The Atelier Du Lys, Or, An Art Student in the Reign of Terror, Volume 1

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Longmans, Green, 1877 - 358 pagine

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Pagina 206 - Jehu, bound to put to death every Jacobin who fell into their hands, and diligences were constantly stopped and robbed by men whose air and dress showed them to be of the upper classes. Edme'e could not guess how all this would affect De Pelven, but she knew that to come again into contact with him could bring nothing but trouble and peril. She waited in increasing anxiety, until her fears were partially dispelled by hearing Mademoiselle de St. Aignan's step. She came in, looking tired, excited,...
Pagina 177 - Oh, you who support in such impassioned strains so arid a doctrine, what advantage do you expect to derive from the principle that a blind fatality regulates the affairs of men, and that the soul is nothing but a breath of air impelled...

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