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Insure Success.

This booklet is a special guide to young men and women who wish to reach the highest ultimrttes of life in any and all departments. Tho rules laid down are so plain and simple that chi'dren from ten to eighteen years understand them better than those of mature aae, whose lives have been perverted by false habits. Their practical value and reliability have been proven in America and Europe by thousand* of young and old of both sexes. Hundreds of the ablest medical practitioners of every school indorse and highly recommend them as beinj: the true and safe road to success. The methods set forth in this booklet will produce surpassing vigor of health and power of mind.

i00 Pages Neatly Bound In Heavy White
Paper. Price ta Cts., Prepaid ; Cloth, as Ct.s.

Women's Circular.

A booklet of 42 page4*, containing special instructions in the regenerate life. It has been carefully compiled for those women who are striving to gain true foul powers. The rules laid down are of such a character that all can readily understand them, being clothed in simple language, free from all technical terms and occu't phrases. A few months' trial will convince the most skeptical that the methods recommended are not experiments, but are the result of much thought and actual knowledge obtained through personal observation and experience.

Price, Prepaid, 25 Cents.


McVlcker's Theatre Building. CHICAGO.


Horse and Cattle Doctor.

Many a valuable horse

or cow han been Irst because the owner, having 1 .. or no knowledge upon the subject, wae unabio to promptly dla,raose the malady and apply the proper remedies m time. This book was written by two dlstinfruiRhk.j veterinarians, one a speclallRt In diseases of tho horse, the other in those of the cow. It describes the jyniptoms of eveiy disease with which horses Ki;d cattle are afflicted, and In such a plain and thorough manuer that the malady will be readily detected; It also gives the cause of every disease, a knowledge of which In many cases will avnrt the evil; and It likewise contains plain and explicit directions for the treatment of every known disease of the horse or cow, as well as the correction ot all unruly and vicious habits, etc. It is ^complete treatise, covering the whole subject as fully as books published at ten times Its cost. The value of such a hook to any farmer or stock-breeder can hardly be overestimated. Every owner of a horse or cow should possess a copy, and have it constantly at hand for reference. It 1b a book of 64 large double-column pages, bound in attractive paper covers, and will be sent by mall post-paid upon receipt 0/ only Teii tent*.

A. MAKAHAX, 5318 Blue Island Ave., Chicago.

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The Vegetarian Society of America, seeking to supply pure food to meet the wants of the people, presents the following articles, which can be had on receipt of prices attached, at the office of the Society, 1023 Foulkrod Street, Frankford, Philadelphia.

The prices are fixed at the lowest possible for the best goods, free from adulteration, and are preferably supplied direct, saving the profits of dealers to the consumer. The rales in quantities are given so as to avoid inquiries as to wholesale rates. We do not seek to supply the trade and, therefore, no deviation can be obtained by writing for special rates.

PURE PEANUT BUTTER.—1 pint, in tin can. 30c, by mail, 50c; 12 pints, in tin cans, |3. Preferred by physicians for patients. Testimonials sent on application.

FRUIT BUTTER, made from seeded raisins, figs or dates, in glass, yi pints, 20c; pints, 40c In ordering, state which kind required.

PENOLA, a highly nutritive and wholesome product of white parched corn. 1 lb. package, 10c. Sample by mail, 7c; 12 packages, |1.00; 24 packages, $1.80.

WHOLEWHEAT GRAHAM FLOUR.—In 1 lb. packages at 6c, 5 packages for 25c. This contains all parts of the wheat ground fine, avoiding the usual objection to Graham flour, the irritation produced by large flakes of bran. It keeps best in small packages. Sample by mail, 7c.

KAUGHPHY, a hygienic substitute for coffee, prepared by Dr. J. H. Lovell. 1 lb. package, 20c; by mail, 35c. Sample by mail, 10c.

VEGETARIAN SOAP.—A toilet 'ioap free from all animal matter. Used in U. S. hospitals in preference to all other soaps on account ofits purity and freedom from animal poison. Samples by mail, 5c. 1 bar, 5c; by mail, I2c.

KO-NUT.—A butter made from cocoauut oil thoroughly purified. 3, 5 or 50 lb. cans at 15c. a lb.; yz case, 30 lbs.; whole case, 00 lbs. To save freight, order by the case, but less can be had by express if desired.

DIAMOND BUTTER OIL.—Thoroughly purified oil of cotton seed. Excellent for table use and for shortening. Many prefer it to olive oil. In 2}4, 5, 10 or 50 lb. cans. In crates of 60 lbs.: 2'A lb. cans, £7.70; 5 lb. cans, $7.20; 10 lb. cans, $7.00; 50 lb. cans, $5.00. Less than a crate sent by express if desired. 5 lb. cans, 65c. each.


Has been greatly improved and especially adapted for ladies, being easily run by children, who are delighted with it, for making Fruit and Nut Butters, Flavoring for Ice Cream, Bread Crumbs, whole wheat Graham Flour and other Health Foods. Price, Four Dollars. Pamphlet with fifty recipes free. Address: V. S. A.,

1023 Foulkrod Street, Philadelphia. (Station F.)

VEGETARIAN BOOKS.—All books on Hygiene, Vegetarianism and kindred subjects can be had by mail of the Vegetarian Society of America, 1023 Foulkrod Street, Station F, Philadelphia. The following are printed and published by the Society.

AMERICXN VEGETARIAN COOKERY, containing 250 recipes, well adapted to begin, ucrs, 15c, with list of vegetarian and health literature.

OUR POSTSCRIPT, a quarterly tract for iuclosure in letters: 1 copy, 1 year, 5c; 10 copies, 1 year, 25c; 100 copies, 1 year, $1.00. Extra copies: 100, 25c; 500, $1.00. Seven numbers have been issued, embracing the following subjects: 1, Svnopsis; 2, The Vegetarian Principle; 3, Anatomy; 4, Physiology; 5, Chemistry; 6, Ecouomv; 7,

A SUHMARY OF ARQUHENTS FOR VEGETARIANISM.—% Wm. Penn Aicott. With portrait of the author, 5c; 25 copies, 50c.

IS EDENIC LIFE PRACTICAL?—A discourse by Rev. Henry S. Clubb, 3c; 25 copies, 25c.

ALL THE ABOVE sent on receip of price, either check or money order payable to Henry S. Clubb, 1028 Foulkrod Street, Station F, Philadelphia.

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S H O R T B N I N <3
AND Fkying





A Pure, Sterilized Vegetable Fat from the Cocoanut. lor Shortening and Frying. Entirely free from animal matter. Positively healthy. 3-lb. can, 45c; 5-lb. can 75c ; 10-Ib. c*n. $1.50; case of 00 Iba., iO.OO. Safe to order in quantity; so pure that it will never get rancid nor stale.

Sole Mfrs. Philadelphia, Pa.

KO-NUT i» sold in Chicago at the office ol
82 Madison St.


Avoid Medicinei) nr Physicians' Bills by following the advice given In the Kneipp WATER CURE MONTHLY. Every disease treated. Subscription per year, $i.00. Foreign Countries, $i.m; Sample, Ioc.

KNEIPP'S WORLD-RENOWNED BOOKS for the preservation ot health and cure of diseases. Tha Kneipp Cure (My Water Cure) paper cover, 60c; bound, II.00. Care oi Children (Baby Curel paper. 50c; bound. 75c. Send lor free catalogue and "Guide to Health." also prices of Health Underwear. Health Foods and list of Nature Cure books to

KNEIPP MAO. PUB. CO.. in East goth St.. New York.


We are constantly receiving copies of leading vegetarian, humanitarian, health, scientific and metaphysical publications, and others likely to Interest readers or this paper. Many of them are worth more than we ask for a single pound. Will send l-lb package to any address in uT S. or Canada for 10 cts.; 3 pkgs. 25 cts.

The Vegetarian And . Our Fellow




Comprising t lessons in the Science of Being, or Soul, and a Scientific Statement of Psychometry. Also, an Appendix, containing extracts from the written and spoken words of Philosophers. Seers. Prophets Poets, Statesmen. Rulers. Critics and Stoics ot ancient and modern times in support of the World Saving Truths contained in the lessons. They are not written from the standpoint of Mental Science, or Christian Science, but are based in the consciousness of God Science or Truth—the Truth that sets free. 'God Is Spirit." and can only be worshiped "In Spirit and Truth" The book is a literary earthquake It is . The Uncle Tom's Cabin" of the New Earth, and ushers in the "Resurrection of the Dead" and the "Day of Judgment." Seventy-six pages; tinted cover; -Wti margin; large type. Price, prepaid. 50c. AddreM Pl'RDY PT«J. «JO„

80 Madison St.. Chicago


Acquirement of Power.

The acquirement of power is a dominant and worthy motive in the lives of men, for ambition is the lever that moves the world.

The combination of vital force or inherent nerve power and a masterful will knows no defeat.

A certain amount of animal strength is necessary if ene would climb the heights of intellectual achievement.

Varicocele is a frequent cause of the mental and physical downfall of men whose natural endowments should raise them to the ranks of those whom the world counts successful.

The wonderful galvanic forces of the sympathetic Nervous System become enfeebled or fail altogether and nervous disturbances of the gravest character ultimately appear. My system of treatment is different in every essential and in every detail from any and every other treatment for Varicocele and Associated Pelvic and Nervo-Vital Diseases and cures to stay cured.

Any man who will write a careful description of his case will receive without charge, except ten cents to uav seakil uost^f e. copies of my books, and my professional opinion of his case.

|M. D., 1296 Michigan Avenue, Chicago.



Sick Beefsteaks.

No one ever feels the pulse of a beefsteak to see whether it has a fever or Dot, but the proportion of beefsteaks and other forms of flesh food which are affected by disease of some sort is so great that the health commissioner of one of our largest western cities, not long ago, was compelled to assert that if in the inspection of cattle and other animals used for food all the diseased creatures were rejected, the price of beef would be at least a dollar a pound. From this assertion it is apparent that at least three-quarters or more of all the beat, mutton and pork eaten in the large cities is more or less diseased. Everybody who knows and appreciates this fact will be glad to become acquainted with PROTOSE, a newly discovered food product which marks an era in dietetics, and is bound to lessen enormously the consumption of flesh foods. Protose is one of the already famous

Sanitas Nut Foods

Protose has the advantage over meat in that it is naturally inviting to the palate, while the taste for meat is acquired, and is more nourishing, more palatable, digests in half the time, and is absolutely free .from disease germs, parasites and poisons with which flesh foods of every description may be infected. Protose is manufactured by the SANITAS NUT FOOD CO., Battle Creek, Mich., who will send '4-\b. Sample Can on receipt of 6c postage. Sold by leading grocers.

Richards Fit-the-Back Chair

(Copyright i90il

Has solved the problem of comfort in sitting. A movable panel pivoted in back of chair ives way to pressure of shoulders and fits in at small of back. When not in use it re-urns to position. Nothing to adjust. Positively automatic.


"Jt is certainly the most comfortable chair ever invented, enabiiug one to rest easily without fatiguinglhe spine or auy set of muscles, obviating the desire to change the position frequently experienced when using other chairs. Have three in my office; wouldn't exchange them for auy other chair in existence."


Style No. 34

Covered with best Leather,
with or without Fringe.

„«, ...... * ».. Furnished also in Velours,

all colors (plain or figured) Spring Edge Seat and Back. All Hair Cushion.

Many other styles, for Parlor, Library, Dining Room, Piano; for Office", Club, etc. Sent Direct from factory "on approval." Write for Catalogue.

RICHARDS CHAIR COMPANY 1205 Woman's Temple. Chicago. 111.

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