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than the Creator. Departing from thee, we Have made flesh our arm. We have leaned on broken roeds, and though they have disappointed our hopes, and pierced us through with many sorrows, we have often returned to the same wretched dependence. Thoa hast raised up for us a Savior; and the gospel has presented to our view a plan of redemption and renovation, which the angels desire to look into : but we have crowned all our guilt, by neglecting so great salvation, and turning away from Him that speaketh from heaven; and we deserve to be for ever excluded from all the blessings of the cross.

O deal not with us after our desert, but according to our necessity; and where sin has abounded, may grace much more abound. Over all our unworthiness may grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life, by Jesus Christ our Lord. It is thy pleasure that we seek thee. The desires we feel are of thive own producing. We are willing to be saved in thy own way. We love thy salvation-we love it as it is free, and secures to thyself the undivided glory: and we love it as it is holy, and designed to save us from the power as well as the penalty of sin. O visit us with thy salvation. Shine ipto our hearts, and give us the light of the

knowledge of thy glory in the face of Jesus Christ. Enable us by faith to embrace thy unspeakable gift. May we sit at the feet of Jesus, anir

glory in his cross. May we imbibe his spirit, and follow his example: and whatsoever we do, in word or deed, may we do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Wilt thou now be with us on our voyage; carry us safely on our way; supply all our daily wants ; keep us from storms, from shipwreck, and from sudden death; and bring us to the close of the day in peace and safety, laden with rich experience of thy love.

We extend our wishes beyond the little circle now kneeling in thy presence. We have various absent connexions endeared to our hearts : 0 place them under thy agency, as the God of grace; and keep them unde thy care, as the God of providence.

We would remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them, and those that I suffer adversity, as being ourselves also in the body. Let glory dwell in our land, and upon all the glory may there be a defence. Do good in thy good pleasure unto Zion; build thou the walls of Jerusalem ; make bare thine arm in the sight of all the nations; and let all the ends of the earth see the salvation of our God.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with us all, now and for



6. Evening O GOD, thy greatness is unsearchable. Thy name is excellent in all the earth. Thou hast set thy glory above the heavens, Thousands minister unto thee, and ten thousand times ten thousand stand before thee. We feel ourselves in thine awful presence to be nothing, less than nothing and vanity: nor do we presume to approach thee, because we are deserving of thy notice ; for we have sinned, and have incurred thy righteous displeasure.

But our necessities compel us; and thy promises encourage us. Thou art nigh unto them that are of a broken heart, and savest such as be of a contrite spirit. Thou bast provided a Mediator, who has magnified the law, and made it honorable; so that all who will may be accepted in the beloved.

O look thou upon us, and be merciful unto us, as thou usest to do unto those tha: love thy name.

Convince us of sin, both in its penalty and in its pollution ; and may we mourn over it with a godly sorrow. Give us faith to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ; and believing, may we have life through his name. By holy resemblances, may we put on the Lord Jesus Christ: may the same mind be in us which also was in him.

And as he suffered for us, leaving us an

example, that we should tread in his steps; may we learn to suffer like him. When reviled, may we revile not again, but commit ourselves to him that judgeth righteously, Whoever may be the instrument of our grief. may we never lose sight of an overruling agency, in preparing and presenting it; but be able to say, The cup which my Father giveth me, shall I not drink it ? In patience may we possess our souls; may we be calm to inquire, wherefore thou contendest with us; let not weeping hinder sowing, nor sorrow duty.

We live in a world of changes, and have here no continuing city--may we seek one to come; and have our minds kept in perfect peace, being stayed upon God. Be with us to the end of our journey; and after honoring thee by the life we have lived, may we glorify thee by the death we shall die. When heart and Nesh fail, be thou the strength of our heart, and our portion for ever; at death may we fall asleep in Jesus; and in the morning of the resurrection, may he change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like his glorious body ; and so may we be for ever with the Lord.

Who can understand his errors ? Forgive, God, the sins of the past day, in thought, ord, and deed. We bless thee for our prervation, in our going out, and our coming and in all our ways: and we bless thee for

all the supplies and indulgences, which thy good providence has afforded us.

And now, Othou keeper of Israel, we commit our souls and our bodies to thy allsufficient care.

Suffer no evil to befall us. Hold the stormy winds in thine Almighty hand. And we would feel, that while only a plank separates us from eternity, yet we may safely intrust ourselves to thy care. May our sleep be sweet; or if thou holdest our eyes waking, may we remember thee, upon our bed, and medicate on thee, in the night watches. And if we sleep the sleep of death, we leave ourselves with thee.

And with the innumerable company, who never slumber nor sleep, and who rest not day and night, we would join in ascribing blessing, and honor, and glory, and power, unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb, for ever. Amen.

7. Lord's Prayer paraphrased.

ALMIGHTY God, the creator and gov. ernor of all things, and the most bountiful benefactor of those who fear and obey thee; grant that all reasonable creatures, who are capable of understanding the greatness and glory of thy attributes, may unfeignedly admire and adore thee, and express their veneration of thee in ways niost suitable to the

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