Letters of the Right Honourable Lady M--y W---y M----e: Written, During Her Travels in Europe, Asia and Africa, to Persons of Distinction, Men of Letters, &c. in Different Parts of Europe. Which Contain, Among Other Curious Relations, Accounts of the Policy and Manners of the Turks; Drawn from Sources that Have Been Inaccessible to Other Travellers ...

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T. Becket and P.A. De Hondt, 1763

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Pagina 66 - ... loaded with powder, that it makes it look like white wool! and on their cheeks to their chins, unmercifully laid on a shining red japan, that glistens in a most flaming manner, so that they seem to have no resemblance to human faces. I am apt to believe, that they took the first hint of their dress from a fair sheep newly ruddled. 'Tis with pleasure I recollect my dear pretty country-women...
Pagina 22 - I don't know whether I have ever mentioned to you one custom peculiar to their country, I mean adoption, very common amongst the Turks, and yet more amongst the Greeks and Armenians.
Pagina 73 - His endeavouring to shield her from a storm was a natural action, and what he would have certainly done for his horse, if he had been in the same situation. Neither am I of opinion that their sudden death was a reward of their mutual virtue. You know the Jews were reproved for thinking a village destroyed by fire, more wicked than those that had escaped the thunder. Time and chance happen to all men. Since you...
Pagina 23 - tis much more reasonable to make happy and rich an infant whom I educate after my own manner, brought up (in the Turkish phrase) upon my knees, and who has learned to look upon me with a filial respect, than to give an estate to a creature without other merit or relation to me than that of a few letters.
Pagina 93 - It is well that he laid aside the thoughts of the voluminous dictionary, of which I have heard you or somebody else frequently make mention.
Pagina 14 - ... and appeared without other ornament or covering than their own long hair braided with pearl or ribbon. Two of them met the bride at the door, conducted by her mother and another grave relation. .She was a beautiful maid of about seventeen, very richly dressed, and shining with jewels, but was presently reduced to the state of nature.
Pagina 73 - ... different parts of the world, and cannot meet in any one of them. After having read all that is to be found in the languages I am mistress of, and having decayed my sight by midnight studies, I envy the easy peace of mind of a ruddy milk-maid, who, undisturbed by doubt, hears the sermon, with humility, every Sunday, not having confounded the sentiments of natural duty in her head by the vain enquiries of the schools...
Pagina 125 - IN beauty, or wit, No mortal as yet To question your empire has dared; But men of discerning Have thought that in learning, To yield to a lady was hard.
Pagina 73 - It is hard to imagine one's self in a scene of greater horror than on such an occasion ; and yet, shall I own it to you ? though I was not at all willing to be drowned, I could not forbear being entertained at the double distress of a fellowpassenger.

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