The Ecology and Silviculture of Oaks

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The management of oak forests is essential to the ecosystems of many countries, and current trends in managing forests are based on sustaining desired ecosystems, rather than timber and other commodity outputs. By considering oak forests as responsive ecosystems, this updated new edition draws on the authors' extensive experience in order to examine topics essential to understanding the unique characteristics of oaks and oak forests, covering distribution, ecology and population dynamics, and silvicultural practices for multi-resource management such as creating and sustaining oak savannas, and increasing and measuring acorn production. With new information on carbon sequestration, biofuel production, impacts of climate change, and sudden oak death - a serious and newly discovered pathogen - the book will be essential reading for ecologists, silviculturists, environmentalists, wildlife managers and students in these disciplines.

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Part I Ecology
Part II Site Productivity and Stand Development
Part III Silviculture Growth and Yield
Appendix 1 Common and Scientific Names of Species Mentioned
Appendix 2 Forest Cover Types of Eastern USA Dominated by Oaks or Oaks Mixed with other Species
Appendix 3 Forest Cover Types of Western USA Dominated by Oaks or Oaks Mixed with other Species
Appendix 4 Formulae for Converting Site Index in feet at base age 50 of One Species to Another in Unglaciated Regions of Indiana Kentucky Ohio ...
Appendix 5 Formulae for Converting Site Indexes in feet at base age 50 for Oaks and Associated Species from One Species to Another in Three Regi...
Appendix 6 Formulae for Converting Yellowpoplar Site Index to Oak Site Indexes in the VirginiaCarolina Piedmont
Appendix 7 Parameter Estimates for Site Index Asymptotes S and Species Coefficients b for Deriving Heightdbh Site Index Curves from Equation 41
Appendix 8 Common Conversions

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Informazioni sull'autore (2009)

Paul S. Johnson was Principal Silviculturist with the US Forest Service.

Stephen R. Shifley teaches at the University of Missouri.

Robert Rogers is Associate Dean and Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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