A Latin Reader: Adapted to Bullions's Latin Grammar and to Bullions & Morris's Latin Grammar : with an Introduction of the Idioms of the Latin Language, an Improved Vocabulary, and Exercises in Latin Prose Composition : on a New Plan

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Sheldon, 1870 - 380 pagine
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Pagina 379 - In this admirable treatise the author has aimed to preserve the great principles and facts of the science in their integrity, and so to arrange, explain, and illustrate them that they may be clear and intelligible to the student.
Pagina 379 - Bullions' Analytical and English Grammar has been in constant use for several years in this and the other Public Schools of the city. It stands the test of use. The more one sees of it the better it is liked. I consider it a successful work ; and I know that this opinion is shared by other masters in and out of the public service." — JAMBS A. PAGE, Master ofDwight School. " We heartily concur in the above.
Pagina 260 - Lucretius, i, m. the father of Lucretia. Luctus, us, m. (lugeo,) mourning ; sorrow. Lucullus, i, m. a Roman celebrated for his luxury, his patronage of learned men, and his military talents* LUCUS MACEOBI1.
Pagina 273 - Obruo, -ruere, -rui, -rutum, tr. (ob & ruo,) to rush down headlong against; to overwhelm; to cover; to bury. Obrutus, a, um, part, buried; covered; overwhelmed. Obscuro, are, avi, atum, tr. (obscurus,) to obscure; to darken. Obsecro, are, avi, atum, tr. (ob & sacro,) to beseech; to conjure. Obsequor, sequi, secutus sum, intr.
Pagina 276 - Ostrea, ae, f. ostrea, orum, pi. n. an oyster. Otium, i, n. leisure; quiet; ease; idleness. Otos, i, m. a son of Neptune, or of Aloeus. Ovis, is, f. a sheep. Ovum, i, n. an egg. P. P. an abbreviation of Publius. Pabulum, i, n. (pasco,) food for cattle ; fodder.
Pagina 227 - Itum, intr. to sleep. Dorsum, i, n. the back. Dos, dotis, f. a portion ; a dowry. Draco, onis, m. a dragon; a species of serpent.
Pagina 235 - Fero, ferre, tuli, latum, tr. irr. to bear; to carry; to relate, to bring; to produce : ferre manum, to stretch forth; to extend ; ferunt, they say. Feror, ferri, latus sum, pass. to be carried; to flow; to move rapidly; to fly: fertur, imp. it is said : hence, Ferox, ocis, adj.
Pagina 311 - Tarpeia, te, f. the daughter of Sp. Tarpeius: she betrayed the Roman citadel to the Sabines. Tarpeius, a, um, adj. Tarpeian: mons, the Tarpeian or Capitoline mount. Tarquinii, orum, m.

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