The Library of Alexandria: Rediscovering the Cradle of Western Culture

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Roy MacLeod
I. B. Tauris, 16 mar 2000 - 196 pagine
"The Library of Alexandria explores one of the greatest cultural adornments of the late ancient world. The origins of the 'vanished library' of Alexandria lie in the distant echoes of the great library of Pisistratus in Athens, an institution which set the tone for establishing a dominant culture and inspired Alexander the Great to build a library of his own in his empire's most important city." "Roy MacLeod has here assembled an array of distinguished scholars to bring this great - tragically destroyed - institution back to life. They demonstrate how the contemporary reputation of its library helped Alexandria to become a point of convergence for Greek, Roman, Jewish and Syrian culture that drew scholars and statesmen from throughout the ancient world." "This is a wide-ranging and fascinating study for both scholars and general readers."--BOOK JACKET.

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Roy MacLeod is Professor of History, University of Sydney.

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