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Pagina 437 - Colleges in the universities of Cambridge and Oxford which require the taking of orders under a Penalty. In Rawl. J. 4. 3. 285, it is attributed to W. Blencoe (cf. 5. 97) ; ' scripsit et clam edidit/ writes Rawlinson, but the entry was apparently at once deleted.
Pagina 170 - And in the Forest of Dean and thereabouts, and as high as Worcester, there are great and infinite quantities of these cinders ; some in vast mounts above ground...
Pagina 451 - In matters of genealogy it is necessary to give the bare names as they are; but in poetry, and in prose of any elegance in the writing, they require to have inflection given to them. His book of the Dialects is a sad heap of confusion ; the only way to write on them is to tabulate them with Notes...
Pagina 411 - To the Duke's house, and there saw The German Princesse acted, by the woman herself; but never was anything so well done in earnest, worse performed in jest upon the the stage.
Pagina 289 - An English-Saxon Homily on the Birth-day of St. Gregory, anciently used in the English-Saxon Church, giving an account of the Conversion of the English from Paganism to Christianity; translated into modern English, with Notes, &c.
Pagina 43 - But now he pays for all his false unfaithfull politicks, and finds, too late, that one prince should not intirely submitt to another. But that my letter is too long already, I would give you some account of the Polish court of king Stanislaus : for being incognito, only with a friend and one footman, and impossible to be known, I would take a tour to Leipsick, where I not only saw that king, but he very civilly came and spoke to me and my friend, seeing we were strangers. His court has much a better...
Pagina 43 - He sits upon any chair or stool he finds in the house, without any ceremony, to dinner, and beginns with a great piece of bread and butter, having stuck his napkin under his chin ; then drinks, with his mouth full, out of a great silver old-fashioned beaker, small bear, which is his only liquor. At every meal he drinks about two English bottles full ; for he emptyes his beaker twice.
Pagina 192 - John Bramhall in his Booke, intituled The Consecration and Succession of Protestant Bishops justified, &c. And...
Pagina 209 - ... graphiarium haec tibi erunt armata suo graphiaria ferro: si puero dones, non leve munus erit.
Pagina 411 - After church to Sir W. Batten's ; where my Lady Batten inveighed mightily against the German Princess, and I as high in the defence of her wit and spirit, and glad that she is cleared at the Sessions.