The Zoist

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H. Baillière, 1846

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Pagina 136 - The ordinary groaned almost in despair, yet still renewed his task. " The heavens, I tell you, are opening for you : repent, my child ; repent, poor boy, and you will be an immortal spirit, welcomed by millions of angels." St. Giles looked with bitter incredulity at his spiritual teacher. " Well, if all that's true," he said, " it isn't so hard to be hanged, arter all.
Pagina 422 - I shall, however, remark upon this subject, that the writers in favour of the immortality of the soul have done that truth great injury, by connecting it necessarily with its immateriality. The immortality of the soul depends upon the will of the Deity, and not upon the supposed properties of spirit. Matter is in its own nature as immortal as spirit. It is resolvable by heat and mixture into a variety of forms; but it requires the same Almighty hand to annihilate it, that it did to create it. I know...
Pagina 135 - ... he would laugh with defying bitterness. And then he would leer in the face of the reader, as though he read to him some fairy tale, some pretty story, to amuse and gull him. Poor wretch ! Let the men who guide the world — the large-brained politicians, who tinker the social scheme, making themselves the masters and guardians of their...
Pagina 137 - There being many things wherein we have very imperfect notions, or none at all; and other things, of whose past, present, or future existence, by the natural use of our faculties, we can have no knowledge at all; these, as being beyond the discovery of our natural faculties, and above reason, are, when revealed, the proper matter of faith.
Pagina 397 - A manual of phonography; or, writing by sound; a natural method of writing by signs that represent the sounds of language, and adapted to the English language as a complete system of phonetic shorthand.
Pagina 306 - With sanguine drops the walls are rubied round! Thick swarms the spacious hall with howling ghosts, To people Orcus, and the burning coasts! Nor gives the sun his golden orb to roll, But universal night usurps the pole!
Pagina 315 - Quamquam Platoni credam inter deos atque homines, natura et loco medias quasdam divorum potestates intersitas, easque divinationes cunctas et magorum miracula gubernare. Quin et illud mecum reputo, posse...
Pagina 500 - Animal magnetism is an universal fluid, constituting an absolute plenum in nature, and the medium of all mutual influence between the celestial bodies, and betwixt the earth and animal bodies.
Pagina 41 - ... in the hope of saving her life in case of her falling. Unconscious of danger, the poor girl advanced to the very edge of the roof, smiling and bowing to the multitude below, and occasionally arranging her hair and her dress. The spectators watched her with great anxiety. After moving along thus unconcernedly for some time she proceeded towards the window from which she had made her exit A light had been placed in it by her distressed family ; but the moment she approached it, she started, and...
Pagina 18 - It is the greatest part of our felicity to be well born, and it were happy for human kind, if only such parents as are sound of body and mind should be suffered to marry.

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