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93. EDWARD THE BLACK PRINCE (History of the Life of). By G. P. R. James. Map. 2 vols. 12mo, original cloth, uncut.

Lond. 1839

Bookplates of John G. Rebow. The author was British Consul in Massachusetts, 1850-52.

✓ 94. EGYPTIAN HUMOUR. Er-Sie-Es. Ægyptische Humoreske. Nach der Natur abgemalt und neidergeschrieben 1302 Jahre von Christi Geburt durch C. M. Seyppel. Printed on a thick stained paper and humorously illust. in the manner of ancient Egyptian art. Royal 8vo, bound in a piece of sacking, with seal and leather tyers.

Memphis [Dusseldorf, 188-]

The original edition of an extremely clever jeu d'esprit, which won the admiration of eminent Egyptologists.

95. ELEMENTS OF MORAL SCIENCE [Wayland]; Moral Philosophy [Haven]; Elements of Morality [Whewell]; and others. 10 vols.

96. ELIOT (GEO.) Works (Novels, Essays, Poems.) Illusts. 8 vols. crown 8vo, original cloth.

Bost., n. d.

97. EMERSON (EDWIN). A History of the Nineteenth Century Year by Year. Illust. with 16 colored plates, 32 Un full-page half-tone cuts and two maps. 3 vols. post 8vo,


98. EMERSON (R. W.) English Traits.
2mo, cloth.

N. Y. 1901


Bost. 1856

✓ 99.

The Conduct of Life. FIRST EDN.

12mo, cloth.

Bost. 1860

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✔100. ENGLISH CLASSICS. Works and Selections from ✔
the Works of Goldsmith, Milton, Swift, Gay, Keble, Tenny-
son, Shelley, etc. Fronts. 12 vols. 12mo, original half
sheep, gilt top edges.
N. Y.: Appleton, 1896

101. ENGLISH POEMS [Le Gallienne], Lond. 1895; The Napoleon of Notting Hill [Chesterton], Lond. 1904; The Deliverance [E. Glasgow], N. Y. 1904. 3 vols. post 8vo,


102. ETCHINGS. The American Art Review, 1880. With an extensive series of fine etchings by Moran, Ferris and other eminent etchers, as well as numerous other illusts. Thick 4to, full crimson morocco, richly gilt on back and sides, doublé with blue silk, gilt edges. Bost. 1880

103. EVERETT (ALEX. H.) Poems. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original cloth and label. Fine copy. Scarce. Bost. 1845 104. EVIDENCES OF CHRISTIANITY [M'Ilvaine]; Prayer Meeting Theology [Mullois]; and others. 11 vols.

105. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATIONS TO DON QUIXOTE. 624 A Series of 36 Etchings by Lalauze, proofs on India paper. Useful lot for extra-illustrating. 8vo (as a lot).

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The Loves of Edwy [O'Neil (Rose Cecil)], illust. by the author, Bost. 1904; The Grafters, by Francis Lynde, 1904; The Filigree Ball, by Anna Katherine Green, 1903; The Monarch Billionaire, by M. I. Swift, 1903; Autobiography of a Child, by Hannah Lynch, 1899. 5 vols. post 8vo, cloth.


The Seeker [Harry Leon Wilson], and The Lions of the Lord, illust., Bost. 1903-1904; Sixty Jane, by John Luther Long, illust., 1903; A Parish of Two, by McVickar and Collins, Bost. 1903. 4 vols. post 8vo, cloth.

111. - Her Infinite Variety, by Brand Whitlock, illust. by Christy, 1904; Truth, by Zola, portrait inserted, N. Y. 1903; Tittlebat Titmouse (abridged from Warren's Ten Thousand a Year), illust., N. Y. 1903; Children of Destiny, by Molly Elliott Sewell, illust. by A. B. Wenzell (auto. letter of author laid in), 1903. 4 vols. post 8vo, cloth.

From the Cliffs of Croaghaun. By Robert
Cromie. Illust. Post 8vo, cloth. (8 copies.) Akron, O., 1904
113. The Queen's Quair, by Maurice Hewlett, 1904;
My Friend Prospero, by F. T. Isham, 1903; In the Morning
Glow, by R. R. Gilson, 1902; Mammy Rosie, by A. M.
Bagby, 1904. 5 vols. post 8vo, cloth.

N. Y.

✓114. Hardy's Desperate Remedies; Tytler's Jona- ✓ than; Oliphant's White Ladies; and others. 15 vols. 12mo, cloth.

115. FIELDING (HENRY). Works. Etched fronts. to each vol. 12 vols. post 8vo, cloth, gilt.

N. Y. 1902

116. FIGARO ILLUSTRÉ. Tome Douzième (Vol. 12) for 1901. Numerous full-page illusts and vignettes, many colored. Folio, cloth, with the original colored pictorial wrappers preserved. Paris, 1901

117. FISH, THEIR HABITS AND HAUNTS [Prouty], portrait, Bost. 1883; Insect Lives [Ballard], illust., N. Y. 1887; Fly-Fishing in Maine Lakes [Stevens], Bost. 1881; and others. 8 vols.

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118. FLOWERS FOR THE PARLOR AND GARDEN [Rand], illust., post 8vo, cloth, Bost. 1864; Hints on Household Taste [Eastlake], illust., 8vo, half calf, Bost. 1874. 2 vols.

119. FOSTER (BIRKET). Sabbath Bells Chimed by the
Poets. Numerous colored vignettes, initials, etc. Square
Svo, stamped morocco gilt, gilt edges (slightly rubbed).
N. Y. 1857

The Home Affections Portrayed by the Poets.
Edited by Chas. Mackay. Numerous illusts. by Dalziel
Bros, after Foster, Millais and others. Square 8vo, full
brown morocco gilt, gilt edges.
Lond. 1858

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Original edition.


Life and Times of.

By Jas. Parton. Engraved portraits. 2 vols. crown 8vo, original cloth (backs little damaged and margins discolored), N. Y. 1864; and 2 others.

122. GA

ARNETT (RICHARD). Poems, 1895; A Chaplet from the Greek Anthology, 1892 (with bookplates of R. Le Gallienne). 2 vols. 12mo, cloth and half vellum.


123. GAY (JOHN). Poems. Edited by J. Underhill. With portrait of John Gay. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. Lond. 1893 /124. GAY'S POEMS, with copperplates, 2 vols. 12mo, old calf, Lond. 1745; Memoirs of Richard Cumberland, 2 vols. (poor copy), Lond. 1807; and others. 9 vols.

125. GILDER (R. WATSON). Five Books of Song. Post 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1894

Presentation copy from Richard Le Gallienne, with the latter's bookplate.


A Concise Glossary

of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian and Gothic. By John Hy. Parker. Copiously illust. 12mo, cloth.

Oxford, 1869 127. GREAT METROPOLIS [London-by Jas. Grant]; Life of Washington Irving [C. D. Warner], FIRST EDN.; Goethe's Poems, portrait; and others. 26 vols. ✓128. GREEK AND ROMAN SCULPTURE. Les Monumens Antiques du Musée Napoléon, avec une explication par J. G. Schweighaenser. 318 outline engravings by Thos. Piroli of ancient bas-reliefs and statuary. 4 vols. 4to, original half roan, uncut (early leaves of first vol. waterstained). Paris, 1804-1806 The masterpieces "collected" by Napoleon, chiefly in Italy. Like the pictures, they were finally dispersed amongst their rightful owners.

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✓129. GUIZOT (M.) A Popular History of England, from

the Earliest Times to the Reign of Queen Victoria. With continuation to 1874. Edited by Madame Guizot de Witte. Transl. by M. M. Ripley. Profusely illust. with portraits, etc. vols. royal 8vo, sheep; also duplicates of first 3 vols. Bost. [1876-81]

J 130.

History of France from the Earliest Times to 1848. Steel fronts. and numerous full-page illusts. 8 vols. post 8vo, cloth. Bost. Dana, Estes [recent] History of Civilization in Europe. Illust.


12mo, half calf extra.

N. Y., n. d.


Songs for the Household; Hood's Poetical

Works; and others similar. 10 vols.

✔ 133. HANGING OF THE CRANE (THE) [Longfellow];
Snow Bound [Whittier]. Both with illusts.

2 vols. 8vo, Bost. 1875-87

134. HARTE (BRET). In the Carquinez Woods. FIRST (Published in London a year before the Boston edition.) 12mo, cloth.


Bookplate of Richard Le Gallienne.

Lond. 1883


Trent's Trust, and other Stories.


12mo, cloth.

Bost. 1903

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136. HAWTHORNE (NATHANIEL). The Scarlet Letter. Second edn., with Preface now first published. 12mo, cloth (binding slightly stained).


The House of the Seven Gables. 12mo, original cloth (covers lose).

▼ 138.

Bost. 1850


Bost. 1851

True Stories from History and Biography. FIRST EDN. Illusts. 12mo, original cloth (title spotted).

139. [HAZLITT (WM.)]
on Books, Men and Things.
calf (backs chipped).

140. HILL (AARON).
Drury Lane Theatre).
4 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt.

Bost. 1851

The Plain Speaker: Opinions
FIRST EDN. 2 vols. 8vo, half
Lond. 1826

The Works of Hill (Manager of
Letters, Poems, etc. Best edn.
Fine set.
Lond. 1753-54

141. HISTORICAL MEMOIRS of the Emperor Alexan-√

der I. and the Court of Russia, 1900; The Life and Correspondence of William Buckland, illust., 1894; Autobiography of William II. Seward, 1877; etc. 9 vols.

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142. HOGARTH. The Works of Mr. Hogarth Moralized. [By John Trusler.] Portrait, caricatures and 73 copperplates. 8vo, half morocco, gilt back and edges. Lond. [17—] The Works of Hogarth. Illust. 4to, cloth. Lond. Dicks [ca. 1880] 144. HOLMES (O. W.) Poems. New and enlarged edn. v Containing Prefatory Note and five additional Poems. Vignette title. 12mo, cloth (pp. 286).


Bost. 1849

145. HOME AND HEALTH [Fowler]; Longevity [Gardner]; Brain and Mind, Diseases of the Skin [Neligan]; and others. 12 vols.

146. HOOK (THEODORE). The French Stage and the ✔ French People, as illustrated in the Memoirs of M. Fleury. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth, uncut (loose in covers). Lond. 1841

147. HORSES. De Solleysel (Le Vieur). Le Parfait Mareschal, qui enseigne à connoistre la Beauté, la Bonté, et les Defauts des Chevaux. Front., portrait, plates of horses, and woodcuts of bits, etc. 2 vols. in 1. 4to, old calf, gilt (little water-stained). A Paris, 1718 The standard work on the subject in France during a great part of the 17th and 18th Centuries.

148. HOUSE-BUILDING, from a Cottage to a Mansion [Richardson], illust., N. Y. 1873; Homes, and how to Make Them [Gardner], illust., Bost. 1875; Illustrated Homes [Gardner], illust., Bost. 1875; and others. 6 vols. cloth.

The Vial of Love. v

149. HOUSMAN (LAURENCE). Poems. By Chas. Newton-Robinson. Title, covers and centrepieces designed by L. H. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut.

· Book-label of R. Le Gallienne.

150. HOWELLS (W. D.) Doctor Breen's Novel. FIRST EDN. Post 8vo, cloth.

Lond. 1895

Practice: a
Bost. 1881

✓151. HUME AND SMOLLETT'S History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Cæsar to the Death of George II. Oxford English Classics Edition. 13 vols. 8vo, original cloth, uncut (lacks all the portraits).

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Oxford: Talboys & Wheeler, 1826-27 Considered the BEST LIBRARY EDITION of this standard his


152. HUMOR. John Smith's Letters, with "Picturs" ✔ to Match. With reasons why John Smith should not change his name, and History of the late War in our Disputed Territory. Full-page comic etchings. Post 8vo, original half cloth and boards (some margins damp-stained). Scarce. N. Y. 1839

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