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4 Thus might I hide my blushing face,

his dear cross appears ;
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness,

And melt my eyes to tears.
5 But drops of grief can ne'er repay

The debt of love I owe;
Here, Lord, I give myself away;

'Tis all that I can do.

“ Thou art my trust from my youth.”-


Ps. lxxi. 5.
ALL. gracious Father, heavenly Lord,

Kind guardian of my days,
Thy mercies let my heart record

În songs of grateful praise.
2 In life's first dawn my tender frame

Was thy indulgent care,
Long 'ere I could pronounce thy name,

Or breathe the infant prayer.
3 Each rolling year new mercies brought

From thy exhaustless store;
But ah! in vain my labouring thought

Would cast those mercies o'er.
4 While sweet reflection, thro' my days

Thy bounteous hand would trace;
Still dearer blessings claim thy praise,

The blessings of thy grace.
5 Yes, I adore thee, gracious Lord !

For favours more divine;

That I have known thy sacred word,

Where all thy glories shine. 6 Lord, when this mortal frame decays,

And every weakness dies, Complete the wonders of thy grace,

And raise me to the skies.
7 Then shall my joyful powers unite

In more exalted lays,
And join the happy sons of light

In everlasting praise.

Rev. xxii. 16.

“I am the bright and morning star.”

S. M. ALL hail,

redeeming Lord, Sweet day-star from on high ! All hail, thou Sun of righteousness,

Great source of vital joy! 2 Shine, lovely star of day,

Around, and in us shine;
And our benighted souls shall own

Thy light and love divine.
3 Our wand'ring footsteps guide

Through all this desert place; Beneath thy beams we'll trace the path

Of happiness and peace.
4 Death’s vale shall lose its gloom,

Cheer'd by thy vital ray;
And open to our longing eyes
An everlasting day.


“ He is Lord of all.”-Acts x. 36.

C. M.

A! LL-HAIL the power of Jesus' name !

Let angels prostrate fall; Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown him Lord of all.

2 Crown him, ye martyrs of our God,

Who from his altar call;
Extol the stem of Jesse's rod,

And crown him Lord of all.

3 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,

Ye ransom’d from the fall;
Hail him, who saves you by his grace,

And crown him Lord of all.

4 Ye Gentile sinners, ne'er forget

The wormword and the gall;
Go-spread your trophies at his feet,

And crown him Lord of all.

5 Let every kindred, every tribe,

On this terrestrial ball,
To him all majesty ascribe,

And crown him Lord of all.

6 Oh that, with yonder sacred throng,

We at his feet may fall;
We'll join the everlasting song,

And crown him Lord of all.


A man of sorrows."- Isa. liii. 3.

10,11. ye

that pass by, to Jesus draw nigh; To you is it nothing that Jesus should die? Our ransom and peace, our surety he is; Come, see if there ever was sorrow like his. 2 The Lord in the day of his anger did lay Our sins on the Lamb, and he bare them away. He dies to atone for sins not his own ; The Father hath punish’d, for us, his dear Son. 3 His people embrace the ransoming grace Of Him, who has suffer'd and dy'd in their place. With joy we approve the design of his love; "Tis a wonder below, and a wonder above. 4 He came from above our curse to remove; He hath lov’d, he hath lov'd us, because he

would love! When time is no more, we still shall adore That ocean of love, without bottom or shore. 9. “The heavens declare the glory of God.”


Ps. xix. 1.
ΑΙ LMIGHTY Maker, God!

How wondrous is thy name !
Thy glories, how diffus'd abroad

Thro' the creation's frame!
2 Nature in every dress

Her humble homage pays,
And finds a thousand ways t'express

Thine undissembled praise.

3 My soul would rise and sing

To her Creator too;
Fain would my tongue adore my King,

pay the worship due. 4 Let joy and worship spend

The remnant of my days;
And to my God, my soul ascend,

In sweet perfumes of praise.

10. “By the grace of God I am what I am.”

1 Cor. xv. 10.


AMAZING grace ! how sweet the sound !

That sav'd a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;

Was blind, but now I see.
2 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
grace my

fear reliev'd ; How precious did that grace appear,

When first my soul believ'd! 3 Thro' many dangers, toils and snares,

I have already come; 'Tis grace has brought me safe thus far,

And grace will lead me home. 4 Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail, And mortal life shall

cease, I shall possess within the veil

A life of joy and peace.

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