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BRANSONounse BEVERIDGE (Mrs. W. B. Branson), 7 Park St., London, Enganol.

Born joring. Ill., 1877. Pupil of Wm. R. O'Donovan in New York and Rodin in Paris. onorable mention, Paris Exp. 1900. BRAUNER, OLAF MARTINIUS, Wilgus }ld; h. 88 Wait Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. {% Born Christiania, Norway, Feb. 9, 1869. upil of Frank Benson and Edmund C. Tarbell. Member Gargoyle Soc.; hon. Central N. Y. Chpt. A.I.A. Also teacher. BRECK, GEQRGE. W., Century Assoc., 7 West 43d St. ; h. 247 West 71st St., New York, N. Y. (Mural P.) Born Washington, D.C., Sept. 1, 1863. , Pupil of A. S. L. of N. Y.; American Academy in Rome..., First holder of Lazarus Scholarship for Mural Painting, Rome, 1896; silver medal, St. Louis Exp., 1904. Member. A. S. L. of N.Y.; N. Y. Arch. Lg. 1902; N. Y. Municipal A. S.; Mural P.; Free Art Lg; Century Assoc. Director American Academy in Rome, 1905 to 1909. BRHo #. HUGH H., 10 South 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa.; h. Fort Washington, Pa. Born Leesburg, Va. Pupil of P. A. F. A.; Bouguereau, Doucet and Ferrier in Paris. First Toppan prize, and European scholarship, schools of P. A. F. A.; medal, Atlanta Exp. 1895; honorable mention, Paris Exp. 1900; medal, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901; second Corcoran prize, S. Washington A. 1903; gold medal, A. C. 1907. Member International |. of Awards, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member N. Y. W. C. Phila. W. C. C.; Fellowship P. A. F. A. Secretary of the faculty and instructor in P. A. F. A. since 1894. BREDIN, CHRISTINE, S., 70 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (P., I.) Pupil of Cincinnati Art Academy; Colorossi in Paris. Medal, Atlanta Exp. BREDIN, R. SLOAN, 38 North Maple Ave., East Orange, N. J. (P.) Member Salma. C. 1908. BREHM, GEORGE, 27 West 67th St., New York, N. Y. (I.) Born, Anderson, Ind., Sept. 30, 1878. Pupil of Forsyth, Twachtman, Bridgman, Du Mond. Also teacher. BREHM, WORTH, 27 West 67th St., New York, N. Y. (I.) Born Anderson, Ind., Oct. 8, 1883. Pupil of John Herron Inst.; A. I. C.; A. S. L.

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ber A. W. C. S. BRIDGMAN, FREDERICARTHUR,146 Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris, France. (P.) Born Tuskegee, Ala.; Nov. 10, 1847. Pupil of J. L. Gérôme in Paris. Third class medal, Paris Salon 1877; second class medal, Paris Exp. 1878; silver, Paris Exp. 1889; gold, Munich 1891; second class, Berlin 1892; first class Antwerp 1894; silver, Paris Exp. 1900; silver, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901; silver medal, St.

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W. C. C. BRILL, GEORGE REITER, 1520 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.; h. Overbrook, Pa.; summer home, Monument Beach, Mass. (P., I. Born Allegheny, Pa., Aug. 27, 1867. Pupil of Spring Garden Inst. ; P. A. F. A.; Cusachs and Boss. Honorable mention § ring Garden Inst. ; holds Sketch Club seal. Member Phila. Sketch C.; A. C. #.; ellowship P. A. F. A. BRINgoyo, Robert P., 1820 Locust St. ; h. University City, St. Louis, Mo. Born Jerseyville, Ill. Pupil of St. Louis School of Fine Arts; Ecole des BeauxArts in Paris." First class medal, Columbian Exp., Chicago, 1893; cash prize, Tennessee Centennial, Nashville, 1897; silver medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member N. S. S.; S. W. A.; St. Louis A. G. BRINLEY, D. PUTNAM, 227 West 74th St., New York, N. Y. (P.) BRio. HLA S., 1028 Fine Arts Bldg., h. 6407 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill. (I., esign. Born South Orange, N. J., Oct. 28, 1878. Pupil A. I. C.; Holmes School of Illustration. Member A. S. L. of Chicago; Alumni Assoc. of Des. of A. I. C.; Chicago A. Crafts S. Specialty, juvenile books. BRISTOL, STONE E., care of Lefebvre-Foinet, 19 Rue Vavin, Paris, France. (P.) Born in Philadelphia, Pa. BRITTON, JOHN K., 126 West State St., Trenton, N. J. (S., P.) BROCHAUD, JOSEPH F., 147 Third Ave., San Francisco, Cal. (P.) BRODERICK, ROBERT W., 2 Central Square, Cambridge, Mass. (P.) BROPHEAD, GEORGE H., 46 East Ave.; h. 19 South Goodman St., Rochester, N. Y.


BROMWELL, HENRIETTA, 1117 Eighth St., Denver, Colo. (P.)
Born Charleston, Ill. Member Denver A. C. Also teacher.

BROOKE, RICHARD NORRIS, 1714 Pennsylvania Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C.;
and Warrenton, Va. (P.)
Born Warrenton, Oct. 20, 1847. Pupil of P. A. F. A.; Bonnät and Benjamin-Con-
stant in Paris. Parsons prize, S. Washington A. 1901; third Corcoran prize,
Washington A. 1904. Member S. Washington A. (pres.); Wash. S. F. A.

BROOKER, MRS. NELL DANELY, 801 Oregon St., Urbana, Ill. (P., W. A. A.) Kotoria, Ill., 1875. Pupil of John Johansen, N. A. Wells, and Vanderpoel at

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Born West Williamsfield, O. Pupil of Edwin White; Carolus-Duran in Paris. Yerkes prize, Chicago S. A. Member Chicago S. A.

BROOKS, AMY, Hyde Park, Mass. (I., P.) Born Chelsea, Mass. Pupil of the school of the Boston Museum of Art under Benson and Tarbell. Also writer.

BROOKS, CAROL. (See Mrs. MacNeil.)

BROOKS, MARIA, 154 West 80th St., New York, N. Y. (P.)
Born Staines, Middlesex, England. Pupil of South Kensington and Royal Acad-
emy's Schools in London. Bronze měš. Crystal Palace, London; medal, Syracuse,
N. Y., 1898; honorable mention, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901; bronze medal,
Charleston, 1902.

BROOKS, RICHARD EDWIN, 9 Rue Falguière, Paris, France; and 26 School St.,
Quincy, Mass. (S.)

orn Braintree, Mass. Pupil of T. H. Bartlett in Boston; Colarossi Academy in

Paris, under Jean Paul Aubé and Injalbert. Honorable mention, Paris Salon 1895; third class medal, Paris Salon 1899; gold medal, Paris Exp. 1900; gold medal, Pan. American Exp., Buffalo, 1901. Member International Jury, St. Louis Exp. 1904; Paris A. A. A.

BROOM E, ISAAC, 235 East State St., Trenton, N. J. (S.)

BROWASKI, EDWARD, 51 Ninth Ave., Newark, N. J. (P.)

Bros. Also VAN VECHTEN, Wellesley College; h. 43 Curve St., Wellesley,


Born Hanover, N. H., 1862. Pupil of A. S. L., of N.Y.; Abbott H. Thayer in Boston; studied in Europe. Member F. A. S.; A. S. L. of N. Y.; Copley S 1901; Archaeological Institute of America; N. A. C. Professor of Art, Wellesley College.

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BRQWNoto COIT, 106 East 23d St., New York, N. Y.; and Woodstock, Ulster o., N. Y. (P.) Born Dresden, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1864. Specialty, landscapes. Instructor of drawing and painting at Cornell Univ." for three years and at Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ. for eight years. Also writer on art. BROWN, C. EMERSON, Natural History Bldg., Boylston and Berkeley Sts., Boston; h. 13 Atlantic Ave., Beverly, Mass. (P., W. A. A.) - - Born Beverly, Jan. 9, 1869. Pupil of Wm. Adams. Specialty, marines; modeling in wax of natural history groups. BROWN, CHARLOTTE HARDING (Mrs. John A. Brown), 10 South 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa.; and Holmesburg, Pa. (I. Born Newark, N. J., Aug. 31, 1873, . Pupil of P. A. F. A. Silver medal, Women's Exp., London, England; silver medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member Fellowship

P. A. F. A. ; Phila. W. C. C.

BROWN, ETHEL FENNEWILL, 916 Franklin St., Wongo Del. (P., I.)

BROWN, ETHELBERT W., 24 East 21st St., New York, N. Y. (P.) Born Camp Verde, Ariz., Dec. 12, 1870. Pupil of Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Whistler and Henry G. Dearth in Paris. Honorable mention, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo,

1901. BROWN, FLORENCE BRADSHAW, 518 West 151st St., New York, N. Y. (P.) BROWN, GEORGE YEADON, Del. Co., Pa. (P.)

BROWN, GLENN MADISON, 1928% Pennsylvania Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C.

Born Hartford, Conn., Oct. 28, 1876. Pupil of E. C. Messer; A. S. L. of N. Y.;
Julian Academy and Laurens in Paris. Member S. Washington A.

BROWN, HAROLD HAVEN, 518 West 151st St., New York, N. Y. (I., W. A. A.) Born Malden, Mass, 1869. Pupil of Mass. Normal Art School, Cowles Art School in Boston; Julian Academy under Laurens and Ecole des Beaux-Arts under Gérôme in Paris. Bronze medal, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901. Member Eastern Art Teachers’ Assoc.; Council of Supervisors of Manual Arts; School Crafts Club; N. S. Crafts. Also teacher.

BROWN, JAMES FRANCIS, 51 West 10th St., New York, N. Y. (P.)
Born Niagara Falls, N. Y. Pupil of N. A. D.; Collin and Bouguereau in Paris;
Royal Academy in Munich. Member Salma. C. 1904.

BRGYN. JOHN GEORGE, 51 West 10th St. ; h. 250 West 42d St., New York, N. Y.

Born Durham, England, Nov. 11, 1831. Pupil of Wm. B. Scott in England; N. A. D. under Thomas S. Cummings in New York. Honorable mention, Paris Exp. 1889; silver medal (twice), Mechanics Inst., Boston; bronze medal, California 1894; silver medal, Pan-American *g, Buffalo, 1901. Member A. N. A. 1862, N. A. 1863; A. W. C. S.; A. Fund S. ; Salma. C. (hon.) ; Century Assoc.

BROWN, (M.R.) RAY, 31 East 17th St. ; h. 1845 Broadway, New York, N. Y. (I.)
Born Groton, Conn., July 16, 1865. Art Director of “Everybody's Magazine.”

BROWN, ROBERT, 2a Park St., Boston, Mass.; h. 31 Emerson Road, Winthrop, Mass.
(P., Arch., o
Member Boston A. C.

BROWN, ROY H., 23 Rue le Verrier, Paris, France. (I.)
Born Decatur, Ill. Pupil of Laurens in Paris.

BROWN, WALTER FRANCIS, Palazzo da Miela, Venice, Italy; and 40 Beacon Ave.,
Providence, R. I. (P., I.
Born Providence, Jan. 10, 1853. Pupil of Gérôme and Bonnät in Paris.

BROWN, WILLIAM R., J.R., 201 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. (P.)
Member Boston A. C.

BRGYNE CHARLES FRANCIS, Art Institute; h. 1543 East 57th St., Chicago, Ill.

Born Natick, Mass., May 21, 1859. . Pupil of . Boston Museum of Fine Arts; P. A. F. A. under Eakins; Gérôme, and Schenck in Paris. Charles Toppan prize, P. A. F. A.; Young. Fortnightly prizes, A. I. C. 1905;. Grower, prize, o C. 1906; Fine Art Bldg. prize, Chicago 1909. Member S. W. A.; Chicago S.A.; Chicago W. C. C. Instructor at A. I. C. Writer and lecturer on art. Specialty, landscapes.

BROWNE, GEORGE ELMER, care of Munroe & Co., 7 Rue Scribe, Paris, France. (P.) Born Gloucester, Mass., May 6, 1871. Pupil of Benson, Tarbell, De Camp and Ernest L. Major in Boston; Lefebvre and Robert-Fleury in Paris. Bronze medal, Mechanics Fair, Boston, 1895; book plate prize, Salma. C., 1898; George Inness, Jr., prize, Salma. C. 1901. Member Salma. C. 1898; A. Fund S. 1902.

BRQWNE, MARGARET FITZHUGH, 320 Boylston St. ; h. 32 Peterboro St., Boston,

ass. • * * *

BROWNE, MATILDA, Indian Field Road, Greenwich, Conn. (P.).
Born Newark, N.J., May 8, 1869. Pupil of C. M. Dewey, H. S. Bisbing and Julien
Dupré. , Honorable mention, Columbian Exp., Chicago, 1893; Dodge prize, N. A. D.
1899; third Hallgarten prize, N. A. D. 1901. Also teacher.

BRqYNEH, Matilda A., 1110 Carnegie Studios; h. 322 West 56th St., New York,
Born in New York. Pupil of Chase and MacMonnies.

BROWNING, G. WESLEY, 253 North First West St., Salt Lake City, Utah. (P., I.) Born Salt Lake City, Sept. 24, 1868. First prize for water color, Utah Art Inst. Member Soc. of Utah Artists (sec. 1905); Utah Art Institute.

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BROWNogy, CHARLES VICTOR, 5819 McMahon Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia, a.

Born in England, May 28, 1863. Pupil of J. W. Whymper. BROWNSCOM BE, JENNIE, 96 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.; and Honesdale, Pa. (P.)

Born Honesdale. Pupil of N. A. D. and A. S. L. of N. Y.; Henry Mosler in Paris. BROWSE, MABEL ELIZABETH, 1520 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.; and Grape

Island, W. Va. (P., T.)

Born Grape Island, May 17, 1875. Pupil of P. A. F. A. and Philadelphia School of


BRUCE, HELEN KIBBEY, 65 Boulevard Arago, Paris, France. (P.)
Born in Boston, Mass., 1881.

BRUESTIE, GEóRGE M', 'iyme, Conn. (P., I.)
Born New York, Dec. 22, 1872. Pupil of A. S. L. under Mowbray in New York;
Colarossi Ao. under Courtois and of Aman-Jean in Paris. ember Salma. C.
1906. Specialty, landscapes.....Also teacher.

Born Shelbyville, Tenn., Sept. 28, išš. Pupil of Gérôme. First Hallgarten prize,
N. A. D. 1888; medal, Columbian Exp., Chicago, 1893; Temple gold medal,
P. A. F. A. 1897; gold medal, Paris Exp. 1900; gold medal, Pan-American Exp.,
Buffalo, 1901; gold medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904; Saltus medal, N. A. D. 1909. Mem-
ber N. A. 1908; S. A. A. 1880; A. Fund S.; Nat. Inst. A. L.

BRYAN, EDWARD, Art Academy, Cincinnati, O. (P.)
Born Iredell, Tex., 1876. Pupil of Frank Duveneck in Cincinnati; Laurens and
Julian Academy in Paris. Received foreign scholarship. Member Phila. W. C. C.
Also teacher.

BRYAN, W. E., 664 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. (P.)

#RYANT, EVERETT, LLOYD, Hendricks, Montgomery Co., Pa. (P.)
Born Galion, O., 1864. Pupil of Blanc and Couture in Paris; Herkomer in Lon-
don; Anschütz, Breckenridge and Chase in Philadelphia. Member Fellowship
P. A. F. A.; (director) Phila. Sketch C.; Phila. W. C. C.

BRYANT, M. DREIN, Hendricks, Pa. (P.)

BRYANT, MRS. NANNA MATTHEWS, 9 Exeter St., Boston, Mass. (P.)
Pupil of Julian Academy in Paris. Member Copley S. 1893.

BRYANT, WALLACE, 9 Exeter St., Boston, Mass.; May to Nov., Box 73, Auburn-
daie, Mass (F. W. A. A.)
Born Boston. Pupil of Benjamin-Constant, Laurens, Robert-Fleury and Bouguereau
in Paris. Also teacher.

BUCHTERKIRCH, ARM IN, 84 Ave. B, Rochester, N. Y. (P., I.)
Born Corning, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1859. Member Rochester Art Club.

Bugio, Elizabeth. room 808 Tribune Bldg.; h. 3842. Sheffield Ave., Chicago,

Born in Chicago. Pupil of A. I. C., Ipswich Summer School and John Vanderpoel. Also teacher. BUCKLEY, JEANNETTE, 57.44 Monroe Ave., Chicago, Ill. (P.) BUCKLIN, WILLIAM SAVERY, Phalanx, Red Bank, N. J. (P.) Born Phalanx, Red Bank, N. J. Oct. 2, 1851. Pupil of Normal Art School, Boston; A. S. L. of N. Y. Rondel in New York. Member A. S. L. of N. Y. Specialty, water

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P.) Born, Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 22, 1861. Self-taught. Silver medal, A. A. S. 1902. Member A. A. S. ; Kit-Kat C. BUEHR, KARL ALBERT, 4406 North Paulina St., Rogers Park, Chicago, Ill. (P.) Born in Germany. Studied in France and Holland ; pupil of A. I. C. Bronze medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member Chicago S. A.; S. W. A. Also teacher. BUEHR, MARY G. HESS (Mrs. Karl A. Buehr), 4406 North Paulina St., Rogers Park, Chicago, Ill. (Min. P., W. A. A.) Born Chicago. Studied in Holland and in France; pupil of A. I.C. BULK LEY, MARY E., 5906a Clemens Ave., St. Louis, Mo. (P., W. A. A.) Assoc. S. W. A. Specialty, bookbinding and leather work. BULL, CHARLES LIVINGSTON, Oradell, N. } (P., I.) Born in New York State, 1874. Pupil of Harvey Ellis and M. Louise Stowell. Member N. Y. W. C. C. BUMSTEAD, ETHEL QUINCY, 12 Berkeley St., Cambridge, Mass. (P.) Porn London, England, June 22, 1873. Pupil of Boston Museum School under Abbott Graves. Río..., Copley $. iś93. BUN CE, WILLIAM GED NEY, 21 Woodland St., Hartford, Conn.; and 3 East 45th St., New York, N. Y. ((P.) Born Hartford, 1840. Pupil of Cooper Union and Wm. Hart in New York; Achenbach and P. J. Clays in Antwerp. Bronze medal, Paris Exp. 1900; silver medal Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901; silver medal, Charleston Exp. 1902; silver medal St. Louis Exp. 1904. N. A. 1907; Nat. Inst. A. L.

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Born Italy, Nov. 11, 1865. Pupil of Royal Academy, Naples. Also teacher.

BURBANK, ELBRIDGE AYER, 210 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill. (P.)
Born Harvard, Ill., Aug. 10, 1858. Pupil of Academy of Design in Chicago; Paul
Nauen in Munich. Yerkes first prize, Chicago, 1893; medal ...; honorable mention,
Atlanta Exp. 1895. Member Chicago S. A. Specialty, Indians.

BURANK, ILLIAM EDWIN, Weston Bldg.; h. 1179 Elm St., Manchester, N. H.

born Boston, Mass., Oct. 6, 1866. Pupil of Cowles Art School in Boston; Laurens so Benjamin-Constant in Paris. Art Instructor, Manchester Inst. of Arts and clences.

Buko *A*A M. so West 12th St., New York, N. Y.; and Patchogue, L. I., N. Y.

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D. C. ..) BURDICK, CHARLES_J., 532 Beach St., Richmond Hill, N. Y. (P.) BURDICK, HORACE ROBB INS, 16 Park Ave., Malden, Mass. (P.) Born East Killingsly, Conn., Oct. 7, 1844. Pupil of Lowell Inst. and Boston Museum of Art School. Medal at Mechanics Inst., Boston. Member B. A. C. Portrait painter, restorer of oil paintings, and writer on art. Also teacher. BUREAU, ALBERT [&#. 22d St. and Alleghany Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. (S.) Born Philadelphia, Feb. 21, 1871. BURGESS, FRANK GELETT, 175 Warren Ave., Boston, Mass. (Caricaturist.) Born Boston, Jan. 30, 1866. BURGESS, HARRY GEORGE, 201 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. (P.) BURGESS, IDA. J., 30 West 24th St., New York, N. Y. (P., W. A. A.) Born Čhicago, Ill. Pupil of Chase and Shirlaw in New York; Merson in Paris. First prize for competitive design for decoration of Reception Room, Woman's Bldg., World's Fair, Chicago, 1893. Member Chicago S. A.; N. Y. Woman's A. C. Specialty, mural decoration. BURöß. RÚTis PAYNE (Mrs. John W. Burgess), 323 West 57th St., New York, . Y.; and Montpelier, Vt. (P.) Born Montpelier. Pupil of A. S. L. of N. Y. Member Woman's Art C. of N. Y. A. S. L.; A. Workers' C. BURGY, FREI). S. 73 west 183d St., New York, N. Y. (P., w. A. A., T.) ###G#, SYDNEY RICHMOND, “Fleur-de-Lys”; h. 69 College Št. Providence,

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