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These Directories have been compiled from the membership lists of the leading art societies and exhibitors at same throughout the United States, from the data cards returned by artists, and the information secured for previous volumes of the “American Art Annual.” Unless an artist has exhibited during the past two years, is a member of an important art society, or has communicated with the Editor, the name has been dropped from the lists. It is therefore of great importance that every artist should FILL OUT AND RETURN THE DATA CARDS PROMPTLY. The Editor will be pleased to receive further information and to be NOTIFIED OF ANY CHANGE OF ADDRESS or error. Painters, Sculptors and Illustrators have been combined in one Directory, and, in addition, separate lists have been made of the names of illustrators and of sculptors. When two addresses are given and the second one is preceded by “h.,” it indicates that the first address is the studio, the second the home. The artist's medium, whether painter, sculptor, illustrator or worker in applied arts, is indicated by the abbreviations in parentheses after the address. The date after the abbreviation of a society of which an artist is a member refers to the time of election. Biographical notes are confined chiefly to the following facts: Medium of work; where and when

born (in many cases the date of birth has been omitted by special re

quest); pupil of ; honors received; membership in art societies. The names of married women include the maiden name; they are preceded by Mrs. or followed by the husband's name in parentheses. The maiden name is also entered in alphabetical order, with a cross reference. All names of women without title are “Miss.” A list of the abbreviations used in the Directories will be found on

the next page.

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. A. S.—American Art Society, Philadelphia.
. Aid S.—Artists' Aid § of New York.
. C. P.-Art Club of Philadelphia.
Fed. A.—American Federation of Arts, Washington, D. C.
. Fund S.—Artists’ Fund Society, New Yor
A.—American Institute of Architects.
. C.—Art Institute of Chicago. -
. A.—Associate National Academy of Design, New York.
. L. A.—Architectural League of America.
S. L. of N. Y.-Art Students' League of New York.
S. Min. P.-American Society of Miniature Painters, New York.
. C. S.—American Water Color Society, New York.
. Workers' C.—Art Workers’ Club for Women, New York.
. A. C.—Boston Art Club.

. Arch. C.—Boston Architectural Club.
Boston W. C. C.—Boston Water Color Club.
Boston S. A.—Boston Society of Architects (Chapter A. I.A.).
Boston S. W. C. P.-Boston Society of Water Color Painters.
Brooklyn A. C.—Brooklyn Art Club.
B. S. A. Crafts.-Boston Society of Arts and Crafts.
C. I.--Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg.
Chicago A. D.—Chicago Academy of Design. -
Chicago A. Crafts S.–Chicago Arts and Crafts Society.
Chicago S. A.—Chicago Society of Artists.
Cincinnati A. C.—Cincinnati Art Club.
Cleveland Arch. C.—Cleveland Architectural Club.
Copley S.—Copley Society of Boston.
Corcoran.-Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, D. C.
Denver A. C.—Denver Artists’ Club.
F. A. S.—American Fine Arts Society, New York. -
Fairmount P. A. A.—Fairmount Park Art Association, Philadelphia.
Fellowship P.A. F.A.-Fellowship Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
Municipal A. S.–Municipal Art Society (preceded by name of the city).
Mural P.-National Society of Mural Painters, New York.
Nat. Inst. A. L.-National Institute of Arts and Letters.

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N. A.—National Academy of Design, New York (Academicians).
N. A. C.—National Arts Club, New York.
N. A. D.—National Academy of Design (used to designate the school).

Nat. Gal.--National Gallery, Washington, D. C.
. S. Grafts.--National, Society of Craftsmen, New York.
. S.—National Sculpture Society, New York.
. Y. Arch. L8.—Architectural League of New York.
W. C. C.–New York Water Color Club. -
. A. F. A.—Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia.
Pa. S. Min. P.-Pennsylvania Society of Miniature Painters.
Paris A. A. A.—American Art Association of Paris.
Paris A. Women’s A. A.—Paris American Women's Art Association.
Paris S. A. P.-Paris Society of American Painters.
Phila. S. A.—Philadelphia Society of Artists.
Phila. Sketch C.—Philadelphia Šeći, Club.
Phila. W. C. C.—Philadelphia Water Color Club.
Plastic C.—Plastic Club of Philadelphia.
Photo. Sec.—Photo-Secession, New York.
. A. A.—Society of American Artists, New York.
A. D. G.-Société des Architectes Diplomés par le Gouvernement, New York.
B. A. A.—Society of Beaux-Arts Architects, New York.
. C. U. A.—Society of Columbia University Architects, New York.
. I.-Society of Illustrators, New York.
Salma. C.—Salmagundi Club, New York.
. W. A.—Society of Western Artists.
, Washington A.—Society of Washington (D. C.) Artists.
St. Louis A. G.-St. Louis Artists’ Guild.

T. § C.—T-Square Club, Philadelphia.
Washington W. C. C.—Washington (D. C.) Water Color Club.
Wash. S. F. A-Washington Society of Fine Arts, Washington, D. C.
Woman's A. C.—Woman's Art Club (preceded by name of the city).

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Directory of Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators

ABBATT, AGNES DEAN, East Chester Road, Westchester, N. Y. (P., I., W. A. A.) Born New York, June 23, 1847. Pupil of Cooper Union, N. A. D., James D. Smillie and R. Swain Gifford. Silver medal, Mass. Charitable Mechanics Soc. Member A. W. C. S. Also teacher. ABBEY, EDWIN AUSTIN, Morgan Hall, Fairford, Gloucestershire, England, and Chelsea Lodge, Tite St., London, England. ., I.) Born Philadelphia, April 1, 1852. Pupil of P. A. F. A. First class folo medal, International Art Exhibition, Vienna, 1898; gold medal of honor, P. A. F. A. 1898; gold medal, Paris Exp. 1889 and 1900; gold medal, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo 1901; small gold medal, Berlin Exp. 1903. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, France. Member Royal Academy of Arts, London; A. R. W. S., London; N. A. 1902; Mural P.; A. §§ C. S.; A. I. A. (hon.) ; Paris S. A. P.; Salma. C. (hon.); Royal Bavarian Academy (hon.); Assoc. Soc. Nat. des Beaux Arts, Paris; Century Assoc.; Arts C., London; S. I. (hon.); Phila. W. C. C. (hon.); Nat. Inst. A. L. ABBöTT, 'KATHERíNE. G.' (see Mrs. Cox.) ABBOTT, ELENORE PLAISTED (Mrs. C. Yarnell Abbott), 48 South 18th St. ; h. 2106 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. (P., I. Born Lincoln, Me., 1875. Pupil of P. A. F. A., Philadelphia School of Design; o o Cottet in Paris." Member Phila. W. C. C.; Plastic C.; Fellowship

ABBQTT, FRANCIS R., 1520. Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. (P.)
Member_A. C. P.; Fellowship P. A. F. A.
ABENDSCHEIN AiRERT, 157 East 47th St., New York, N. Y.; and Central Valley,
Orange Co. N. Y. (P.)
Born New York, Feb. 13, 1860. Pupil of Loefftz, Bavarian Royal Academy, Mun-
ich. Two first class medals, Bavarian Royal Academy.
ABRAHAMS, HELEN, 3119 Diamond St., Philadelphia, Pa. (P.)
ABRANZ, LUCIEN, 28 East 14th St., New York, N. Y. (P.
ACKERMAN, MRS. OLGA. M., 3222 Jackson St., San Francisco, Cal. (P.)
ADAMS, CHARLES L., 286 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.; h. 23 Burr St., Jamaica
Plain, Mass. (P.)
Born New York, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1857. Pupil of A. Oudinot. Member B. A. C.
Instructor Mass. Institute of Technology.
ADAMS, CHARLES PARTRIDGE, 625 Kittredge Bldg.; h. 918 East 19th Ave., Den-
ver, Colo. ; summer, Estes Park, Colo. (P.)
Born Franklin, Mass, Jan. 12, 1858. Self-taught. Gold medal, National Mining and
Industrial Exp., Denver; honorable mention, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901.
Member Denver A. C. § landscapes.
ADAMS, HERBERT, 131 West 11th St., New York, N. Y. (S.)
Born West Concord, Vt., 1858. Pupil of Mercié in Paris. Honorable mention,
Salon 1888 and 1889; medal, A. C. P. 1892; Columbia, Exp. Chicago, 1893; gold
medal, Charleston Exp. 1902; gold medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member N. A.
1899; S. A. A. 1891; N. S. S. ; N. Y. Arch. Lg. 1896; N. Y. Municipal A. S.; N.
A. C.; Century Assoc.; Nat. Inst. A. L.
ADAMS, JóHN TTIS, The Hermitage, Brookville, Ind. (P.)
Born Amity, Ind., july 8, 1851. upil of John Parker, in London, Benczur and
Loefftz in Munich. Bronze medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904; Fine Arts Bldg. prize,
Chicago 1907. Member S. W. A.; Indianapolis Art Assoc. (hon.). Also teacher.
ADAMS, JOHN WOLCOTT, 158 Waverly Place, New York, N. Y. (I.)
ADELSPERGER, MARY, 26 Van Buren St. ; h. 4749 Lake Ave., Chicago, Ill. (S.)
ADOLPHE ALBERT JEAN, 2616, Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. (P., W.A.A.)
Born Philadelphia, Feb. 17, 1865. Pupil of Gérôme in Paris, Albrecht de Vriendt
in Antwerp. Toppan prize, P. A. F. A.; honorable mention, Paris Salon 1899;
honorable mention, Columbia Exp., Chicago, 1893; gold medal. A. C. P. 1904.
Member Paris A. A. A. Instructor Industrial Art School, Philadelphia. -
also #FN WETHERALD, 10 South 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa.; h. Riverton,

P., I.) Born Baltimore, Md., June 6, 1859. . . Pupil of Boston Museum of Fine Arts under Grundemann; P. A. F. A. under Eakins; Drexel Inst. under Pyle. Second Toppan rize, school of P. A. F. A. 1884; silver medal and prize, C. I. 1901; bronze medals, or oil painting and miniatures, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member Plastic Club; Fellowship P. A. F. A.; Philadelphia W. C. C.; Pa. S. Min. P.; A. S. Min. P. AID, GEORGE CHARLES, 3 Rue Compagne-Première, Paris, France. (P., I., Engr.) orn §o: Ill. Pupil of Laurens and Constant in Paris. Silver medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member Paris A. A. A.; S. W. A. AIKEN, CHARLES A., Wellesley Farms, Mass. (P.) Member Boston A. C.

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orn $pringfield, Mass., Aug. 15, 1870. Pupil of Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Also teacher. ALEXANDER, JOHANNA. S., 4858 Langley Ave., Chicago, Ill. (P.) Born Strasburg, Germany. Pupil of A. I. C. ember A. S. L. of Chicago. Alonder, J HN W., 123 East 63d St. ; h. 116 East 65th St., New York, N. Y.

Born Allegheny, Pa., Oct. 7, 1856. Studied in Munich, Venice, and Florence, and with Frank Duveneck. Temple gold medal, P. A. F. A. , 1897; Lippincott prize, P. A. F.A. 1899; gold medal, Paris Exp. 1900; gold medal, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901; Carnegie prize, S. A. A. 1901; first Corcoran prize, S. Washington A. 1903; gold medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Chevalier Legion of Honor, 1901. Member Soc. Nat. des Beaux-Arts; Munich Secessionists; N. A. 1902; S. A. A. 1891; N. Y. Arch. L9. 1901; Mural P.; o Assoc.; International Soc., London; Vienna Secessionists (hon.); Nat. inst A. ..; honorary life member Calumet Club. Specialty, mural decoration and portraits. ALFANO, VINCENZO, 145 West 55th St., New York, N. Y. (S.) Born Naples, Nov. 11, 1854. Pupil institute of Fine Arts, Naples; Domenico Morelli and Filippo Palizzi. Bronze medal, Naples Exp. 1877; silver medal, Paris Exp. 1878; Municipal prize of 4,000 lire for “Cicero,” Naples 1891. Member N. S S.; N.Y., Arch. Lg., 1901. Honorary, professor Royal Academy, , Naples, since 1890. ALKE, STEPHEN, 2153 Fulton Ave., Cincinnati, O. (P., I., W. A. A.) Born Augusta, Ky., May 14, 1874. , Pupil of Duveneck, Nowottny and Noble in Cincinnati. Member Cincinnati A. C. ALLCHIN, HARRY, Catskill Station, N. Y. (P., I.) ALLEN, JOEL NOTT, 58 West 57th St. ; h, 202 West 74th St., New York, N. Y. (P.) Born Ballston, N. Y., 1866. Pupil of H. Siddons Mowbray. Also, Totas. 12 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass.; summer, Provincetown, ass. Born St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 19, 1849. Pupil of Royal Academy, Düsseldorf. Silver medal, Boston; bronze medal, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901. A. N. A.; member S. A. A. 1880; B. A. C.; N. A. C.; Paint and Clay Club, Boston (pres.); B. S. W. C. P. §§". S. 1892 (vice-pres.); pres. of council, Museum School of Drawing and Painting, Boston; pres. International Jury of Award, St. Louis Exp.

1904. ALLENDER, N. E., “The Westover,” Washington, D. C. (P.) ALLIS, C. HARRY. Grez sur Loing, Seine et Marne, France. (P.)

Born Dayton, O.

ALLíš,"GENEVIEVE, 169 Main St., Derby, Conn. (P.)
Born, Derby, Conn.,,, Pupil of J. Alden Weir, Henry B. Snell, and Ben Foster.
Member Paint and Clay Club, New Haven; Bridgeport Art League.

ALLMOND, KATHERIN.E. (See Mrs. Hulbert.)

ALM ENRAEDER, FREDERICK, 1335 Newport Ave., Chicago, Ill., (S.)
Born Wiesbaden, Germany, 1832. Pupil of Stadel's Inst., Frankfort-a-M., Germany.


Ai TEN, MATHIAS, 75 Monroe St.; h. 35 Hope Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. (P.
Born Gusenbur Germany, Feb. 13, 1871. Pupil of Constant, Laurens, Julian
Academy, and Whistler in Paris. Assoc. S. W. A. Also teacher.

AMATETS, iOUIS, ižíž 19th St. Washington, D. C. (S.)
Born Turin, o 1855. Pupil of Royal Academy in Turin, Italy. Gold medal at
the Aoademy and exhibition of 1880. Member S. Washington A. ; N. S. S. Also

AMES, BLANCHE, 333 Andover St., Lowell, Mass. (S.)

ANDERSQN, ABRAM.A., 80 West 40th St. ... h. 6, East 38th St., New York, N. Y. (P.) floon New York, 1847. Pupil of Bonnāt, Cabanel, Cormon and Collin in Paris. Member A. W. C. S.; founder and hon. pres. Paris A. A. A.

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