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60. BEECHER (H. W.) Life of Jesus the Christ. Illusts.
Complete edn. in 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.
N. Y. 1871-91
Patriotic Addresses in England and America.
Portraits. Thick post 8vo, cloth (underscored with blue
N. Y. 1888

64. BERND (DR. C. S. T.) Handbuch der Wappen


4205/50 wissenschaft. 13 plates, containing numerous coats-of-arms. Leipzig, 1856 ✓ 65. BIBLE. A New English Translation, prepared by Eminent Biblical Scholars of Europe and America. 5 odd Parts, containing Leviticus, Joshua, Judges, Isaiah, Psalms. COLORED and other illusts. 5 vols. imp. Svo, cloth.






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62. BEE CULTURE. Root (A. I.) The A B C of Bee Culture. Illust. Imp. 8vo, cloth (ownership stamp on Medina, Ohio, 1882 63. BEDE (CUTHBERT-[i. e., Edward Bradley].) The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green; Little Mr. Bouncer; Tales of College Life. Illusts. by the author. 3 vols. 8vo, original cloth, uncut. EDITION LIMITED TO 250 NUMBERED COPIES ON HAND-MADE PAPER. Bost. 1893

66. BIBLE, in Welsh, 1822; Book of Common Prayer (name on title), Brooklyn, 1801; Whitefield's Memoirs; and others. 5 vols. 8vo.

67. BIBLE FOR LEARNERS. By Dr. H. Oort and Dr. Hooykaas, with the assistance of Dr. A. Kuenen. Maps. 3 vols. 12mo, cloth (pencil-scored in places). Bost. 1880-81 ✓68. BIOGRAPHICAL ANNALS of the Civil Government of the United States during its First Century. By Chas. Lanman. Imp. 8vo, cloth (library-stamped in places). Wash. 1876

69. BIOGRAPHY. Beacon Biographies: Fredk. Douglass; J. J. Audubon; Tom Paine; Sam Houston; Harper's Black and White Series: Lowell, G. W. Curtis, Whittier. Together 7 vols. 32mo, cloth.

70. Whipple's Recollections of Eminent Men; Paul Bourget's Pastels of Men, 2 vols.; Richard Lodge's Richelieu; and others. 7 vols. 12mo, cloth, etc.

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✓71. BIRDS. The Feathered Tribes of the British Islands. By Robert Mudie. With an extensive series of illusts., FINELY COLORED. 2 vols. post 8vo, half calf, gilt. Lond. 1835


About the Feathered Folk [Temple]; Stories of Bird Life [Pearson], 1901; Bird Talk [Whitney], 1887; and others, similar. 5 vols. cloth.

73. BIRDS. Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania, with
special reference to their Food Habits. By B. H. Warren.
Second edn., revised and augmented. 100 full-page colored
plates. Thick royal 8vo, half morocco.
Fine copy.


Harrisburg, 1890
✓74. BIRDS, FISHES, ETC. Fish and Game of the State✓
of New York. Seventh Report of the Forest, Fish and
Game Commission. 100 beautifully colored plates of birds,
fishes, wild animals, etc. 4to, loose in cloth portfolio.
✓ 75. BISMARCK: the Man and the Statesman. Being
the Reflections and Reminiscences of Otto, Prince von Bis-
marck, written and dictated by Himself. From the German
under the supervision of A. J. Butler. 2 portraits and fac-
simile. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1899

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76. BLACKMORE (R. D.) Lorna Doone: a Romance of Exmoor. 3 vols. 12mo, cloth, gilt top edges. N. Y. 1890 Exmoor edition, with a new preface, here reproduced in facsimile.

77. BLACKSTONE (SIR WM.) Commentaries on the
Laws of England. With copious Notes and Additions.
Edited by Thos. M. Cooley. REVISED EDN. Portrait.
Chicago, 1876

2 vols. royal 8vo, sheep.

78. BLAINE (JAMES G.) Twenty Years of Congress:
from Lincoln to Garfield. Portraits. 2 vols. thick 8vo,
half morocco, gilt.
Norwich, Conn., 1884
Biography of, by Gail Hamilton [M. A. Dodge].
Portraits and views. 8vo, cloth.
Norwich, Conn., 1895


80. BOCCACCIO. The Decameron. Now first completely done into English Prose and Verse by John Payne. Fronts. 2 vols. 8vo, buckram. LIMITED EDITION DE LUXE.

Lond.: Privately printed, 1903

81. BOOK AUCTIONS. Seventy Years of Book Auctions in New York. [By R. F. Roden.] Post 8vo, paper, pp. 6. (50 copies, as a lot.)

/82. BOOKPLATES. Sr. John Hynde Cotton (forced on
George II. as Treasurer of the Chamber). Chippendale.
(Eng. by Stephens Co., 1745.)

83. Charles Pinfold (Gov. of Barbadoes, circa 1760; Chippendale, motto-ribbon empty). Allen, 683.

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[Pyott] "Pietatis Amator." Fine pictorial Chippendale, eng. by E. Bramston (who only engraved 2 plates). Rare. [Circa 1760.]

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• 85. William B. Sumner. Fine Chippendale. [Circa

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88. pression).



Joshua Saunders. Festoon. [Circa 1798.] Francs Calvert. Chippendale. [Circa 1800.] ArWilliam Maxwell, Esq. of Dalswintone. morial. [Circa 1800.]



Richmond Library. Early American border label (lacks small piece of left-hand top corner). [Circa 1800.]

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Wreath. Fine.
[Circa 1780.]

"W. S."; pretty wreath. [Circu 1788. ]
Philomathean Society, dated 1794 (later im-

93. Samuel G. Mills [Wreath, circa 1800]; L. Cotton, Phil.; M. Montefiore. (3 pieces.)


Duchess of St. Albans (?), Harriet Mellon. Actress, first appeared at Drury Lane, 1787, and married William Aubrey de Vere, ninth Duke of St. Albans). Chippendale. (Thinned.) [Circa 1805.]

Thomas Horton.

95. Charles Sandys (English Antiquary), eng. by Warwick, and signed Armorial, 1820. (Slightly damaged on lower margin)

Yale College Library; Larned Fund.

Anthony Ten Broeck. Label, with border.

M. Guillemart. Eng. by Durand, and signed.




99.- Sir James Stuart, Chief Justice of Lower Canada. Fine armorial.

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107. Virginia). 108.

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(cut close).


John E. Gavit (engraver, assisted in organizing the American Bank Note Company of N. Y.). Armorial.

G. C. M. Roberts, M. D., Baltimore. Allen 733.
Rev. John Boucher (Loyalist clergyman in
Armorial. Allen 95.

B. T. Welch. Allen 919.

Emma Augusta Tefft. Armoria 1.

W. B. Tegetmeier (eminent naturalist).
George Olcott. Allen, 622.

J. Fenimore Cooper. Label.

[Gerard] Bancker. Chippendale. Allen, 55

109. Hy. Fred. Phinney; Thomas F. Grady; and Edward Shipperdson.

(3 pieces.)

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The Anderson Auction Co.

i 110. BOOKPLATES. William Chas. Dalrymple; Robert
Gage Rookwood; and Wm. J. Le Moyne. (3 pieces.)

James K. Pell; Edward Sealy; and Charles
Walsham (damaged). (3 pieces.)


James Appleton Morgan; James Wilson Clark;
and Library College of the City of New York. (3 pieces.)
↓ 113.
Bibliothèque de M. de Mareste; Ensworth; and
initials "C. R. L." (3 pieces.)

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114. BOOKS. Rambles in Books. burn.

By Charles F. Black-
Portrait on title. Post 8vo, cloth. Limited issue.
Lond. 1893

√ 115. BOSANQUET (B.) The Civilization
dom, and other Studies. Post 8vo, cloth.

116. BOSTON MONDAY LECTURES. Biology, Heredity, etc., 4 vols.; Two Hundred Years of the S. P. C., 17011900, portraits, Lond. 1901; Meditations and Disquisitions upon Certain Psalms [Baker] (reprint, 1882); and others. 10 vols.


✓ 117. BOSWELL'S LIFE OF JOHNSON. Edited, with
an Introduction, by Mowbray Morris. Portraits. 2 vols.
post 8vo, cloth.
Bost. [recent]

✔ 118. BOTANY. The Organic Constituents of Plants and
Vegetable Substances and their Chemical Analysis. By
Dr. G. C. Wittstein. Transl., with Additions. 8vo, cloth.
Melbourne, 1878


Structural Botany; or, Organography on the
Basis of Morphology. With a Glossary of Botanical Terms.
By Asa Gray. Illust. 8vo, cloth.
N. Y. 1879
✓ 120. Comparative Anatomy of the Vegetative Or-
gans of the Phanerogams and Ferns. By Dr. A. De Bary.
Transl. and Annotated. Index, and 249 illusts. Royal 8vo,
half leather, uncut.
Oxford, 1884

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of Christen-
Lond. 1893

121. Physiological Botany. By Geo. Lincoln Goodale. Illust. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1885


Fungi and Fungicides [Wood], 1894; The
Propagation of Plants [A. S. Fuller], 1887. 2 vols. crown
8vo, cloth.
✓ 123.


The Elements of Botany for Beginners and for
Schools. By Asa Gray. Illust. Post 8vo, cloth. N. Y. [1887]
The Origin of Floral Structures through Insect
and other Agencies. By Rev. Geo. Henslow. 88 illusts.
Post 8vo, cloth.
N. Y. 1888
Botany. By
Svo, cloth.
Lond. 1889

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✓ 125.


A Handbook of Cryptogamic
Alfred W. Bennett and Geo. Murray. Illust.

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126. BOTANY. Botany for High Schools and Colleges. By Charles E. Bessey. 6th edn., revised. Fully illust. Thick 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1889


Romance of Low Life amongst Plants. Facts
and Phenomena of Cryptogamic Vegetation. By M. C.
Cooke. Post 8vo, cloth.
Lond. 1893

By Abbot

✓ 128. Eucalyptus (A Scientific Treatise).
Kinney. Illusts. 8vo, half roan. Los Angeles, Cal., 1895
✓129. Goebel (Prof. K.) Outlines of Classification
and Special Morphology of Plants (Sach's Botany, Book
II.), authorized Eng. transl., by H. E. F. Garnsey, revised
by Prof. I. B. Balfour, 407 woodcuts, Oxford, 1887; Organ-
ography of Plants, especially of the Archegoniatæ and
Spermaphyta, authorized Eng. edn., by Prof. I. B. Balfour,
Part I., General Organography, 130 woodcuts, Oxford, 1900.
2 vols. royal 8vo, original half morocco, gilt top edges.

130. Methods in Plant Histology. By C. J. Chamberlain. 8vo, cloth (stamp on title). Chicago, 1901

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131. On the Physics and Physiology of Protoplasmic Streaming in Plants. By A. J. Ewart. 17 illusts. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Oxford, 1903 132. BRANDENBURGH COLLECTION OF GEMS, MEDALS, ETC. Thesaurus Brandenburgicus selectus Commentario illustratæ a L. Begero. Fronts. and hundreds of copperplates of ancient Greek and Roman gems, medals, statuary and other objects, including the Priapeian. 3 vols. in 4. Folio, old vellum (stained). Coloniæ Marchicæ, 1696

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A magnificent collection of Antiquities, almost unrivalled throughout the Royal Museums of Europe during the greater part of the 17th and 18th centuries.

✓ 133. BRITISH ESSAYISTS. With Prefaces, Biographical, Historical and Critical, by Rev. Robt. Lynam. Engraved portraits. 30 vols. 12mo, half calf.

Lond. J. F. Dove, 1827

134. BRITISH POLITICAL PORTRAITS (Balfour, Rosebery, Morley, Bryce and others). By Justin McCarthy. Portraits. Post 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1903

135. BROADSIDE. A New Song, to the Tune of Derry Down. Address'd to the Opposers of [Edmund] B**[ur] ke, C**g*r, and Liberty. Broadside (split in places and mounted on linen). [Bristol, 1774]

One of the Election songs circulated during Burke's candidature; it contains some studied insults to his local opponents of both sexes.

136. [BROWNE (C. F.)] Artemus Ward's Panorama. FIRST EDN. Illust. 12mo, cloth. N. Y. 1869

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