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L. M.
706. Praise to the Trinity.
1 TO God, the Father-God, the Son,

And God, the Spirit-three in one,
Be honor, praise, and glory given,
By all ou earth, and all in heaven.'

L. P. M. 707.

The sacred Three.
I NOW to the great and sacred Three,
The Father, Son, and Spirit be

Eternal praise and glory given-
Through all the worlds where God is known,
By all the angels near the throne,
And all the saints in earth and heaven.

C. M. 708.

The Trinity adored.
1 LET God,--the Father, and the Son,

And spirit,-be adored,
Where there are works to make him known,

Or saints to love the Lord.

C. M.
709. A grateful Song to the Trinity.
1 IN hope to join th' angelic host

And all the ransomed throng,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

We raise the grateful song.

C. M. D.
710. Praise to the Trinity.
1 THE God of mercy be adored,

Who calls our souls from death,
Who saves by his redeeming word

And new.creating breath;
To praise the Father and the Son

And Spirit all-divine,-
The one in three, and three in one,
Let saints and angels join.

C. P. M.
711. The Source of all Blessings.
1 TO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Be praise amid the heavenly host,

And in the church below;
From whom all creatures draw their breath,
By whom redemption blessed the earth,
From whom all comforts flow.

S. M.
712. Ascriptions of Angels and Saints.
1 YE angels round the thșone!

And saints that dwell below!
Worship the Father, praise the Son,
And bless the Spirit too.

H. M. 713.

Honor, Glory, and Praise. 1 TO God the Father's throne,

Your highest honors raise ;
Glory to God, the Son,

To God, the Spirit, praise :
With all our powers,

Eternal King !
Thy name we sing,
While faith adores.

Ss and 78. 714.

A Benediction implored.
1 MAY the grace of Christ, our Saviour,

And the Father's boundless love,
With the Holy Spirit's favor,

Rest upon us from above!
Let us thus abide in union

With each other, and the Lord;
And possess, in sweet communion,
Joys which earth cannot afford.

8s and 73. 1715.

Praise to the Three in One. 1 PRAISE the God of all creation;

Praise the Father's boundless love:
Praise the Lamb, our expiation,

Priest and King enthroned above;

Praise the Fountain of salvation,

Him by whom our Spirits live;
Undivided adoration
To the one Jehovah give.

8s and 78.
716. Praise to the Lamb.
I GLORY, honor, praise and power

To the Lamb be ever paid ;
Let new blessings, every hour,
Rest on his adored head.

7s, 717. Eternal Praises to the Trinity. I SING we to our God above,

Praise eternal as his love:
Praise him--all ye heavenly host!
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

8s, 78 and 4. 718.

A parting Blessing implored. 1 LORD! dismiss us with thy blessing;

Fill our hearts with joy and peace:
Let us all, thy love possessing,

Triumph in redeeming grace:
Oh ! refresh us-

Traveling through this wilderness. 2 Thanks we give and adoration,

For thy gospel's joyful sound;
Let the fruits of thy salvation

In our hearts lives abound;
May thy presence

With us evermore be found.
3 So, whene'er the signal's given,

Us from earth to call away,
Borne on angels' wings to heaven,

Glad to leave this cumbrous clay,
May we ever
Reign with Christ in endless day.

88,78 and 4. 719.

The Trinity enthroned.
I GREAT Jehovah! we adore thee,

God, the Father-God, the Sons

God, the Spirit-joined in glory,

On the same eternal throne;
Endless praises
To Jehovah, three in one.

7s and 6s. 720

Endless Praises.
1 WE'LL praise thy name for ever,

Thou glorious King of kings !
Thy wondrous love and favor

Each ransomed spirit sings:
We'll celebrate thy glory,

With all thy saints above,
And shout the joyful story
thy redeeming love.

5s and 6s. 721. Praise from Angels and Saints. 1 BY angels in heaven

Of every degree,
And saints upon earth,

All praise be addressed
To God in three persons,

One God ever-blessed :
As hath been, and now is,
And always shall be.

6s and 48. 722.

Boundless Praive.
1 TO God-the Father, Son,
And Spirit-three in one,

All praise be given !
Crown him, in every song ;
To him your hearts belong;
Let all his praise prolong-

On earth-in heaven.



According to thy gracious word....Montgomery 254
A charge to keep I have...

C. Wesley 213
Again the day returns of holy rest... Wm. Mason 262
Again the Lord of life and light...Mrs. Barbauld 256
Ah! how shall fallen man... Epis. Col. 136
Ah! wretched, vile, ungrateful... Mrs. Steele 198
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed..

Watts 152
Alas! what hourly dangers rise... Mrs. Steele 202
All hail the power of Jesus' name.......Duncan 102
All hail, incarnate God !....

. Scott 289
Almighty Father, gracious Lord !....Mrs. Steele 17
Almighty God! in humble prayer...Montgomery 229
Almighty maker, God!.....

Watts 11
Amazing grace ! how sweet the sound... Newton 223
Am I a soldier of the cross..

Watts 220
And are we wretches yet alive ?.

Watts 201
And art thou, gracious master ! gone...... Kelly 104
And can my heart aspire so high.. ...Mrs. Steele 199
And canst thou, sinner! slight....

..Hyde 135
And must this body die.

Watts 334
And now another week begins..

:...Kelly 260
And will the Judge descend.. Doddridge 345
And will the Lord thus condescend...Mrs. Steele 247
Angels! assist to sing.

Gems 9
Angels from the realms of glory....Montgomery 41
Angels rejoiced and sweetly sung.... ..Hurn 43
Angels! roll the rock away....

Gibbons 94
Another day has passed along.... Edmeston 264
Another six days' work is done.......J. Stennett 258
Approach, my soul! the mercy-seat.

.....Ncwton 156
Arise, my soul! my joyful powers........ Watts 176
Arise, my tenderest thoughis! arise... Doddridge 224
Arm of the Lord! awake,... H. F. Burder's Col. 290
Around the Saviour's lofty throne..........

...Kelly 70
Ascend thy throne, almighty King !.....Beddome 29)

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