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Dale's Marcus Warwick, Atheist (3 copies); McConnell's Evolution of Immortality (2 copies); Firth's Adventures of a Martyr's Bible (6 copies); and another. 14 vols. crown 8vo, cloth. [v. y.]



Ralph Erskine's Sermons, 2 vols.; Suddard's British Pulpit, 2 vols.; Woodgate's A Modern Layman's Faith; and others. 15 vols. 8vo.

[v. y.] ✔ 828. THOREAU (H. D.) Walden. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth, uncut. Bost. 1889

829. TICKNOR (GEORGE). Life, Letters, and Journals of Ticknor. [By G. S. Hillard, etc.] FIRST EDN. Portraits. 2 vols. thick 8vo, full blue calf, richly gilt, gilt edges. Bost. 1876

830. TILTON (THEO.) The Sexton's Tale, 1867; Thou✓ and I, 1880; Tempest Tossed, 1874, FIRST EDNS.; also Sanctum Sanctorum, 1870. 4 vols. 12mo, cloth. N.Y.

831. TIMBER, and some of its Diseases. By H. M. Ward. √ Illust. 12mo, cloth.

Lond. 1889

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832. TOLSTOI. War and Peace. Transl. by Nathan H. Dole. 4 in 2 vols. Crown 8vo, cloth. N. Y. [1889]

✓ 833 TRAVELS. A Complete Set of the Edinburgh Cabinet Library, consisting of Geographical and Historical Accounts of the various Countries of the World, with the Narratives of certain Travellers, and Biographies. Maps, portraits, etc. 38 vols. 12mo, sound and uniform set, nicely bound in calf, gilt, contents lettered.

Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1830-49 A well-selected group of works, which at the time the series appeared were considered the standard authorities.

834. Pioneer Life and Frontier Adventure; Cruise of the North Star [Choules]; Russian Shores of the Black Sea [Oliphant]; Algiers in 1857 [Davies]; and others. vols. crown 8vo, etc., cloth.


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¡ 835.
Pond's A Summer in England with Henry Ward
Beecher; Hillard's Six Months in Italy; Hall Caine's The
Little Manx Nation; and others. 9 vols. crown 8vo, cloth.

836. TROWBRIDGE (JOHN T.) My Own Story, with Recollections of Noted Persons. Illust. Post 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1903

837. TRUMBULL (DR. BENJ.-Historian of Connecticut). Three Original Manuscripts of Sermons preached at North Haven, on different occasions, from 1770 to 1811. Small 8vo, on 68 pages.

838. TUPPER (MARTIN F.-Author of "Proverbial Philosophy"). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, to Mrs. Dodge of St. Nicholas. N. Y., Jan. 12, 1877.

✓ 839. TWO YEARS IN OREGON [Nash], 1882; The ✓ Western Home, and other Poems [Sigourney], FIRST EDN., 1854; Minnesota and its Resources [Bond], 1853; and others. 10 vols.

840. UN

UNDER THE TREES [S. I. Prime], FIRST EDN., 1874; Across the Continent [S. Bowles]; or The History of Mystery; and 7 others. 10 vols. crown 8vo, cloth.



841. UNITARIANISM: its Origin and History. Lectures, 1888-9. 12mo, cloth. Bost. 1895

842. UNITARIANISM. Gospel. Crown 8vo, cloth.



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Savage (M. J.) Our Unitarian
Bost. 1898


Little Rivers, a Book of Essays in Profitable Idleness, illust., N. Y. 1899; The Builders, and other Poems, N. Y. 1900. Together 2 vols. Crown 8vo, cloth.

844. VEGETABLE GROWING in the South for Northern Markets [Rolfs], illust., Richmond, 1896; Truck-Farming at the South [Oemler], illust., N. Y. 1883; Diseases of the Field and Garden Crops [Smith], illust., Lond. 1884.

3 vols.

845. VERNE (JULES), A Voyage Round the World: In Search of the Castaways, illust., Phil. 1874; The Exploration of the World, illust, N. Y. 1879; Denovan's The Heavens and the Earth, illust. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, etc.

By Edw. Hull.

847. VOLCANOES: What they Are and Teach. By J. W. Judd. Illust. Post 8vo, cloth. 848. VOLCANOES OF NORTH AMERICA. Lesson for Students of Geography and Geology. Russell. Illusts. 8vo, cloth.

Lond. 1901 What they N.Y.1899 A Reading By I. C.

N. Y. 1897

849. VOLTAIRE. Works: a contemporary version, with notes by Smollett, revised and modernized new translations by Wm. F. Fleming, and an Introduction by Oliver H. G. 876 Leigh; a Critique and a Biography by Rt. Hon. John Morley. 43 vols. (including INDEX). 168 ing reproductions of rare old engravings, etc. 8vo, threequarter morocco, gilt top edges.

(Index in buckram.)

N. Y.: Dumont [1901-3] 850. VOYAGES. A General Collection of Voyages and Travels, including the most interesting records of Navigators and Travellers from the Discovery of America by Columbus in 1492 to the Travels of Lord Valentia. 26 vols. (should be 28) 12mo, half calf.

Lond. 1813

With a large number of folding maps and plates. Including the voyages of Cook, Ulloa, Anson, Byron, Wallis, and others.

846. VOLCANOES, Past and Present. Illusts. 12mo, cloth.

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851. WALPOLE (ROB'T). Memoirs Relating to ✓ European and Asiatic Turkey, and other Countries of the East, edited from MS. Journals. 2 vols. Maps, folding plates of views, inscriptions, etc. 4to, half russia (back joints split).

Lond. 1818


Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra:
A Tale of Rome in the Days of Aurelian. Numerous illusts.
Post 8vo, decorated cloth, gilt, gilt top.
Bost., n. d.

853. WARNER (C. D.) My Summer in a Garden; In v the Levant. FIRST EDN. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. Bost. 1871-77 854. Saunterings in the Levant: A Roundabout Journey; Their Pilgrimage; A Little Journey in the World; As We Were Saying; The Golden House. FIRST EDNS. 7 vols. post 8vo, etc (3 in cloth, others half bound).

Bost and N. Y. 1872-95 855. Our Italy. FIRST EDN. Profusely illust. Small 4to, cloth, uncut. ✔856. WASHINGTON.

N. Y. 1891 Memoirs of the Mother and Wife ✓ of Washington. By Margaret C. Conkling. Portrait. 12mo, cloth. Auburn, 1850

857. The Illustrated Life of, by J. T. Headley; √ with Mount Vernon, by B. J. Lossing. Steel portrait and numerous illusts., some colored. Thick 8vo, leather, gilt.

N. Y. 1860

✓ 858.
Yorkshire as the Home of the Washingtons. ✓
8vo, paper, pp. 48. (Privately printed.)

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Newcastle [Eng.], 1879


859. Mount Vernon, the Home of Washington
B. J. Lossing. 160 illusts. Post 8vo, cloth. Cinn. [1882]
✔860. Ten Years in Washington [M. C. Ames], illust,
1873; Sights and Secrets of the National Capital [J. B.
Ellis], illust., 1869; Ladies of the White House [L. C. Hol-
loway], portraits; and another. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth, etc.

NEW YORK, Nov. 25, 1783. Large Folio Lithograph
Phil. 1860

862. WATER-COLOR PAINTING. A Course in WaterColor for eight years in school. With colored and other plates. Royal 8vo, cloth. (5 copies.) Bost. [1900] Ode on the Day of the CoronaBy William Watson. Post 8vo, Lond. 1902

863. WATSON (WM.) tion of King Edward VII. boards. (10 copies.)

864. WEBSTER (DANIEL). The Great Speeches and ✓ Orations. With an Essay on Webster as a Master of English Style, by E. P. Whipple. 2 portraits. 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1897

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✓ 865. WESTALL ILLUSTRATIONS. Illustrations of the Loves of the Angels. A Poem by Thomas Moore. A series of 3 charming stipple engravings and vignette title engraved by Heath from designs by Westull. Royal 8vo, original wrappers. Fine copy.

Lond. 1823

Large Paper copy. Proofs.

866. WESTERN LIFE. Benton (J. A.) The California✔ Pilgrim a Series of Lectures. Engravings, views, etc. (water-stained), Sacramento, 1853; Crusoe's Island, with Sketches of Adventure in California and Washoe, by J. Ross Browne, N. Y. 1875. 2 vols. crown 8vo, cloth.

867. WHITE (ANDREW D.) A History of the Warfare✔ of Science with Theology in Christendom. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y. 1896

868. WHITE MOUNTAINS. The White Hills: their✓ Legends, Landscape and Poetry. By Thos. Starr King. 60 illusts. Square 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1863

869. WHITMAN (WALT). Selected Poems. FIRST EDN. Portrait. Crown 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1892

870. WHITMAN. The Complete Writings of Walt Whitman. Issued under the editorial supervision of his Literary Executors, Richd. Maurice Bucke, Thos. B. Harned and Horace L. Traubel. With additional bibliographical and critical material prepared by Dr. O. L. Triggs. Many portraits and other plates. "The Booklover's Camden Edition.” LIMITED TO 500 NUMBERED AND SIGNED COPIES ON HANDMADE PAPER. 10 vols. 8vo, original half parchment, gilt top edges.

N. Y. 1902


871. WHITTIER (J. G.) Souvenir of Lexington, 17751875. Facsimiles and illusts. Royal 8vo, original wrap

Bost. 1875


Contains Whittier's ballad, "Lexington-1775."


Complete Poetical Works.


Finely etched portrait and vignette title. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Bost. Houghton, 1895 (A Biography.) By Thos. W. Higginson. 12mo, cloth, uncut. N. Y. 1902 (A Biography.) By Geo. R. Carpenter. FIRST Portrait and bibliography. 12mo, cloth. Bost. 1903

√ 873. FIRST EDN.

✓ 874. EDN.


1875. WILBRAHAM WESLEYANS. Introductory Address, delivered at the Opening of the Wesleyan Academy, in Wilbraham, Mass., Nov. 8, 1825. By Rev. W. Fisk, Principal of the Academy. 8vo, unsewn and UNCUT.

Springfield, 1825

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876. WILD NORTHERN SCENES [Hammond], 1857; Hunting Adventures in the Northern Lands [Hammond], 1859; Travels in Peru [Tschudi], 1847; and others. 10 vols. 877. WILLIS (N. P.) Fugitive Poetry. FIRST EDN. 8vo, unbound (small hole in title, and last leaves foxed). Bost. 1829


878. WILSON (DR. WOODROW). A History of the American People. Portraits, maps, plans, facsimiles, etc., and reproductions of rare prints and contemporary views. vols. 8vo, original buckram, gilt top edges. N. Y. 1902 879. WOOD ENGRAVINGS. Nature Pictures: a Series✓ of 30 original Illustrations. By J. H. Dell and R. Paterson. Folio, half roan (one plate repaired). Lond. 1871 880. WORLD-NOTED WOMEN; or, Types of Womanly Attributes of all Lands and Ages. Numerous full-page engravings. Imp. 8vo, stamped morocco, gilt (slightly rubbed). N. Y. 1858

881. WUNDT (WILHELM). Lectures on Human and Animal Psychology. Transl. Illust. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1894



Ethical Systems. Transl. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1897
The Facts of the Moral Life. Transl. 8vo, cloth.
Lond. 1897
The Principles of Morality and the Depart-
ments of the Moral Life. Transl. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1901


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XENOPHON. Opera, Græce et Latine, ex edit.

12mo, Edinburgi, 1811

Schneideri et Zeunii. 10 vols. in cloth (back of 1 vol. damaged).

886. YOUNG'S TRAVELS IN FRANCE; Bosanquet's Essays and Addresses; Bacon's Essays; Kinglake's Eothen; and others. 8 vols. 12mo, cloth.

✓ 887. BOOKCASE. Oak, 59 inches high x 30 inches
wide. With 4 shelves. In fine condition.

Cherry, 54

inches high x 24 wide. With 3

Oak, 57 inches high x 29 inches wide. With


+ shelves.

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