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October, 1905.

The Anderson Auction Company begs to call to the particular attention of the readers of its Catalogues the following unsolicited testimony of the President of one of the leading Historical Societies of the State of New York to the advantages of book-buying at auction sales, and his personal experiences in sending bids direct to the Auctioneer. The following extract is made from his article which appeared in a recent issue of the "Post-Express" of Rochester, N. Y.

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The sale of books at auction has been a regular business in this country for very many years, but of late it has grown to great proportions, and each year the sales are attended by a constantly increasing number of buyers, while the mail-order business has increased even faster, the principal auctioneers sending their catalogues to book-buyers throughout the country, receiving bids and executing them without charge. There is, however, a popular misconception as to this method of transacting business, and when this is removed the mail-order business will be of enormously greater volume than it is now. It is taken for granted by many people that if they should send in a bid of $10 for a book and nobody else bids more than $4 or $5 the sale will be made to them at $10; but this is not the fact. The writer of this article bid $10 at one sale during the past season and secured the book for $1; he had no other competitor and the auctioneer executed the commission just as the writer would have done if he had been present at the sale. Again, a bid of $5 was sent and the book was secured for 75 cents, the only other bid being 50 cents. Over and over again book-buyers have tested this point, sending in bids by mail and then attending the auction in person to see how their commissions were handled. There is every reason to suppose that the book-auction business is conducted on high and liberal principles, and that bids by mail afford both an easy and a safe way of securing desirable additions to one's library."

We also append the following extract from a letter recently received by The Anderson Auction Company from the writer of the above article:

"Your Catalogues are extremely interesting, are always read with close attention, and then sent on to other book-buyers."

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1. ACROSS THE PLAINS [Stevenson], N. Y. 1892;

Adventures of Harry Marline [Porter], N. Y. 1885; The White World, Life in the Arctic Circle [Kersting], illust., N. Y. 1902; and others.

8 vols.

2. ADE (GEORGE). People You Know (autograph of author on half title); Breaking into Society, illust., 1904. en 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. N. Y. 1903-1904

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3. AÏDÉ (HAMILTON). Songs without Music. Rhymes FIRST EDN. Square post 8vo, vellum, Lond. 1882

and Recitations.


✔ 4. AMERICAN ART REVIEW (THE). Vol. I. (second division). With fine etchings and other illusts. Royal 4to, Bost. 1881


5. AMERICAN HUMOR. A Book of American Humor

'un ous Prose and Verse 2 vols. 12mo, cloth, gilt tops. Chicago, 1904

✔6. AMERICAN IN PARIS; or, Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1843. By M. Jules Janin. 18 plates from de

EL signs by Eugene Lami. Royal 8vo, half blue morocco gilt,

gilt top edge (margins discolored).

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Lond. 1843

✔ 7. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Neilson (Chas.) An Original, Compiled and Corrected Account of Burgoyne's Campaign, and the Memorable Battles of Bemis's Heights. Lorly Large folding map of the Bemis Battle-ground. Crown 8vo,

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original cloth (spotted).

Albany, 1844

✔8. AMERICAN VIEWS. The New-York Mirror. Vol. 15. 4 steel plates, views on the Hudson, Mississippi, etc with woodcuts by A. Anderson and others. Folio, half calf. N. Y. 1838

9. AMYE ROBSART and the Earl of Leycester. An Inquiry into the Death of Amye Robsart and a History of Kenilworth Castle, etc., etc. By Geo. Adlard. Portraits and full-page plates, some in tint. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1870 ✔10. ANTHOLOGY. The Classic and the Beautiful from the Literature of three thousand years, by the Authors and 7m Orators of all Countries. Edited by Dr. H. Coppée. Profusely illust. Complete in 69 Parts. Imp. 8vo, original


Phil. 1895

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√ 11. ARIOSTO (LUD.) Orlando Furioso. 3 vols. crown
8vo, half morocco, gilt top edges.
In Orleans, 1785

12. ARNOLD (SIR EDWIN). The Voyage of Ithobal. Illust. by Arthur Lumley. Crown 8vo, original cloth, gilt top edge. (10 copies.)

N. Y. 1901

13. AVENTURES DU CHEVALIER CARÊME. Par M. Guéchot. Numerous full-page Quixotic illusts. and vignettes. 4to, decorated boards, gilt edges.. Paris, 1896

✓ 14. BEARDSLEY (AUBREY). The Cambridge A, B, C. Nos. 1 to 4, June 8-12, 1894. Front. and cover design by Beardsley. Square post 8vo, original boards, as issued (back slightly chipped). Cambridge, 1894,

15. Ben Jonson: his Volpone; or, The Foxe. With front., initials and cover designs by Aubrey Beardsley. 4to, cloth, gilt. N. Y. 1898 16. BELL (J. J.) Wee Macgreegor, and Later Adventures of Wee Macgreegor. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. N. Y. 1903-1904 ✓17. BELL'S (SIR CHARLES) THE HAND: its Mechan- ▾ ism and Vital Endowments as Evincing Design, choice woodcuts; History, Habits and Instincts of Birds, Animals, etc., by Wm. Kirby, full-page illusts., 2 vols.; and others (The Bridgewater Treatises [on Scientific subjects]). 12mo and 8vo, full calf, gilt. Lond. Wm. Pickering, 1833, etc. J18. BESANT (WALTER). The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies. Portrait. Post Svo, cloth. N. Y. 1888

19. BIBLE (ANNOTATED PARAGRAPH): containing Old and New Testaments, arranged in Paragraphs and Parallelisms, with Explanatory Notes, etc. Maps and other illusts. 3 vols. royal 8vo, straight-grained calf, gilt.


Lond. 1857

The Minor Prophets, with a Commentary by
Oxford, 1860

Dr. E. D. Pusey. 4to, half morocco.


Smith (Dr. Wm.) Dictionary of the Bible, comprising its Antiquities, Biography, Geography, and Natural History. 3 vols. Numerous illusts. Royal 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1863 ✔ 22. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogue of Books on Angling, including Ichthyology, Pisciculture, Fisheries and Fishing Laws, from the Library of [Mr. John Bartlett]. Small 4to, boards. Cambridge: [Privately printed], 1882 Contains useful bibliographical notes.

23. BINYON (LAWRENCE). Lyric Poems. Square 12mo, cloth, uncut.

Book-label of R. Le Gallienne.

Lond. 1894

24. BIRDS. The House Sparrow at Home and Abroad.

EL By Thos. G. Gentry. Colored front., and Bibliography.

Phil. 1878 25. Birds of Washington and Vicinity, including adjacent parts of Maryland aud Virginia. By Mrs. L. W. Maynard. Illusts. Post 8vo, cloth.

Wash. 1902

26. BODLEY (SIR THOMAS). The Life of. The Life of. Written by Himself. Photogravure portrait. Hand-made paper. en Privately printed. Privately printed. 12mo, half cloth.

Lond. 1894

27. BOOKPLATES. English Bookplates. An Illustrated Handbook for Students of Ex-Libris. Square post 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. With about 200 reproductions.



By Egerton
Bell, 1892

Jay Chambers, his Book-Plates, with 27 illusts.; The Child's Book-Plate, by Gardner C. Teall, illust., 2 vols. post 8vo and 16mo, cloth.

N. Y. 1902-1904

29. BORROW (GEO.) The Death of Balder. Transl. from the Danish of J. Ewald. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Lond., n. d.

One of 250 copies issued. With bookplate of R. Le Gallienne and 1 page of MS. in his auto. laid in.

30. BOSTON. Dearborn (Nath.) Boston Notions: being an Authentic and Concise Account of "that Village" from 1630 to 1847. Maps, folding plan of Mount Auburn, facMy similes of documents, views, and engraved portraits of WASHINGTON, JACKSON, VAN BUREN, etc. 12mo, roan. Bost. 1848

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31. BOTANY. Grew (Dr. Nehemiah). The Anatomy of Plants. With an Idea of a Philosophical History of Plants. And several other Lectures read before the Royal Society. 83 copper-plates of plants. Folio, old calf (back joint split). Lond. 1682 The author was believed to he the first to observe sex in plants. Bookplate of John Lancaster, of Rugby.

✔32. [BRATHWAITE (RICHARD).] Barnabæ Itinerarium; or, Barnabee's Journal. With an Account of the Author, Bibliography and Notes. Front. after Wm. Marshall and 7 other comic copper-plates. Crown Svo, old calf. Lond. 1818

35. BREWER (DR. E. C.) Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction, and the Drama. A Revised American Edition of "The Reader's Handbook " Edition. By Marion Harland. Many etchings, photogravures, wood engravings and typogravures (some IN COLORS), by the best artists. vols. royal 4to, original half morocco, gilt edges. N. Y. 1892 EDITION DE LUXE of this beautifully embellished issue.


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