower or negative surface there was no liberation of elastic fluid, but small globules having a high metallic lustre,
Pagina 245 - contact with the upper surface of the alkali. . . . Under these circumstances a vivid action was soon observed to take place. The potash began to fuse at both its
Pagina 309 - or electrical science may be but slight. It is a thoroughly practical work descriptive of apparatus and processes, and commends itself to all practical men engaged in metallurgical operations, as well as to business men, financiers, and investors. Radio-Telegraphy. By CCF MONCKTON, MIEE With 173 Diagrams and Illustrations. CONTENTS : Preface. Electric Phenomena. Electric Vibrations. Electro-Magnetic Waves. Modified Hertz
Pagina 311 - Designs. II. Registration. III. Marking. IV. Infringement. APPENDIX B.— I. Table of Forms and Fees. 2. Classification of Goods. Part III.—Trade Marks. Introduction. I. Meaning of Trade Mark. II. Qualification for Registration. III. Restrictions on Registration. IV. Registration. V. Effect of Registration. VI. Miscellaneous. APPENDIX C.—Table of
Pagina 310 - all about a material which has grown immensely in commercial importance in recent years. It has been expressly written for the general reader and for the technologist in other branches of industry. Glass Manufacture. By WALTER ROSENHAIN, Superintendent of the Department of Metallurgy in the National Physical Laboratory, late Scientific Adviser in the Glass Works of Messrs. Chance Bros, and Co. With Illustrations. CONTENTS: Preface.
Pagina 245 - as soon as they were formed, and others remained and were merely tarnished and finally covered with a white film, which formed on their
Pagina 310 - Garnets. Olivine, Topaz, Tourmaline and other Silicates. Phosphates, Sulphates, and Carbon Compounds. An admirable guide to a fascinating subject. Patents, Designs and Trade Marks : The Law and Commercial Usage. By KENNETH R. SWAN, BA (Oxon.), of the Inner Temple,
Pagina 309 - used in RadioTelegraphy. Apparatus used for Charging the Oscillator. The Electric Oscillator : Methods of Arrangement, Practical Details. The Receiver : Methods of Arrangement, The Detecting Apparatus, and other details. Measurements in Radio-Telegraphy. The Experimental Station at
Pagina 309 - System. Portable Stations. Radio-Telephony. Appendices : The Morse Alphabet. Electrical Units used in this Book. International Control of Radio-Telegraphy. Index. The startling discovery twelve years ago of what is popularly known

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