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J 129. Grolier Club. Eng. by G. W. Edwards. (2)

130. Sir Robert Gunning (first Baronet). Fine armorial. Eng. by Darling. RARE. [1780.]

He negotiated for the employment of a large number of Rus

sian troops to fight for the British in the Revolutionary War. 131. - Richard Harrison, Esq., of N. Y. Large armorial-Chippendale. Allen, 348.

132. Harvard: Hasty Pudding Library Allen, 356. Sig. Callender, sc. Dated 1808 (later impression).

133. James Henderson, Williamsburg. Military Pictorial. Allen, 373.

134. E. H. Hitchcock, U. S. Army. A very peculiar plate. 135.

Philip Hone, Mayor of N. Y. Label. 136. Ed. D. Ingraham, Phil. lawyer. Crest. Allen, 413. 137. John Jennings. Chippendale-Armorial. 1767.

. 138. I. B. Kirkpatrick, N. Y. Ornamented woodcut. Border. Label.

139. -Elizabeth Sophia Lawrence. Armorial. C. Knight, sculpt. 1826, Æ 83.

140. Robert Leckie. Label.
141. Joseph C. Levi, N. Y., 1869. Pictorial.

142. The Library Society of Methodist Protestant Church in Sullivan Street. [N. Y.] Large label.

143. — Brockholst Livingston, Esq., son of Gov. William Livingston, of N. Y. Allen, 492. Armorial-Chippendale. With aut. in pencil on a title-page. RARE.

144. — Maturin Livingston, of N. Y. Ailen, 195. Ribbon and wreath. Sg. Maverick, sculpt. RARE.

145. - Robert L. Livingston, of N. Y. ArmorialChippendale. Allen, 498. Printed in bistre (repaired).

146. Robert R. Livingston, Esq., of Cleremont. Armorial. Chippendale. Allen, 499. RARE.

147. Robert R. Livingston, Esq., of Cleremont. Allen, 500. Armorial-Pictorial. Shield resting against a broken column. A globe, caduceus, scrolls and book, with a large palm drooping over all.

A very beautiful plate.
148. John Lowell, Jr. Allen, 521.
149. Henry Lewis Magendie. Armorial.

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BOOKPLATES. 150. — M. H. McAllister, Jr., Savannah, Geo. (Mayor of Savannah). Label with ornate border. FINE COPY.

151. Wm. T. McCoun, of N. Y. Plain Armorial. Sig. Rollinson, sc.

Allen, 534.
✓ 152. Bache McEvers. Armorial.

Sig. Lewis, 3
Wall St.

153. Mechanic Library, New Haven. Engraved by 3. Doolittle. Scarce. 154.

Nath. F. Moore, Pres. Columbia College. Wreath. Engraved by Maverick and signed. Allen, 586.

155. Sir T. Charles Morgan (husband of Mrs. MorChad gan, the Irish Novelist). Armorial. Rare. (ca. 1810.]

Fran. Mouchard, Ecer Auc. député de la V. de 0 la Rochelle au Conseil royal de Commerce. Pict.-Arm. 1732.

RARE. Illustrated in Hamilton's French Bookplates, p. 88. 157. Thomas Mylton, A.M. Chippendale. Signed Cole, sc. (1766.)

RARE. Not in Hamilton. 158.

Thos. Newnham. Chippendale - Armorial. [1750.)

159. New York Society Library. Eng. by Maverick and signed. Allen, 614.

160. New York Society Library, 1789. Eng. by Maverick and signed. Allen, 615.

161. New York State Library, dated 1818. Sig. Rawdon & Balch, sc. RARE. 162.

Lowell M. Palmer. Pictorial. 3 different plates. Eng. by J. W. Spencely, 1902-03. (3)

163. Frederick W. Paulding, descendant of the captor of Major André. Ribbon and Wreath.

164. Emily Augusta Peake. Pictorial. Eng. by C. W. Sherborn. 1894. 165.

E. H. Pendleton. Armorial. ✓ 166.

Saml. Provoost, First Bishop of New York. Fine Armorial. Eng. by Maverick and signed. Allen, 709. FINE COPY. RARE.

167. Sigillum Francisci Roberti Raines, eminent Chad English antiquary. Oval plate. Scarce. [Ca. 1825.)

v 168. Robert Smith, Major-General of Virginia. Armorial. Allen, 797.

169. — G. W. Reid, F.S.A. Pict.-Armorial. Eng. by C. W. Sherborn. 1880.

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170. — G. C. M. Roberts. Library interior. Allen, O 733. FINE COPY.

St. Clair of Hordmanston. Rare Scotch Chiphad pendale. [Ca. 1778.] 172.

Another copy (not quite so fine in condition).

173. Christopher Sayle (descendant of William

Sayle, Gov. of Charleston, S. C., 1670). Wreath. FINE .

COPY of a pretty plate. (circa 1755.]
J. W. Singer.

Pictorial-Emblematical. En-
graved by C. W. Sherbrom. 1897. .
v 175. Math. Skinner. His Majesty's Serg.-at-Law.
1735. Armorial. Rare.

RARE. He appeared for the Crown against the Jacobite

rebels. 176. John Somers, Lord Somers. (Eng. by James Chad Ross, engraver to the Royal Worcester Porcelain Works.)

Armorial. (1821)
177. Geo. Sullivan. Armorial.
v 178. James Sullivan. Gen. Revolutionary War.

Sig. J. Callender, Sc. Allen, 838. Fine. RARE.
Chad v 179.

- G. Suttell. Chippendale. Rare. (circa, 1750) ✓ 180.

Richard Tayler. Chippendale-Armorial. 0

Signed M. Darley.
✓181. Samuel Vaughan, Jr. Armorial. Allen, 892.

182. Samuel Vaughan. Chippendale. Allen, 891. v183.

Victor Albert George Child Villiers, Earl of Chad Jersey. Armorial.

✓ 184. M. Wall, M.B. Coll. Nor. Oxon. Soc. Pict.-
Crest. RARE (not in Hamilton). 1776.
✓ 185. Bushrod Washington.

186. J. Watson Webb. Armorial. Old New York. 0 Not in Allen.

187. H. B. Wheatley. Library Interior. Portrait. Plate eng. by J. P. Emslie. 1889.

188. Joseph Wheatley. Wreath. Allen, 927. Fine.

189. John Wright, Esq., engraved by Booker; Henry Dunlop, engraved by Swan; A. Caldecott, engraved by Sylvester; H. A. Mayers, engraved by Burnell. (4) 190.

Yale College. Brothers in Unity. Pelton, Sc. (slight tear and duplicate stamp). Allen, 966.





Linonian Library, Yale College. Allen, 969. (Figures written in ink.)

192. Alexander Young Armorial. Allen, 974.

193. Capt Geo. Houlton, Johnson Phillott. Pict.Arm. Sig. Huntly, Sc. Bath. (2)

194. William Henry Merle, Thos. B. Parkyns, John Cobb. Pictorial-Arm. Signed Warwick, Eng. (3) 195. Eva Lewis, Georgia M. Lee, Zella Allen Dix

Pictorial. Engraved by J. W. Spenceley. 1899– 1901-03. (3)

196. Walter C. Prescott. Pictorial. Engraved by J. W. Spencely, 1898, by J. Chambers, 1903. Colored. (2) I 197. - Arthur Maister. Armorial, 1815; R. J. Crest, 1854. (2) ✓

198. BOSTON. A Sermon, by John Cushing, Pastor of the Second Church in Boxford. 12mo, unbound, pp. 36.

Bost. 1759 199. A Sermon upon the Occasion of the Death of our late Sovereign George the Second. By Samuel Cooper. 8vo, unbound (stained), pp. 40.

Bost., N. E., 1761 200. A Sermon, before His Excellency Francis Bernard, Capt.-Gen. and Gov. in Chief of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, upon occasion of the Death of our late and gracious Sovereign King George the Second. By Henry Caner. 8vo. unbound, pp. 31.

Bost., N. E., 1761 201. The Argument from the Apostolic Traditions in favour of Infant Baptism. By John Gill. 12mo, unbound,

Bost. 1765 202. — A Sermon preached at Hingham, N. E., at the Ordination of Caleb Gannet, to the Ministry of Cumberland, Nova Scotia. By Eben. Gay. 8vo, unbound, pp. 39.

Bost. 1768 203. Report of “A Meeting of the Merchants and Traders of the Town of Boston, July 26, 1769,” in relation to “the acts imposing duties on goods imported into the colonies for the purpose of raising a revenue in America." In "The Boston Chronicle," July 31, 1769.] Folio, p. 4.

204. Death of the Reverend Joseph Sewall, Senior Pastor of the South Church. [In “The Boston Gazette,” Monday, July 3, 1769.) Folio, pp. 4.

Contains several letters referring to the “Non-Importation of Goods from Great Britain," "A Message, Sir" (original American poetry), etc.

pp. 48.


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J 208.

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BOSTON. 205. A Sermon, by Ebenezer Gay, Pastor of the First Church in Hingham. 8vo, unbound, pp. 23 (stained).

Bost. 1771 206.

A Brief Account of the late Revivals of Religion in a number of Towns in the New England States, and also in Nova Scotia. 12mo, unbound, pp. 24. Bost. 1799

207. BOSTON IMPRINT. The Nature, Certainty and Evidence of True Christianity. In a Letter from a Gentleyoman in New England. 12mo, unbound. Bost. 1755

208. Lectures supposed to have been written by the author of "A View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion ”[Soame Jenyns]. 12mo, sheep (cover detached).

Bost.: I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews, 1793 With the autograph of Elias Boudinot, eminent philanthropist. He was the first president of the American Bible So

ciety, and was interested in attempts to educate the Indians. 209. BRADFORD (MASS.). A Discourse in the East

✓ Parish of Bradford, 250 years after the First Settlement in N. E., containing a History of the Town. By G. B. Perry. 8vo, unbound, pp. 72.

Haverhill, 1821

210. BRADFORD (VT.). A History of Bradford, with various Genealogical Records, etc., etc. By Silas McKeen. Portraits. 8vo, cloth. Fine copy. Montpelier, Vt.,1875

211. BROADSIDE. Small Pox Proclamation issued by Arthur Fenner, “Governor, Captain-General and Commander in Chief of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.” Dated Providence, Sept. 21, 1793. Printed by J. Carter.

* Recommending to the several Town Councils, to all other Officers, and to the Citizens of this State, to use their utmost Vigilance in causing the Law to prevent the Introduction and Spreading of the Small-Pox to be most strictly and punctually execu.ed; more especially with Respect to all Vessels which shall arrive in this State from the West Indies, Philadelphia and New York; there being Reason to apprehend Danger from the great Intercourse between the last mentioned Place aud Philadelphia,” etc. An exceedingly scarce Rhode Island broadside. In fine condition.

A Chart of the Organization of the Governments of the North American Republics, presenting a Comparative Synopsis of the Constitutions of the several States and of the United States." (By Robert Mayo.] 2 pp. . double folio.

[Wash. 1838) Interesting and scarce. 213. Facsimile of the Declaration of Independence issued in the Centennial year. Engraved views of Independence Hall in 1876 and Faneuil Hall in 1827. Large folio.

Chicago, 1876


Fine copy.

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