The Elements of materia medica and therapeutica. v.1, 1854-57, Volume 1

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Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1854

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Pagina 59 - All matter, indeed, appears to be subject to the magnetic force as universally as it is to the gravitating, the electric, the cohesive and the chemical forces.
Pagina 36 - It would appear that 800,000 such charges of the Leyden battery as I have referred to above would be necessary to supply electricity sufficient to decompose a single grain of water; or, if I am right, to equal the quantity of electricity which is naturally associated with the elements of that grain of water, endowing them with their mutual chemical affinity.
Pagina 779 - In thirteen instances the urine was submitted to the chemical analysis, and the investigation has established the fact that the lead may be eliminated from the system by the iodide of potassium, and found in the urine. In no case was the lead detected before the administration of the remedy. The chemical analyses were made by Professor Outram, and the results of his experiments are perfectly reliable.
Pagina 811 - Mercury . . .3 ounces Solution of Ammonia . . .4 fluid ounces Distilled Water .... 3 pints Dissolve the perchloride of mercury in the water with the aid of a moderate heat ; mix the solution with the ammonia, constantly stirring : collect the precipitate on a filter, and wash it well with cold distilled water until the liquid which passes through ceases to give a precipitate when dropped into a solution of nitrate of silver acidulated by nitric acid. Lastly, dry the product at a temperature not exceeding...
Pagina 59 - If a man could be suspended, with sufficient delicacy, after the manner of Dufay, and placed in the magnetic field, he would point equatorially; for all the substances of which he is formed, including the blood, possess this property.
Pagina 216 - Tonics," says Dr. A. Billing, "are substances which neither immediately nor sensibly call forth actions, like stimulants, nor repress them, like sedatives, but give power to the nervous system to generate or secrete the nervous influence by which the whole frame is strengthened.
Pagina 288 - Hard water, drawn fresh from the'well, will assuredly make the coat of a horse unaccustomed to it stare, and it will not unfrequently gripe and otherwise injure him. Instinct or experience has made even the horse himself conscious of this, for he will never drink hard water if he has access to soft : he will leave the most transparent and pure water of the well for a river, although the water may be turbid, and even for the muddiest pool...
Pagina 5 - The attention must now be fixed upon the action in which the patient is engaged. He must depict to himself that he sees the breath passing from his nostrils in a continuous stream, and the very instant that he brings his mind to conceive this apart from all other ideas...
Pagina 321 - ... with distilled water until the washings cease to give a precipitate with chloride of barium. Finally, dry the product at a temperature not exceeding 212° F.
Pagina 36 - I have used is fifty inches in diameter; it has two sets of rubbers; its prime conductor consists of two brass cylinders connected by a third, the whole length being twelve feet, and the surface in contact with air about 1422 square inches. When in good excitation, one revolution of the plate will give ten or twelve sparks from the conductors, each an inch in length. Sparks or flashes from ten to fourteen inches in length may easily be drawn from the conductors.

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