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The way to make marriage a success, and the honeymoon as Iong as lire, fortieth Thousand. Circulars of books on health and sexual science free.


54 Fifth Ave., CHICAGO

Books for Thinkers.

Nature vs. Drugs. 450 pages, 154 illustrations, cloth

Partial list of contents: Cows' Milk Injurious, Meat Diet Injurious to Man, Harm Arising from Spices, Harm lrom Over-Eating, Injurious Beverages, Cloths, when Harmful. Sexual Excesses, Dyspepsia, Anxmia, Diabetes. Lung, Skin and Sexual 1 roubles. Sexual, Liver and Kidney Troubles, Kidney Troubles, Drugs do not Cure, Butchery Called Surgery. Water Cure and Drugs Compared. Is Water Cure a Humbug? Who are Quacks?

Positive Cure of Tuberculosis, 400 pages.

illustrated SS.OO

Partial List of Contents : Physiology with Appendix. (Vitality, Digestion. Excretion, Breathing, Nerves, Blood, Muscles, Sleep, Cells and Chemical Composition of Human Body. Light, Mind, Instinct. Intuition, Mineral Food. Tables of Composition of Foods.l

Nature of Disease. (Medical Definition; Our Explanation.l

Our Diagnosis. (Preamble, Diagnosis of Health, Signs of Ill-Health, Special Diagnosis for Tuberculosis.l

Loss of Health. (Preamble, Mtlk, Meat, Spices, Cooking, Over-Eating. Meal Times. Stimulants, Assimilation and Elimination, Lungs, Skin, Clothes. Exercise, Pulse, Appetite. Mind, SexualExcesses, Heredity, Finis.l

Preservation of Health. (Food, infants. Children, Air, Recreation, Hygiene for Women, Prevention ot Tuberculosis.l

Restoration of Health by Natural Methods. (Introduction, Food and Beverages. Massage, Physical Exercise, Principles of Water Application. Vitality, Mind, Depurating Organs; Skin. Lung and Blood Disorders, Hemorrhages, Cough, Pulse, Fever, Night Sweats. Bacilli, Pain, Cola Feet. Lost Appetite, Loss of Weight, and Obesity. How to Manage a Special Case of Tuberculosis. End of our "Methods."l

Futile Attempt at Res oration of Health by the Methods In Vogue. (Introduction, Drugs, Food, Milk, Appetite. Mineral Water, Counter Irritation, Water Cure Pervert ed. Pain, Fever, Night Sweats, Anaemia, Vomiting, Dyspnoea. A Patient's Weight, and Cod Liver Oil, Dyspepsia, Cough, Hemorrhages, Costiveness, Diarrhcea, Microbes. Complications, Clothing, Temperaments, Change of Occupation, Change of Climate, Finis.l End of book.


The Vf.cetarian Co., - - 79 McVicker Bldg., Chicago.

Practical Pointers

Is a bright, attractive ld-page. 3 column M. O. Monthly Magazine, beautifully illustrated. It contains a Mail Order, Formula and an Agent and Advertisers' departments, besides much very valuable and carefully selected matter for the average reader, given under the following general subjects : Current Events Culled and Chronicled, Pithy Points from Popular Pens, Merry Making for Melancholy Minds, and Treasures of Thought Gleaned from the Great Field of Literature. It is a repository of choice reading matter, and is not made up of "dead plate." There is nothing cheap about it except the price. In fact it is one of the neatest and brightest mail order papers published.

It is the advertising medium you should patronize, because it is carefully read, and brings results. Rate 5c. a Hue. 60c. per inch. Your ad. also inserted in THE ALLIANCE (O.l STAR free.

This magazine Is fully worth fifty cents a year, but for the present, we will send it to any address one year lor on'y 25 cents. Sample copy free. or4 months on trial for a dime.



37.41*0 people todate of Jan., 1.1902, professed Curing Themselves of such diseases as the; hid failed In with medicine. All accomplished through the teachings of m> oriental system of self Hypnotic Control which also develops the psyrhlep owers of man. enabling him to control bis dreams, read the minds of friends and enemies,visit unknown p-rtsof the earth, solve hard problems In this trance arid remeniberall when awake. Five Complete Trial Lessons will be sent for only 10 cents, actually enabling the studentto accomplish wonders without further charge.

Prof. R. B. Dutton, Ph. D., Lincoln, Neb.. U. S. A.


A Plain, Practical and Scientific Manual

in the Use of the Senses. Culture of Nerve Energy and Physical Magnetism and Training and Development of the Will, "Flain, practical, scientific."—N. Y. Times. 'One of the f, w bonks which have the power that excites readers to action."—Criterion. Endorsed by wageearneis, business men and professional people. Cloth, 55^x8. 13.00 postpaid.

FRANK C. HADDOCK. 3i9 Boston St., Lynn, Mass.

The Herald of Health.

Edited by C. Leigh Hunt Wallace.

An up-to-date magazine representing the largest section of the vegetarian movement in Great Britain.

The object of this monthly is to assist in bringing about

The Physical Regeneration of Mankind

by means of educating its readers in such ways of living as will enable them to

Cure, Eradicate and Prevent Disease

and at the same time maintain and develop the highest possible standard of health.

Specimen copy free on post card application. Postpaid Annual Subscription 60 cents.

3 Vernon Place, London, W. C, England.

The Sphinx Magazine.



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Special rtfty years' Clairvoyant meditation of your particular case. Wonders and myaterlPtt all aloiiK the pain oi your life, from infancy toolu age revealed. Queer and starillngevldence of spirit power, psychicte<s and wnuder* <rf clairvoyance. Clairaudienee. medlutnship, and the occujt i*" driven in this reading. Enclose only $i.00, not $25.00 as others cnarge for much less truth than I give.

HI5S JEANETTE M. DUTTON. Box 5»«. ncCook.Neb.


with Prof, and Mrs Gregorjoo, at Santa Barbara on the M<5sa.

$18.00 A MONTH. PROFESSOR QREOORSON, La Mesa, Santa Barbara, California.

Suggestion and Hygienic Measures

Cure all diseases. Send for Free Booklets explaining how we successfully treat people suffering from all kinds of diseases by suggestion and hygienic measures, and without drugs, here m our office and by absent treatment; and how we teach others to do this work by personal lectures here in our School of Suggestive Therapeutics, or by Correspondence Lessons of Instruction. Address

GEO. C. PITZER. M. D., 343i Morgan St., 5T. LOUIS, J10.



Devoted to O iental Philosophy. Sociology, Religion, Science, Cultivation of the Higher Senses, and the Development of the Body.


10c. a Copy. 81.00 a Year.

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The regular subscription price of the VEGETARIAN is One Dollar a year. We desire to very largely increase our list of subscribers and as an inducement to our friends to work with us toward this end, we make the following special clubbing rates:

The Vegetarian 1 year (Hl.OOl and Oood Health 1 year (Sl.OO), both for SI ..►<».

*• " "Health "" "1.50.

'• Health Culture" ** " » 1.50.

"" '• " "Nature Cure" " " " 1.50.

"*' Kneipp M'thly" •' " "1.5».

Bv any of these combinations there is a saving of 60 cents to the subscriber. Or to put it another way, The Vegetarian And Our Fellow Creatures may be had for but 50 cents a year when subscribed for in connection with any ot the other magazines mentioned. This is certainly a very liberal offer and we trust that many will take advantage of it.

Send remittance for both publications to us.


McVicker Building, Chicago.


For Health, Strength, Vitality Read


a high class illustrated monthly devoted to

Physical Culture

and Hygiene

On tho staff of "HEALTH" are found the most brilliant writers and authorities

on the duhjeot of Preservation and Restoration of Health, Strength and Vitality by

natura1 methods, absolutely without drugs-
Editor, PROF. CHA8. A. TYRRELL, M. D.; Associate Editor, M. L. nOLBROOK,

M. D.; Editor Physical Culture Department, PllOF. P. VON IK) IX KM ANN; Homo


Among Its brilliant stair or contributors may bo cited the fallowing names, which are, in themselves a guarantee or literary excellence:

Countess tie Chavanne Alice B. slockham M. V. A. R. Jamison, M. D.

Henry Wood, Esq. Kooert Walter. M. Li. James Havenscroft

Edgar Or. Bradford Albert Chavannes Susanna W Dodus, M.D.

Mrs. Hester U. l'oole Ellen Goodeil Smith. M. D. Lorena Osborne Hunt

In fact "HEALTH" contains a mine of valuable information upon the subject of health. ^Subscription price $i a year, single copies ioc.

We want to send a Sample Copy FREE to every reader of this publication. A postal card will bring you a copy . .


Dep. io, 1562 Broadway, New York


nth Year.


A Monthly Journal for People WHO DARE THINK THE TRUTH.

Each number is an EYE OPENER, containing something new. No thinker can afford to be without it It makes energetic, everlasting war on idols, superstitions, wrong impressions and unjust and deceptive

laws, customs, systems and institutions; this it does fairly, logically and fearlessly in an interesting in

structive and absorbing manner.


"Hew to the line, let the chips fall where they may"

Price ONE DOLLAR a year

in United States, Canada and Mexico; in other countries, 25 cents extra. One dollar now will pay till January 1903, giving you two numbers free.

Tear off this blank and mail with one dollar.

Do not send personal check. Date

The Iconoclast Publishing Co.,

i63 Randolph St., CHICAGO. Gentlemen:—I enclose one dollar in payment for The Iconoclast till January, 1903, inclusive, to be sent to

Write name

and address




A 48-page book, now in its third edition. Printed on best book paper, has a fancy green cover and is fastened with silk cord. Suitable for gifts. Price 25 cents, (Is. Id. Englishl; 5 for $1.00 (4 s. 2d. Englishl.

It is one of the most eloquent treatises on the subject that we have read. Though explaining that vegetable food is far better for humanity in a truly healthful sense, the plea of the book is for the human practice of the Golden Rule towatd the animals which we so ruthlessly kill for fond. The author is thoroughly in earnest himself, withal a cultured writer and a man of experience. His plea is a just one, and it will be widely listened to. His language is vitally expressive, and convincing sincerity rings in every word. His thought is pointed and it will find the weak places in the armor of all meat-eaters who are really endeavoring to live honest lives. It declares itself a projectile, and such it is—a projectile with a sharp point, a broad base and a deep reach The reflections of the philosopher mingle with the aggressions of the advocate of reform, and the two together constitute a power against which no one is invulnerable. This-little book will therefore be read with nterest even wheie its plea is not practically heeded. Vegetarianism is the coming practice for the intelligent and the sincere, and its inroads are already more rapid than is generally realized.—Boston Ideas.


Beautifully prioted in large type, with wide margins, and tastefully bound in pale green and olive. Cloth, 275 pages, price, postpaid, $1.00.

One of the most vigorous, original, and profound contribut.ons to the study of social problems >et published. Praised by the press and indorsed by the most eminent scholarship of the country.

"( so thoroughly sympathize with it that I have made up my mind to use it in my work in Iowa College as a text-book.'—Herron.

Send to:


McVicker Building, - CHICAGO.


With Vegetarian people. Good farm hand, teamster and fireman, also experienced at steamfitting, cooking, hotel work, etc., etc. Ranching or western location preferred. Address, giving full particulars:


East Grand Forks, Minn.



It is the largest paper of its kind published in the world; its special field being pr gress and research in Science, Religion. Metaphysics, Philosophy, Psychology, Occultism—Original Gems of Inspiration. Maud Moore, Ed, Subscription price. $1 a year. Sample copies, 10 cents. Address MAUD MOORE, Ed., iso W. Third Ave. Columbus, Ohio.

See o\ir

Clubbing Offer

orv page 115.


Sent prepaid for 85 cts. Four life-giving, strengthbuilding, brai -nourishing foods. HALTED NUT BKBAD, MALTRD *UT CHEESE, MALTO-FRUITED NUTS, NUT BUTTER E. H Caldwell, Hinchman, M ch., writes: "I wish you would send me a quantity of your priuted matter to distribute. I find your prepared food is giving entire satisfaction to all my customers, many of whom are retired farmers, who, in the early part of their lives weie hearty eaters, and, in consequence, theit stomachs now require something to strengthen them and aid in digesting their food. Am anxiou* to double my sales of your preparations, as I know it can be done in a short time alter the people discover then great virtue."

Send for the sample package (35 ct3.l New Recipe Book Free.

Chicago Pure Food Co.3989 co^uaqo? Ave'


"Uncooked, Fire-Cooked and Sun-Cooked Foods,"

bv rol. J. D. Craig, B. S.. M. D. Price 10 cents, this office.


Is a wide-awake and up-to-date scientific, literary, and reformatory monthly of sixteen pages. .It h 'S been 11 years before an appreciative public, and each number bristles with sense and science.

If you want to learn scientific phrenology and study human nature, you should subscribe at once for Human Nature. 50 cents is all it costs for a whole year, or 10 cents silver for 3 back numbers. ALLEN HADDOCK. Prop. & Ed.

C P HOLT, Editor of Reviews.
Address Human Nature,

San Francisco, Cal., 1020 Market Street


By Ernest Howard Crosby.

Count Tolstoi:—*'I like the book very much. Some of the pieces—the choice is difficult because all are very good—I will have translated into Russian and published. There is nothing more new and interesting than the most common subjects looked at from a Christian point of view; and that is what you are doing in your book, and doing with talent and sincerity."

The Book Is handsomely bound In cloth and gilt and printed In large clear type on deckle edge paper. PRICE, Postpaid, $i.50. Address Orders To


McVicker BIdg., CHICAGO. Popular Works on

Joi Jen Age Cook Book, by Henrietta Latham Dwiuht. Embraces all that Is essential to a bountiful and luxurious table, with the most nutritious adaption of all naturalfood products, without involving the sacrifice of sentient life. Over 30 receipts for soups, more than 80 for vegetables, and an unusual number of entrees, salads, and fruit desserts, also valuable receipts for the toilet. An invaluable aid to those who are striving to break away from old traditions, but who are not emancipated from the fear that life and strength cannot be sustained without a fleshy diet, 200 pages, bound in cloth and gold 81.25

Natural Way in Diet, or the Proper Food of Man, by Dr. L. H Anderson, 232 pages, 28 illustrations; cloth 1.00

Health Foods and How to Prepare Them,

Grace Moore. Gives receipt! for nourish-
ing, palatable,economical, bloodless dishes:
ch ipter also giving scientific arguments In

favor of a fleshless diet 1.00

Twenty-four Reasons for Vegetarian Diet - 05
Clerical Sportsmen, J. Howard Moore, A. B.
A protest against the vacation pastime of
some ministers of the gospel. Dozen 50c.

each .05

Religion and Vegetarianism, (Illustrated)contaius, Why Some Missionaries Pail; Diet and Temperance; Spurgeon's Repioval 'with portraitsl; Prof. David Swing's Attitude (wiih portraitsl; Appeal to Christian

workers; dozen *0c 05

Un-American Immigration Its present effects and future evils. Rena Michaels Atchison, Ph D., with introduction by Rev.

Jos. Cook; cloth - 1.00

Vivisection Exposed, Philip Peabody 05

Sun-Cooked Foods, R. Greer. M. D - .05

Sormal Diet of Man, Dr. Nyssen 05

An Unconscious Holocaust, J. Howard Moore .05 Dietetic Lessons of the Late War with Spain,

J. D. Craig, B. S., M. D .!. 05

Why'I Am Not a Vegetarian, L. Gronlund;

Why He is Wrong, J. Howard Moore, A B. .05 Man's Lesson from His Dog, Rena Michaels

Atchison, Ph D 05

Why I Eat No Meat. Geo. Francis Train .05

The Just and the Unjust 05

Butchery; Its Horrors, Joslah Oldfleld 35

Kindness to Animals; Mann 10

Saline Starvation, and How to Avoid it, Chas. D. Hunter, M. D. F. C S.Scientinc explanation of cause of arterial degeueration. Hints on preparation of foods so as to preserve essential salts, dozen 50 cents, each.... .05 Nature vs. Drugs, a Challenge to the Drugging Fraternity. A. F. Reinhold, Ph. D , M. D;

646pages, 153 illustrations; cloth 2.50

Facial Diagonsis, Translated by Reinhold;

cloth ~ 2.00

Kuhnc's New Science of Healing, 420 pages, lllus.; has been translated into 26 languages; cloth - 2.50

Bible and Vegetarianism, Rena Michaels Atchison - 05

Religious Aspect of Food Reform, Beard 05

Vegetarianism in India, Wm. Canby Ferris... .05 Why the U. S. is a Nation of Dyspeptics,

Dr. Craig 05

Vegetarianism as a Socialist Views It, F.

Heath 05

Higher Reasons for a Vegetarian Regime,

Forbes 05

Plain Home Talk, embracing Medical Common Sense, in German and English Popular Edition, cloth. 11.50 per volume. Standard Edition. J3.00 per volume; English, Half Morocco Library Style, 13.50 per volume.

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Muscle, Brain and Diet; a plea for simple foods. Eustace H. Miles

Health; How to Find it when it is Lost, how to Keep it when It Is Found; B. F. Ritchards...

A Friend in the Kitchen; Annie L. Colcord

The Natural Food ot Man, and How to

Prepare It

i Art of Massage; Its Physiological Effects and Therapeutic Applications; Dr. J. H. Kellogg

Home Hand Book of Domestic Hygiene and Rational Medicine; .Dr. J. H. Kellogg

Ladies' Guide in Health and Disease; Dr. J. H. Kellogg

The Stomach, Its Disorders and How to Cure Them; Dr. J. H Kellogg

Beast, Birds and Fishes. Favorite Stories for the Young

Better World Philosophy, J. Howard MooreLoveliness, a Story for Lovers of Pets, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

The Power of the Tobacco Habit; Charlotte S. Augstman

The Mercy Drama, a Morning in Court; a pretty and effecting play; Mrs. Fairchild Allen

Pleadings of Mercy; Cloth..

A White Mouse; Pink Ears and Her Little

Snow Children

Wild Wings; a Tale for a Boy with a Gun

Salvadorn: a Tale of the Twentieth Century

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Order of VEGETARIAN MflGAZlNE. Chicago.

Cure Colds, flag Fever, La Grippe, Without Medicines.

"Eureka" method Is simple, natural, sure.

"The Eureka remedy is the best I have ever tried for colds. If I feel the least symptom of a cold I take the Eureka treatment and it leaves—is subdued as If by magic. No medicine to take, or drugs to pay for. What a boon for poor people. The knowledge should be inevery family."—Mrs. Hammersmark, 138Lincoln Park boul., Chicago.

. I have used your simple but effective remedy as given in Eureka. I was never sorry that I paid $1 for the little book. Wish all could know of the remedy." —Mrs A. L. Bowbn, Lumas City. Wash.

"Eureka" formerly sold at $1. Is worth much more. May save many times that amount in doctor's bills. But it's yours for 20 cents. Address

VEGETARIAN CO., 82 Madison St., Chicago, 111.

Wanted—The name and address of every vegetarian in the state of Illinois.

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