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4 A deeper shade will soon impend,

A deeper sleep mine eyes oppress;
Yet, then thy strength shall still defend,

Thy goodness still delight to bless. 5 That deeper shade shall break away,

That deeper sleep shall leave mine eyes,
Thy light shall give eternal day;.
love-the rapture

of the skies.

L. M.
584. Praise to the God of the Morning.
1 GOD of the morning! at thy voice

The cheerful sun makes haste to rise,
And like a giant doth rejoice,

To run his journey through the skies ; 2 From the fair chambers of the east,

The circuit of his race begins,
And without weariness or rest,

Round the whole earth, he flies and shines. 3 Oh! like the sun may I fulfill

Th' appointed duties of the day;
With ready mind, and active will,

March on, and keep my heavenly way. 4 Lord ! thy commands are clean and pure,

Enlightening our beclouded eyes;
Thy threatenings just, thy promise sure,

Thy gospel makes the simple wise. 5 Give me thy counsel for my guide,

And then receive me to thy bliss :
All my desires and hopes beside

Are faint, and cold, compared with this.

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L. M. 585.

An Evening-Sacrifice.
1 GREAT God! to thee my evening-song

With humble gratitude I raise ;
Oh ! let thy mercy tune my tongue,

And fill my heart with lively praise.

My days unclouded, as they pass,

And every gently rolling hoar, Are monuments of wondrous grace,

And witness to thy love and power. 3 Seal my forgiveness in the blood

Of Jesus;-his dear name alone
I plead for pardon, gracious God!

And kind acceptance, at thy throne. 4 Let this blest hope mine eyelids close

With sleep refresh my feeble frame;
Safe in thy care may I repose,
And wake with praises to thy name.

78. 586.

Evening Contemplation. 1 SOFTLY, now, the light of day

Fades upon my sight away ;
Free from care, from labor free,

Lord! I would commune with theo. 2 Soon for me, the light of day

Shall for ever pass away ;
Then, from sin and sorrow free,
Take me, Lord ! to dwell with thee.

C. M. 587.

Evening-Prayer and Praise. 1 INDULGENT Father ! by whose care,

I've passed another day,-
Let me, this night, thy mercy share ;

Oh! teach me how to pray. 2 Show me my sins, and how to mourn

My guilt before thy face;
Direct me, Lord ! to Christ alone,

And save me by thy grace.
3 Let each returning night declare

The tokens of thy love;
And, every hour, thy grace prepare

My soul for joys above. 4 And when, on earth, I close mine eyes,

To sleep in death's embrace,
Let me, to heaven and glory, rise,
To see thy smiling face.

Ss and 7s. Peculiar. 588.

An Evening-Offering. 1 THROUGH the day thy love has spared us,

Now we lay us down to rest ;
Through the silent watches guard us,

Let no foe our peace molest;
Jesus! thou our guardian be,

Sweet it is to trust in thee.
2 Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers,

Dwelling in the midst of foes,-
Us and ours preserve from dangers,

In thine arms, let us repose,
And, when life's short day is past,
Rest with thee, in heaven, at last.

7s. 589.

Repose and Devotion. 1 NOW from labor and from care,

Evening-shades have set me free;
In the work of praise and prayer,

Lord! I would converse with thee:
Oh! behold me from above,

Fill me with a Saviour's love. 2 Sin and sorrow, guilt and wo,

Wither all my earthly joys;
Naught can charm me here below,

But my Saviour's melting voice:
Lord ! forgive-thy grące restore,

Make me thine for evermore. 3 For the blessings of this day,

For the mercies of this hour,
For the gospel's cheering ray,

For the Spirit's quickening power,
Grateful notes to thee I raise;
Oh! accept my song of praise.

C. M. 590.

An Evening-Song.
I DREAD Sovereign, let my

Like holy incense rise ;
Assist the offerings of my tongue,

To reach the lofty skies.
2 Through all the dangers of the day,

Thy hand was still my guard ;

- And still, to drive my wants away,

Thy mercy stood prepared.
3 Perpetual blessings from above

Encompass me around;
But, Oh ! how few returns of love

Hath my Creator found!
4 What have I done for him who died

To save my wretched soul ?
How are my follies multiplied,

Fast as the minutes roll !
5 Lord ! with this guilty heart of mine,

To thy dear cross I flee ;
And to thy grace my soul resign,

To be renewed by thee.
6 Sprinkled afresh with pard'ning blood,

I lay me down to rest, -
As in th' embraces of my God,
Or on my Saviour's breast.

C. M. 591.

Evening Prayer and Praise. 1 INDULGENT God! whose bounteous care

O'er all thy works is shown,-
Oh ! let

my grateful praise and prayer
Arise before thy throne.
2 What mercies has this day bestowed !

How largely hast thou blest!
My cup with plenty overflowed,

With cheerfulness-my breast.
3 Now may soft slumber close my eyes,

From pain and sickness free;
And let my waking thoughts arise

To meditate on thee.
4 Thus bless each future day and night,

Till life's vain scene is o'er;
And then, to realms of endless light,
Oh ! let my spirit soar.

C. M. 592.

Secret Prayer at Twilight. 1 I LOVE to steal awhile away,

From every cumbering care,

And spend the hours of setting day,

In humble, grateful prayer. 2. I love, in solitude, to shed

The penitential tear;
And all his promises to plead,

When none but God is near. 3 I love to think on mercies past,

And future good implore;
My cares and sorrows all to cast,

On him whom I adore.
4 I love, by faith, to take a view

Of brighter scenes in heaven;
The prospect doth my strength renew,

While here by tempests driven.
6 And, when life's toilsome day is o'er,

May its departing ray
Be calm, as this impressive hour,

And lead to endless day.

C. M.
593. Evening Worship in the Family.
1 O LORD! another day is flown,

And we, a lonely band,
Are met once more before thy throne,

To bless thy fostering hand.
2 And wilt thou bend a listening eer

To praises low as ours?
Thou wilt !- for thou dost love to hear

The song which meekness pours. 3 And, Jesus ! thou thy smiles wilt deign,

As we before thee pray;
For thou didst bless the infant train,

And we are less than they.
4 Thy heavenly grace to each impart;

All evil far remove;
And shed abroad in every heart

Thine everlasting love. 5 Thus cleansed from sin and wholly thine,

A flock by Jesus led,
The Sun of righteousness shall shine

In glory on our head.

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