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oggero, 3, bring, carry. Ogyges, is, (-us, i,) myth. founder

of Thebes. Ogygius, a, um, Theban (Bacchus). Oīleus, i, myth. king of Locris,

father of Ajax (Oilēus). olax, ācis, fragrant. Olbia, æ, F., a city of Sardinia. olea, æ, F.,

olive. oleāceus (-āgineus, -ārius), a, um;

-āris, e, of oil, or the olive. oleaster, tri, M., wild olive. oleitas, ātis, F., olive-harvest. olens, tis, fragrant, odorous. oleo, ui, 2, to emit odor. oleātus, a, um, cured in oil. olerātor, āris, M., kitchen-gardener. olenticētum, i, N., noisome pool. oleo, olui, 3, to emit odor, betray

one's self by the smell. oleõsus, a, um, oily, full of oil. olētum, i, N., olive-orchard; dung. oleum, i, N., olive-oil; the wrestling

ground. olfacio, fēci, fact-, 3, smell, scent. olfacto, i, smell at, detect. olfactus, ūs, M., the sense of smell. olidus, a, um, strong-scented. õlim, once, ever, some day. olitor, oris, N., market gardener. olīva, æ, F., olive, olive-branch. olīvētum, i, n., olive-orchard. olīvifer, era, um, olive-bearing. olīvitas, ātis; -ēta, æ; F., olive

harvest. olivum, i, N., oil, ointment. olla, æ, F., pot, jar. ollāris, e; (-ārius), of pots, potted. olle, ollus, for ille, that. olor, oris, M., swan; odor. olorifer, era, um, swan-bearing. olorinus, a, um, of swans. olus, eris, N., pot-herbs, vegetables. Olympia, æ, a city of Elis (S.W. Greece), where

games held in honor of Jupiter. olympias, adis, F., period of 4

Olympus, i, M., a mt. in Thessaly,

seat of the gods; heaven. Olynthius, a, um, of Olynthus, a

border-town of Macedonia. omāsum, i, N., tripe, paunch. õmen, inis, N., omen, portent, rit

ual, or solemn usage. õmentum, i, N., fat, membrane. ūminor, 1, prognosticate, predict. õminõsus, a, um, forboding. omissus, a, um, negligent. omitto, misi, miss-, 3, neglect, let go. omnifāriam, on all sides. omnigenus, a, um, of all sorts. omnimodo, by all means. omnino, altogether, at all, by all

means, in general, universally. omniparens, tis, all-producing. omnipotens, tis, all-powerful. omnis, e, all, every, any (w. negat.). omnituens, tis, all-seeing: Omphalē, ēs, myth. q. of Lydia. onager (-grus), gri, M., wild ass. onco, I, to bray. onerārius, a, um, of burden, freight. onero, i, to load, stow, burden. onerosus, a, um, burdensome. onus, eris, N., a load, burden, cargo. onustus, a, um, loadeıl, freighted. tonyx, ychis, M., onyx (yellowish

marble or gem). opācitas, ātis, F., shade. opāco, I, overshadow. opācus, a, um, shady, obscure. opella, æ, F., light task or service. opera, æ, F., pains, task, service,

care; (abl.), by means; day's work;

pl., day-laborers. operans, tis, effectual. operārius, a, um, of work; M., a

laborer. operātio, ōnis, F., work, perform

ance, solemnity. operculo, 1, to cover. operculum (-imentum), i, N., lid,

cover, panel-work. operio, ui, opert-, 4, cover, shut,

hide, conceal, dissemble. Õperior=opperior, wait. operor, 1, work, toil, perform. operāsē, with pains.

years; pl., the Muses. Olympias, adis, m. of Alexander. Olympius, a, um, of Olympia ; N.

pl., Olympic games.


operõsitās, ātis, F., nice work. operāsus, a, um, toilsome, busy. opertāneus, a, um, secret, hidden. opertē, covertly. operto, i, to cover, hide. opertus, a, um, hidden, secret; N.,

secret shrine ; pl. oracles. opes, (ops,] F., resources, wealth. Ophiūsius, a, um, of Cyprus. opicus, a, um, clounish (Oscan). opifer, era, um, help-bringing. opifex, icis, M., craftsman. opificium, i, n., work. opīlio, onis, M., shepherd. opīmē, sumptuously. opīmitas, ātis, F., abundance. opīmo, i, to fatten, enrich. opīmus, a, um, fat, rich, sumptuous,

noble; spolia opima, spoils taken by a general from the

general of the defeated enemy. opinābilis, e, conjectural. opinātio, ōnis, F., conjecture. opinātus, a, um, imagined, famous. opīnio, ōnis, F., opinion, fancy,

rumor, report, reputation. opīnor (-0), 1, to suppose, think. opiparē, sumpluously. opiparus, a, um ; -is, e, sumptuous. opitulor. 1, bring aid, help. topion (-um), i, N., opium, poppy

juice. oportet, uit, 2, it must be (§ 39, 1). oppango, pēgi, pact-, 3, fasten. oppecto, 3, comb away, pluck. oppēdo, 3, to insult. opperior, 4, wait for. oppessulātus, a, um, bolted fast. oppeto,īvi, īt-, 3, go to meet (death). oppico, I, seal with pitch. oppidānus, a, um, of a town, pro

vincial ; M., townsman. oppidātim, in every town. oppido, exceedingly, utterly, surely. oppidulum, dim. of oppidum, i, n., town (fortified). oppignero, 1, to pawn, pledge. oppilo, i, stop, shut up. oppleo, ēvi, ēt-, 2, to fill up. oppono, posui, posit-, 3, to set

against, holil forth, allege, oppose.

opportūnē, seasonably. opportūnitas, ātis, F., fitness, op

portunity, advantage. opportūnus, a, um, fit, seasonable.

exposed, liable. oppositio, onis, F., opposition. oppositus, (pono,] set against. oppositus, ūs, M., setting-against. oppressio, onis, F., force, pressure,

oppression. opressus, a, um, crushed. opprimo, pressi, press-, (premo,]

3, crush, overcome, seize, suppress. opprobrium (-brāmentum), i, n.,

reproach, disgrace, taunt. opprobo, 1, to reproach, upbraid. oppugnātio, ōnis, F., attack. oppugnātor, õris, M., assailant. oppugno, i, to attack, storm, as

sault, resist, beat with fists. opputo, i, to prune. oprimentum=operimentum, lid. ops, opis, F., help, might; pl., re

sources, wealth. Ops, Opis. wife of Saturn, goddess

of Husbandry and Plenty. opsõnium=obsonium, viands. optābilis, e, desirable. optātio, ōnis, F., choice, wish. optātē, according to desire. optātus, a, um, wished-for, desir

able, pleasant, dear. optimātes, um, C., aristocracy. optimē, excellently. optimus, a, um, [bonus,] best. optio, ōnis, F., a choice. optio, ōnis, M., helper, aid. optīvus, a, um, chosen. opto, 1, to desire, wish, choose. optumus=optimus, best. opulens, tis; -lentus, a, um, rich. opulentē (-ter), sumptuously. opulentia, æ, F., wealth, resources. opulento, i, to enrich. opulus, i, F., a maple as support

for vines. Opuntii, people of Opus, a town

of Locris. opus, eris, N., work, task, business. opus, need, needful, serviceable. opusculum, i, n., little work.

āra, æ, F., shore, margin, region. ārāculum, i, N., oracle, prophecy. ārārium, i, n., napkin, handkerchief. Ōrātim, coastwise. õrātio, ōnis, F., speech, language,

harangue, plea, eloquence. Ōrātiuncula, æ, F., letter, speech. õrātor, oris, M. ; -trix, trīcis, F.,

orator, pleadler, envoy. Ōrātoriē, eloquently. õrātorius, a, um, oratorical. Ōrātus, ūs, M., beseeching. orbātor, āris, N., bereaver. orbiculātus, a, um, rounded. orbiculus, i, m., slice, pulley-wheel. orbīlis, e, of a wheel ; N., rim. orbis, is, M., circle, ring. orbita, æ, F., track, course. orbitas, ātis, F., bereavement. orbitosus, a, um, full of ruts. orbo, 1, bereave, deprive. orbus, a, um, berefi, orphaned. orca, æ, F., narwhal (whale). Orcades, um, the Orkney Islands. torchas, adis, N., a kind of vlive. orchestra, æ, F., the Senate's seat

in the theatre ; orchestra. Orchomenus, i, myth. son of

Athamas; a town of Bæotia. orcīnus, a, um, of the dead. orcula, æ, F., keg. Orcus, i, m., the world below; a

name of Pluto ; death. ordeum=hordeum, barley. ordinārius, a, um, customary, reg

ular, in even rows; M., overseer. ordinātē, -tim, in good oriler. ordinātio, ōnis, F., arrangement,

regulation, government. ordinātus, a, um, well-ordered. ordino, i, set in order, govern. ordior, orsus, 4, begin, undertake. ordo, inis, M., order, rank, band. foreas, adis, F., mountain nymph. Orestes, is (æ), son of Agamem

non, slayer of his mother. forexis, is, F., longing. #organicus, a, um, of instruments. torganum, i, n., instrument, organ. torgia, õrum, N., night-revels (of


oria=horia, fishing-boat. forichalcum, i, n., copper ore, brass. orcilla (-cula)=auricula, ear-lap. oriens, tis, rising, the east. orientālis, e, eastern. ö..jt=auriga, waggoner, driver. originālis, e; -ārius, a, um, original. origo, inis, F., birth, source, origin. oriola=horiola, skiff. Orion, õnis (õnis), a famous hun

ter, changed to a constellation. orior, ortus, oriturus, 4, to arise.

appear, originate, be born. Orīthyia, æ, myth. d. of Erectheus. oriundus, a, um, sprung, descended. ornāmentum, i, n.; equipment,

decoration, embellishment. ornātē, elegantly. ornātor, āris, M. ; -trix, trīcis, F.,

decorator, body-servant. ornātulus, a, um, fine, smart. ornātus, a, um, equipped, adorned. ornātus, ūs, M., decoration, equip

ment, embelishment, apparel. orneus, a, um, of the wild ash. tornīthias, æ, F., spring wind. tornīthon, ōnis, M., bird-house. orno, 1, fit out, equip, embellish, honor. ornus, i, F., mountain-ash. āro, i, speak, plead, pray. torābos, i, M., wild pea. Orontes, is (a), a river of Syria. Orpheus, ei, ea, son of Onagrus

and Calliope, a bard of Thrace. Orphēus (-icus, -aïcus), a, um,

Orphean or Orphic. orsus, [ordior,] begun; N. pl., a

beginning, undertaking. orsus, ūs, M., beginning, attempt. forthius, a, um, high-pitched. ortivus, a, um, rising, eastern. ortus, sorior,] descended, born. ortus, ūs, M., rising, origin, birth. Ortygia, æ, F., a name of Delos ;

also the island-dist. of Syracuse. foryx, ygis, M., wild goat, gazelle. forýza, æ, F., rice. ās, āris, N., mouth, face, entrance. os, ossis, N., bone, heart-wood. oscēdo, inis, F., yawning. oscen, inis, M., divining-bird.

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õtium (-olum), i, n., ease, idleness,

quiet, peace; abl., at ease, leisurely. ovanter, exultingly. ovātio, ōnis, F., an ovation (lesser

triumph, with myrtle wreath). āvātus, a, um, egg-shaped. oviārius (-illus, -īnus, -illīnus), a,

um, of sheep. ovicula, æ, F., a little sheep. ovilis, e, of sheep; N., sheepfold. õviparus, a, um, laying eggs. ovis, is, F,. sheep, simpleton. ovo, 1, to exult, triumph, celebrate. āvum, i, n., egg ; ab ovo usque

ad māla, from egg to fruit, i.e.

from first to last (of the feast). toxalis, idis, F., sorrel. Oxus, i, M., a river flowing into

the Caspian. foxymeli, itis, N., vinegar mixed

with honey, oxymel. foxys, yos, F., wild sorrel. foxyzõmus, a, um, with sour sauce. tozymum=ocinum, clover.

Osci (Opici), õrum, the primi

tive people of Campania. oscillātio, ōnis, F., swinging. oscillo, 1, to swing. oscillum, i, N., (os), a little mask. oscitans, tis, sluggish. oscitanter, carelessly. oscitātio, ōnis, F., gaping, yawning. oscito, i, to gape, yawn, open. osculātio, ōnis, F., kissing. osculor (-0), 1, kiss, prize, cherish. osculum, i, m., mouth, lip, kiss. Osīris, is (idis), an Egyptian

deity, husband of Isis. osor, õris, M., a hater. Ossa, æ, F., a mt. in Thessaly. osseus, a, um, of bone, bony. ossiculum, i, n., little bone. ossifragus, i, m., osprey, sea-eagle. ossuārius, a, um, for receiving

bones; N., vault, sepulchre. ostendo, di, sum (tum), 3, to

show, expose, disclose, declare. ostensio, ōnis, F., exhibiting. ostentārius, a, um, of prognostics. ostentātio, onis, F., display, parade ostentātor, õris, M., vain boaster. ostento, I, exhibit, display, threaten,

reveal, indicate. ostentum, i, N., prodigy, portent. ostentus, [ostendo,) exposed. ostentus, M., exhibiling. Ostia, æ, F., a port at the mouth

of Tiber, founded by Ancus. ostiārius, a, um, of the door; M.,

porter; N., door-tax. ostiātim, from door to door. ostium, i, n., door, mouth, entrance. tostrea, æ, F., oyster. ostreārius, a, um, of oysters. ostreātus, a, um, rough, scabby. ostrifer, era, um, producing oysters. ostrinus a, um, purple. tostrum, i, N., sea-purple. āsus, a, um (ādi), hating, hated. Otho, ōnis, 8th emperor, A.D. 69. Othrys, yos, M., a mt. in Thessaly, õtior, i, to be at leisure. õtiösē, leisurely, quietly, calmly. õtiosus, a, um, at leisure, tranquil,

idle, neutral, unprofitable.


P, the prænomen Publius. pabo, ōnis, M., wheelbarrow. pābulāris, e; -ius, a, um, of fodder. pābulātio, ōnis, F., pasture, forage. pābulātor, oris, M., forager, herds


pābulor, i, to graze, forage, seek or

give nourishment. pābulum, i, M., food, fodder. pācālis, e, of peace, peaceful. pācātē, peaceably. pācātor, õris, m., peacemaker. pācātus, a, um, at peace, friendly,

reduced to submission. Pachýnum, i, N. ; -us, i, D., S. E.

promont. of Sicily. pācifer, era, um, peace-bringing. pācificātio, ōnis, F., peace-making. pācificātor, õris, M., peace-maker. pācifico, 1, pacify, appease. pācificus, a, um, peace-making. paciscor, pactus, 3, agree, con

tract, bargain, barter.

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pāco, 1, to pacify, subdue. pacta, æ, betrothed bride. pactilis, e, plaited; wreathed. pactio, ōnis, F., bargain, compact. Pactõlus, i, M., a river of Lydia,

having golden sands. pactor, õris, M., contractor. pactus, (paciscor,] agreed; M.,

betrothed; N., agreement, compact. pactus, (pango,)

fixed, composed. Pacuvius, i, an old Roman poet,

A.D., 221-132. Padānus, a, um, of the river Po

(Padus), in N. Italy. Padūsa, æ, F., a channel of the Po. Pæan, ānis, M. a name of Apollo;

a religious or festive hymn. # pædagogium, i, M., the boy's hall. pædagogus, i, m., preceptor, boy's

attendant, leader, guide, pedant. pædidus, a, um, filthy. pædor, õris, M., filth, stench. pægniārius, a, um, in play. pæminosus, a, um, chinky, uneven. pæne (pēne), almost. pæninsula, æ, F., peninsula. pænula, æ, F., cloak, mantle. pænulātus, a, um, cloaked. pænūria=penūria, poverty. pæānius, a, um, medicinal, healing. Pæstum, i, n., a town of Lucania,

40 miles S. E. of Naples. pætus (-ulus), a, um, blinking, leer

ing, cross-eyed. pāgānus (-icus), a, um, rustic, civic. Pagasæus, a, um, of Pagasa, in

Thessaly ; puppis, the Argo. pāgātim, by districts. pāgina (-ella), æ, F., page, leaf,

slab, book, garden-bed. pāginātus, a, um, planked. pāgus, i, M., country-district, canton. pāla, æ, F., spade, shovel. Palæmon, önis, a sea-god, son

of Ino (Melicerta). Palæstīna, æ, F., Palestine. Palæstinus, a, um, of Palestine;

also, of Palæste, a port of Epirus, entrance to the world

below; deæ, the Furies. # palæstra, æ, F., wrestling-place.

† palæstricus, a, um, of the pal

estra; M., wrestling-master. palam, openly, publicly. Palamēdes, is, myth. k. of Eubea,

who perished at Troy. pālans, tis, wandering. pālāris, e, of pales or stakes. palātīnus, a, um, of the Palatium,

a hill of Rome ; imperial. palatium, i, N., palace. palātus, M. ; (-um, n.), palate, vault.

palē, ēs, F., wrestling. palea, æ, F., chaff; cock's wattles. palear, āris, N., dewlap, throat. Pales, is, F., the deity of Cattle. Palīci, Õrum, sons of Jupiter and

Thalia (Ætna), honored in Sicily. palīlis, e, of Pales; N. pl., festival

of Pales, the shepherd's feast. † palimpsestus, i, m., palimpsest (a

parchment twice written). Palinūrus, i, the pilot of Æneas. pālitans, tis, wandering. paliūrus, i, M., Christ-ihorn. palla, æ, F., woman's mantle, robe. Palladius, a, um, of Pallas (Min

erva) ; N., her image at Troy. Pallantēus, a, um, of Pallas, son

of Evander.. pallens, tis, wan, pale, evil. palleo, ui, 2; -esco, 3, to be pale,

sicken (with fear or desire). palliātus, a, um, cloaked, clad. pallidus (-ulus), a, um, pale, pallid. palliolātim, in a mantle. pallium (-olum), i, N., cover, cloak,

mantle (a Grecian garment). pallor, oris, M., paleness, unsightli

ness, terror. pallula, æ, F., little cloak. palma, æ, F., palm, hand, oar-blacle,

palm-wreath, date. palmāris, e, hand's-breadth, merit

ing the palm. palmārius, a, um, of the palm ; N.,

prize, fee. palmātus, a, um, marked with the

figure of the palm. palmes, itis, M., vine-branch. palmētum, i, m., palm-grove. palmeus, a, um, hand's breadth.


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