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admiration from Addison, Prior, Pope,
“ Arbuthnot, and Swift. Even in the mi-
“ nutest trifles, in the most familjar epifties,
“ and on the humblest topics, we discover an
" air and manner which bespeak the man of
“ taste and dignity

For the letters to Bp: Trelawny, which
form by much tsc largest stof the volume,
the editor is indebted to the present reverend
and worthy Baronet of that name. Thę
others have been communicated by various
fțiends. The admirable letter to Lord Inver-
ness, in particular, which was not received
tiļl the end of the volume was printing off, is
transmitted by a gentleman of high respectas.
bility, and the correspondence with Bp. Pots
ter, Dr. Wall, and Mr. Strype, are faith-,
fully copied from the originals. The curious
particulars respecting his preferment and
continuance at Bridewell Hospital are satis-
factorily authenticated by the polite attention
of the Rev. Mr. Bowen, the present worthy
Reader at that Hospital ; as are those relat-
ing to St. Bride's by the Rev. Mr. Pridden.



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