Club Cultures: Music, Media and Subcultural Capital

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John Wiley & Sons, 23 ago 2013 - 203 pagine
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This is an innovative contribution to the study of popular culture, focusing on the youth cultures that revolve around dance clubs and raves.

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List of Illustrations
Youth and their Social Spaces
ten miles apart on 267 August 1989 1 Five
Authenticities from Record Hops to Raves and
specifically for the public dancefloor In 1950
death of vinyl as a threat to the value of their record
Exploring the Meaning of the Mainstream or
The Media Development of Subcultures or

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Sarah L. Thornton is a writer, ethnographer and sociologist of culture. Thornton has authored three books and many articles about artists, the art market, technology and design, the history of music technology, dance clubs, raves, cultural hierarchies, subcultures, and ethnographic research methods.

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