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Member Salma. C. APPEL, CHARLES P., 14 West 12th St., New York ; h. Pearl River, N. Y. (P.)

. Chase, F. L. Mora and Du Member Salma.

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horn. Philadelphia. Pupil of P. A

A.; Julian Academy in Paris. Honorable mention, New Orleans Exp. 1895;

. F. gold medal, A. A. S. 1902. Member Fellowship P. A. F. A.; Plastic Club ; Pa. S. Min. P. Specialty, portraits. Also teacher. ARELLANO, JUAN M., 3340 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. (P.) ARLENT-EDWARDS, S., 46 Dunscomb Ave., Williamsbridge, N. Y. (Messotint Engr.) ARMS, JESSIE H., 1261 Victor Ave., Chicago, Ill. (P., I.) Born Chicago ay 27, 1883. Pupil of A. I. C. and Woodbury. Member A. S. L. of Chicago. Murai decorations and water colors. ARMSTRONG, D. MAITLAND, 61 Washington Square S.; h. 58 West 10th St., New York, N. Y. (P., W. A. A.) Born Newburgh, N. Y., 1836. Pupil of Merson in Paris. Chevalier Legion of Honor, France. Member S. A. A. 1879; A. N. A. 1906; Mural P.; N. Y. Arch. Lg. 1887; Century Assoc. Specialty, stained glass. ARMSTRong. William THOMAS LILBRUN, 239 West 123d St., New York, N. - ., Arch. Born Belfast, Ireland, Sept. 10, 1878. Pupil of Ateliers Masqueray and of Hornbostel in New York. ARNOLD, AXEL, 1429 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. (P.) ARNOLD, FRED LATHROP, 26 Van Buren St., Chicago, Ill. (P.) ARNOLD, F. McINTOSH, 70 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (I.) Member Salma. C. 1898. ARNOLD, HARRY, 6700 Parnell Ave., Chicago, Ill. (P., I.) Born Penzance, England. Pupil of South Kensington School, London, England; Colarossi, Paris. Also teacher. ARONSON, HARRY HAROLD, 74 Rue Notre Dame-des-Champs, Paris, France; and 241 East 116th St., New York, N. Y. (P., Etcher.) Born New York. Pupil of N. A. D.; Laurens in Paris. Member Paris A. A. A. ARTHUR, ROBERT, Century Assoc., 7 West 43d St., New York, N. Y. (P.) ARTHURS, STANLEY M., 1616 Rodney St., Wilmington Del.: h, Kenton, Del. (P., I.) Born Kenton, Del., Nov. 27, 1877. Pupil of Howard Pyle. Member S. I. ASBJORNSEN, SIGVALD, 7122 Ingleside Ave., Chicago, Ill. (S.) orn Christiania, Norway, 1867. Pupil of B. Bergslieu and M. Skeibrok, Middeltun. ASHE, EDMUND M., Box 148, Norfolk, Conn. (P., I Member N. Y. W. C. C.; S. I. Also teacher. ASHFORD, FRANK CLIFFORD, 278 Boulevard Raspail, Paris, France. (P.) ASHLEY, ANITA C., 34 West 54th St., New York, N. Y. (P.) Member N. Y. Woman's A. C.

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Pyle. ATWATER, GRACE E. (Died Oct. 17, 1909.) Pupil of Å. S. i. of N. Y.; Corcoran School of Art, Washington. Member Washington W. C. C. Also teacher. AUS, CAROL, 33 West 67th St., New York, N. Y. (Min. P.) orn in Norway, March 27, 1868. Pupil of Julian Academy under Lefebvre in Paris. AVERY, CLAIRE, 317 East 18th St., New York. (I., W. A. A., T.) AYLWARI), WILLIAM JAMES, 30. Ipswich St., Boston, Mass., (I.) Born Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 5, 1875. Member S. I. Specialty, marines. AYTON, CHARLES WILLIAM, 3 Rue de Bagneux; h. 91 Rue du Cherche Midi, Paris, France. 'Si! Born St. Louis, Mo... Pupil of Dubois and Gauquié in Paris, St. Gaudens in America. Honorable mention, Paris Salon 1903; bronze medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. BACKUS, MRS. GEORGE J. (Miss Fallis), 615 Ninth Ave., S. E.; h. 800 Fourth St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. (S.) Born Attic. Ind. Papil A. I. C. and Minnesota School of Fine Arts. BAGQ, Cissés ROSWELL, 152 West 55th St., New York, N. Y., and Ridgefield, onn. Born in New York. Member Salma. C. 1898. BACON, FRANCIS H., 2a Park St., Boston, Mass. (Designer.) BAER, WITTIAM J.'ss West 57th St., New York, N. Y.; h. 92 Walnut St., East Orange, N. J. (Min. P. Born Cincinnati, O., #. 29, 1860. Pupil of Loefftz in Munich Royal Academy. Bronze medal, Pari xp. 1900; bronze medal, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901; silver medal, Charleston 1902. Member A. S. Min. P. BAERER, HENRY, 204 East 86th St., New York, N. Y. (S.) Born Kirchlim, Hesse-Kassel, Germany, 1837. Pupil of Von Launitz and Academy at Munich." Member N. S. Ś. BAERMAN, LUCIUS E., 603 South Beech St., Syracuse, N. Y. (P.) BAGG, LOUISE ELEANoHA. 2 Rue Pierre-Charron, Paris, France. (P., S.) Born Springfield, Mass. Pupil of Desvergnes in Paris. Bronze medal, St. Louis # 1904. Member Lyceum Club, London. Bask Y, CORA, 33 La Grange St. ; h. 157 West Brookline St., Boston, Mass. (P.,

. A. A., T.) BAILEY, HENRY TURNER, North Scituate, Mass. (P.) Born North Scituate, Dec. 9, 1865. Pupil Mass. Normal Art School in Boston. Member Copley S. ; Arts and Črafts S. ; Council of Supervisors of Manual Arts; Eastern Art Teachers Assoc.; Nat, Soc. for, the Promotion of Industrial Education; Soc. of Am. Authors; Twentieth Century Club of Boston; International Federation for Art Teaching; (hon.) Royal Drawing Teachers Assoc. of Germany. Editor “School Arts Book.” BAILEY, VERNON, HOWE, 31 West 33d St., New York, N. Y. (P.) BAIN BRIDGE, F. EDITH, 330 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. (P., I., T.) #A KER, BüRTIs, 103 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. #ARER. MRS. ÉLIZABETH GowijY, 898. Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. (P.) Born Xenia, O., 1860. Pupil of A. S. L., Cooper Union and N. Y. School of Art in New York; Cowles Art School in Boston; Frederick Freer; P. A. F. A. Specialty, portraits in water color. BAKER, ELLEN KENDALL. (See Mrs. Harry Thompson.) BAKER, EU GENE, 12 Rue Sarette, Paris, France. . ( I.) Born Baltimore, Md. Pupil of Bouguereau and Blanc in Paris. BAKER, FREDERIC, 39 West 67th St., New York, N. Y. (P.) Born New York, W. Y., Nov. 6, 1876. Pupil of Pratt Inst., Brooklyn; Courtois in Paris. Assoc. So. Nat. des Beaux-Arts 1901. Member Salma. 1906. BAKER, H E LEN JOSEPHINE, 410 East Evergreen Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadel}. Pa. (Min. P.) orn Philadelphia. Pupil P. A. F. A. Member Plastic C. BAKER, MARTHA SUSAN, 23 Rue Boissonade, Paris, France. (P., Min. P.) Born Evansville, Ind., Dec. 25, 1871. Pupil of A. f. C. First prize for miniatures, Arché Salon, Chicago, 1897; bronze medal for miniatures, St. Louis Exp. 1904; honorable mention for oil portrait, C. I., Pittsburg, 1904; Municipal Art League Purchase prize, A. I. C. 1905; Chicago Society of Artists silver medal, A. I. C. 1905. Member Chicago S. A.; S. W. A. Also teacher. BAKER, MARY FRANCES, 2263 Carondelet St., New Orleans, La. (P.) BALDWIN, ESTHER. (See Mrs. Oliver H. Williams.) BALFOUR, HELEN, Riverside, Ill. (P.) BALL, ALICE WORTHINGTON, 213, West Monument St., Baltimore, Md. (P.) Pupil of Collin and Courtois in Paris. BALL, MRS. CAROLINE PEDDLE, Westfield, N. J. (S.) Born Terre Haute, Ind., Nov. 11, 1869. Pupil of Saint Gaudens and Kenyon Cox in New York. Honorable mention, Paris Exp. 1900. BALL, L. CLARENCE, 142 Elder St., South Bend, Ind. (P., I.) Born Mt. Vernon, O., July 4, 1855. Self-taught. Member Chicago S. A. BALL, RUTH, Art Academy, Eden Park, Cincinnati, O. (P.)

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BANCROFT, MRS. LENA T., 47 Deering St., Portland, Me, (P.) Born in Maine. Pupil of Boston Museum of Fine Arts; A. S. L. of N. Y. Member Copley S. 1893.

BANCROFT, MILTON HERBERT, 145, West 55th St., New York, N. Y. (P.I.) Born Newton, Mass., Jan. 1, 1867; Pupil of, Courtois, Callot, Delance and Girardot in Paris. Member Salma. C. 1904; Phila. Sketch C.; N. Y. Arch. Lg. 1907. Also

teacher BARBER, ALICE. (See Mrs. Stephens.) BARBER, MARY D., Ross P

al. (P. BARKER, Xi. BERT"WiNSLów, §18 South Orange St., Media, Pa. (P.) oicago, Ill., 1874. Pupil of P. A. F. A. and Philadelphia School of Industria rt. BARKER, M. C., 58 West 57th St., New York. (P.) BARLOW, MYRON, 114 Theodore St., Detroit, Mich., and Trépied Etaples (Pas-deCalais), France. (P.) Born Ionia, Mich., 1873. Pupil of A. I. C. ; Gérôme and Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Gold medal, St. Louis' Exp. T903. Member Paris A. A. A. BARNARD, GEORGE GREY, 936 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. (S). Born Bellefonte, Pa., 1863. Pupil of A. I. C., and of Cavelier at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Gold medal, Paris Exp. 1900; gold medal, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901; gold medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Assoc. National Soc. of Artists, France. Member N. S. Ś. BARNES, BURT, East Aurora, N. Y. (P.) BARNES, ERNEST HARRisöN, 83 Broad St., Hillsdale, Mich. (P.) Born Portland, Chaut. Co., N. Y. Pupil of George B. Gardner and H. R. Poore. BAoi. fo, 7737 Lowe Ave., Chicago, Ill. (P.) up11 of A. I. C. BARNES, GERTRUDE JAMESON (Mrs. Henry A. Barnes), 1812 Emerson Ave., South Minneapolis, Minn. (P.) Born o Mass., Oct. 23, 1865. Pupil of Minneapolis School of Fine Arts, under Douglas Vojk: Cowles Art School, under Dennis M. Bunker in Boston; Henry B. Snell in New York, and W. L. Lathrop. First prize for landscape, purchased for permanent collection, Minnesota State Art Soc., 1904. BARNETT, LEROY, 196 Washington Park, Brooklyn, N. Y. (P.) BARNEY, ALICE (Mrs. Alfred Clifford Barney), Sheridan Circle, Washington, D. C., and 2 Rue de Vienne, Paris, France. (P.) Born Cincinnati, O. Pupil of Carolus-Duran and Whistler in Paris. Member S. Washington A.; Washington W. C. C.; Wash. S. F. A. BARNEY, J. STEWART, 520 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (S.) BARNHORN, CLEMENT_J., Art Museum, Cincinnati, O. (S.) Born Cincinnati, O. Pupil of Mercié, Peuch, Bouguereau, Ferrier, and Academy Julian in Paris. Honorable mention, Paris Salon 1895; bronze medal, Paris Exp. 1900; honorable mention, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901; silver medal, St. Louis £xp.' 1904. Member Cinn A. C. S. W. A.; N. S. Ś. Also teacher. BARNITZ, HENRY WILSON, Glenview Park, Ill. (P., W. A. A.) Born #erwick, Pa. Pupil of Eakins and Hovenden, at P. A. F. A. Member Chicago S. A.; Chicago W. C. C.; S. W. A.; Fellowshinp P. A. F. A. Specialty, stained glass. Also teacher. BARNS, CORN ELIA BAXTER, 28 South 51st St., Philadelphia, Pa. (P.) BARNUM, EMILY, KEENE, 50 Rue de l'Aurore, Brussels,...Belgium. JP.) Born in New York, March 29, 1874. Pupil of J. G. Vibert in Paris; Irving R. Wiles in New York. Member Pen and Brush C. Also teacher. BARONE, ANTONIO, 10 East 14th St., New York, N. Y. (P.) Bahort, ELIZABETH HUNT (Mrs. Edward N. Barrett), Bedford Station, N. Y.

orn New York, Jan. 9, 1863. Pupil of N. A. D. BARRETT, LAURA A., West New Brighton, S. I., and National Arts Club, 14 Gramercy Park, New York, N. Y." (F) BARRETT, WILLIAM S., 191 Clinton St. ; h. 214 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y. (P.) Born Rockport, Me., May 1, 1854. Member Salma. C. 1902; Brooklyn A. C. Bao. ANE CARSON (Mrs. Amos N. Barron), 1912 East 71st St., Cleveland, O.

orn Cleveland, Jan. 26, 1879. Pupil of Boston, Museum School, Amy Sacker, Lorin Martin and Pratt Inst. , Silver medal for jewelry, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member B. S. A. Crafts; S. W. A. (Assoc.). Specialty, jewelry.

BARROWS, MRS. A. H., 222 West 23d St., New York, N. Y. (P.)
Born folymouth, Mass. Pupil of John Ward Stimson in New York. Member N.

Y. Woman's A. C. BARRY, ETHELRED BREEZE, Appleton St., Arlington Heights, Mass. (I.) Born Portsmouth, N. H., 1870. Pupil of Henry Sandham. Member Copley S.

1897. BARSE, GEORGE. R., N. Katonah, Westchester Co., N. Y., and Century Assoc., 7 West 43d St., New York, N. Y. (P. Born Detroit, Mich., 1861. Pupil of Cabanel, Boulanger and Lefebvre in Paris. First, Hallgarten prize, N. A. D., 1895; Shaw Fund purchase, S. A. A. 1898; silver medal, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo, 1901. Member N. A. 1899; S. A. A. 1899; Century, Assoc.; Salma, C. 1899. Specialty, decorative figures. BARTHOLDI, MANūsei. 56 Rue Rochechouart, Paris, France. (P.) Born New York, N. Y. Sept. 9, 1874. Pupil of Cormon and Laurens in Paris. Medal second class, Paris Salon 1904; second medal, Liege Exp. 1905. Also teacher. BARTHOLOMEW, ČíHARLES L., Journal Bldg., 623 East 18th St., Minneapolis, Minn. Caricaturist.) orn Chariton, Ia, Feb. 10, 1869. Signature, “Bart.” BART's £TT FREDERIC CLAY, 2901 Prairie Ave., Chicago, Ill. (P.) Born Chicago, June 1, 1873. Pupil of Gysis in Munich; Collin and Whistler in Paris, Honorable mention, C. I., Pittsburg, 1908. Member Chicago S. A.; S. W. A. ; Royal Academy, Munich. BARiiforokick"oeNE, 75 Locust Hill Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. (P.) Born West Point, N. Y., Nov. 13, 1852. Pupil of N. A. D. under Wilmarth and Beckwith in New York; Carolus-Duran in Paris; Hypolite Michaud at Beaume, France. Silver medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Specialty, landscapes. ‘BARTLETT, G. WALDRON, 167 Bay 28th St., Bensonhurst, N. Y. (P.) Born in New York. Pupil of L. L. Lowell, Paul Nefflen, T. S. Noble and Wm. M. Chase. Also teacher. BAR.T. OSEPHINE HOXIE, 8 Villa Michel Ange, Rue Bastien Lepage, Paris, rance. Born in New York, 1870. Pupil of Gustave Courtois in Paris, Peter Graham, R. A. Member Soc. of Scottish Artists. BARTLETT, MADELINE A., 44 Francis St., Boston, Mass. (S.) BARTLETT, OTTO, 8 Villa Michel Ange, Rue Bastien Lepage, Paris, France. (P.) Born in New York. BARTLETT, PAUL WAYLAND, 5 Rue Dareau, Paris, France, and corner of Third St. and Randolph Place, Washington, D. C. (S.) Born New Haven, Conn., 1865. Pupil of Fremiet and Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Honorable mention, Paris Salon_1887; member of Jury of Awards, Paris Exp. 1889; Chevalier of the Legion of Honor 1895; member International jury of Awards, Paris. Exp. 1900; gold medal, Pan-American Expo, Buffalo, 1901; grand prize...St. Louis, Exp. 1904; first medal, Liege Exp., 1905. , Member N. S. S. Baotos; Roxas HOWE, Institute of Technology; h. 3 Revere St., Boston, aSS. Born in Vermont. Also teacher. BASSETT, H. ELLSWORTH, 55, Leslie Place, Newark, .N. J. so I.) Born in Washington, D. Č., Feb. 15, 1875. Pupil of A. S. L. of N. Y.; Laurens and Girardot in Paris. BATEMAN, JOHN M., 1736 Cuthbert St., Philadelphia, Pa. (S.) Born Phi adelphia, Pa. {u}} of P. A. F. A. and of Grafly. BAT; o CORSON DAY (Mrs. D. M. Bates), Greenhill Ave., Wilmington el. - - -Born Philadesphia, Pa., Aug. 20, 1875. Pupil of Howard Pyle. Member Plastic C. BATES, R. E., clo Geo. Elmer Browne, 226 Blvd. Raspail, Paris, France. ..) #Aiii URST. cily D'E. c. 3200 Arch St. Philadelphia. FA. ($). Born Mount Union, Pa., Jan. 8, 1883. Pupil of Grafiy in Philadelphia. BAUMGARD, GEORGE, 17 Beekman Pl., New York, N. Y. (I.) #AXTER. MARTHAT WHEEiER, 58 West 57th St., New York, N. Y. (Min. P., S.) Born in Vermont, 1869. Pupil of P. A. F. A.; A. S. L. of N. Y., under §§ Cox, Beckwith and F. V. Du Mond. Studied miniature painting under Mme. de Billemont-Chardon and Mlle. Schmitt in Paris, and Mme. Behenna in London. Honorable mention. Paris Exp. 1900. Member Fellowship P. A. F. A. Also teacher. BAYLISS, i`îAN. Riverside, iii. (Min P.) BAY LOS, ZELMA, 649 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. (P., S.) Born Butka, Hungary, isé8. Pupil of Will H. i.ow, E. M. Ward, C. Y., Turner in New York; Courtois, Prinet and Beaux-Arts in Paris. Member N., A. C.; MuniciA. S. : Paris A. Woman's A. A. Solo: ortraits. o teacher. ew

pal A. S.

BEACH, CHESTER 9 Macdougal Allo, ork, N. Y. Born San Francisco, Cal., 1881. upil of Verlet and Roland in Paris. Barnett prize, N. A. D. 1909. Member Paris A. A. A.; A. 1908; N. S. S.

BEACH, D. ANTO INETTE, Redfield, S. Dakota. (P.)

BEAL, GIFFORD, 27 West 67th St., New York, N. Y. (P.)
Third prize ($100), Worcester, Mass., 1903; bronze medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904.
A. N. A. 1908; member A. W. C. S.

BEAL, REYNOLDS, 318 West 57th St., New York, N. Y. (P.) -
W. S. Hurley prize, Salma. C. 1902, for water color. Member Salma. C. 1898;
N. Y. W. C. C.; A. N. A. 1909.

BEALE, BERTHA F., Arden, Buncombe Co., N. C. (P.)
BEALS, GERTRUDE. (See Mrs. Bourne.)
BEAN, NELLIE F., Pension Comte, Vevey-la-Tour, Switzerland. (Min. P.)
Born Boston, Mass. Pupil of Mme. Hortense Richard.
BEARf), Aïföß, joig west 8th St., Wilmington, Dei. {I}
BEARD, DANIEL CARTER, 87 Bowne Ave., Flushing, L. I., N.Y. (P., I.)
Born Cincinnati, O., June 21, 1850. Pupil of Sartain and Beckwith at A. S. L. of
N. Y. Member" S. f. Specialty, “serious” cartoons, historical illustration, and ani-
mated nature. Also teacher, author and civil engineer.
BEATTY, JOHN W., Richland Road, Pittsburg, Pa. (P., Etcher.)
Born. Pittsburg, 1851. Pupil, of Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Member ury of
Painting for Pennsylvania and New York, Columbian Exp., Chicago, 1893; National
Advisory Board, Paris Exp., 1900; Fine Arts Com. (hon.), Pan-American Exp.,
Buffalo, 1901; National Advisory Committee, Department of Art, St. Louis Exp.
1904. . Member Pittsburg Art Soc.; Pittsburg Artists' Assoc.; Amateur Photogra-
phers' So.. (hon.), Pittsburg; Society of Arts, London. Director Dept. of Fine
Arts, Carnegie Inst., Pittsburg.
BEAUMONT, LILIAN ADELE, 23 Alveston St., Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass. (P.)
Born Jamaica Plain, Mass., May 18, 1880. Pupil of School of Boston Museum of
Fine Arts, under Benson, Tarbell and Phili ale. Also teacher.
BEAUX, CECILIA, East Gloucester, Mass. (P.)
Born Philadelphia, Pa. Pupil of William Sartain in Philadelphia; Julian and Lazar
schools in Paris. Mary Smith, prize, P. A. F. A., in 1885, 1887, 1891 and 1892;
old medal, A. C. P. 1893; Dodge prize, N. A. D. 1893; bronze medal, C. I., Pitts-
urg, 1896; first class gold, medal, ($1,500), C.I., Pittsburg, 1899; Temple gold
medal, P. A. F. A. 1900; gold medal, Paris o 1900; gold medal, Pan-American
Exp., Buffalo, 1901 ; first Corcoran prize, S. Washington A. 1902; gold medal, St.
Louis Exp. 1904. Member S. A. A. 1893; N. A. 1902; Assoc. Soc. i. Beaux-Arts,
Paris; Fellowship P. A. F. A.; Phila. W. C. C. (hon.). Also teacher.
BECHER, ARTHUR E., P. O. Box 102, Ardsley Y. (I.
Born Freiberg, Germany, July 29, 1877. Pupil of Louis Mayer and Howard Pyle.
Beck, o, WALTER, Pratt Institute; h. 409 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
urai to.
Born Dayton, O., March 11, 1864. Pupil of Royal Academy, Munich. Member
N. Y. Arch. Log. 1902. Also teacher.
BECK, RAPHAEL, 307 Law Exchange, Buffalo, N. Y. (P., S.)
#os. ALíčE, Carnegie Hall, New York, N. Y.; summer, Scituate, Mass.
in. to.
Born St. Charles, Mo., July 30, 1868. Pupil A. S. L. of N. Y.; Lefebvre, Benjamin
Constant and Lazar in Paris. Honorable mention, Pan-American Exp., Buffalo,
1901; bronze medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member N. Y. Woman's A. C.; A. S.
Min. P. Instructor A. S. L. of N. Y.
BECKMAN, JESSIE, Kenton, O. (P.)
##ökWITH, ARTHUR, 434 Montgomery Block, San Francisco, Cal. (P.)
BECKWITH, J. CARROLL, 58 West 57th St.; h. 8, East 58th St., New York, N. Y.;
summer Onteora Club Tannersville, N. Y. (P.
Born Hannibal, Mo., Sept. 23, 1852. Pupil of Carolus-Duran and Ecole des Beaux-
Arts. Honorable mention, Paris Salon 1887; bronze medal, Paris Exp. 1889; gold
medal, Atlanta Exp. 1895; bronze medal, Paris Exp. 1900; gold medal, Charleston
Exp. 1902. Member N. A. 1894; S. A. A. 1881; A. W. C.S.; A. S. L. (hon.); A
Fund S.; Salma. C. 1901; Century Assoc.; Nat. Inst. A. L.; honorable life member
Calumet Club.
BEHENNA, MRS. KATHERINE ARTHUR, Etaples, Pas-de-Calais, France. (P., I.)
Born in Scotland. Pupil of George De Forest Brush in New York; Collin and
Lefebvre in Paris. Member Royal Min. Painters, London; A. S. L. of N.Y.; Royal
Water Colour Soc., London. Also teacher. Specialty, minatures.
B EHR, ERNEST THEODORE, Athenaeum Bldg., 26 East Van Buren St. ; h. 1844
Estes Ave., Chicago, Ill. (P.)
Born Saxony, Germany, 1861. Pupil of Dresden, Art School. Member Chicago Arch.
C.; Palette and Chisel C. Specialty, water color.
BEIN, ARTHUR G., “The Benedict,” 80 Washington Square, East, New York, N. Y.

(Designer.) BEI'é. HILDA, 1649 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. (P.) BELCHER, MARTHA WOOD, 1649 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. (P.) #Eiji N.F. & EöRöE. i290 Webster Ave. New York, N. Y." (S.) BELL, EDITH, 2 West 95th St., New York, N. W. (P.) #Eiji. Eij WARI AUGUST, 226 west 59th St. New York, N. Y. (P.) Born New York, Dec. 18, 1862. Pupil of the N. A. D.; Bavarian Royal Academy in Munich. Second, Hallgarten prize, N. A.D., 1893; bronze medal, Paris Exp. 1889; silver medal, Pan-American §o Buffalo, 1901; silver medal, St. Louis Exp. 1904. Member S. A. A. 1898; A. N. A. 1901, N. A. 1906: Saima. C. 1904. BELLOWS, GEORGE W., 1947 Broadway, New York, N. y. (P., I. Born Columbus, O., 1882. Pupil of Robert Henri, William M. Chase and Kenneth Hays-Miller. Second Hallgarten prize, N. A. D. 1908; A. N. A. 1909; The Fifteen

Group. BEMAN, JEAN. (See Mrs. Cook.) BEMENT, ALON, 939 Eighth Ave., New York, N. Y. (P.) Born Ashfield, Mass., 1878. Pupil of Leon Bonnat and Benjamin Constant. Member Salma. C. 1907. Also teacher.

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